BBM Video confirmed in new Dev Alpha build?


  • Benz

    How sweeeet it is!

  • arnie

    *tumbleweed* *yawn* *crickets*

  • JV

    lol ummm… “RIM is holding BlackBerry 10′s secrets pretty close to its chest”. I would have to say this article, and the various other leaks about the OS, and what the device looks like in physical demo that we have seen over the last month or so has rendered that statement there as incorrect. Of course you already know that because you write and are also aware of everything that has been posted (cause you should know its your job), and seeing as you have this knowledge that wold make your statement a lie. making you a liar. Writers (no matter how small and insignificant) should at least have some integrity. Tisk tisk

  • LOL

    and not a SINGLE F**** was given.

    • LULZ

      Obviously you gave at least a single f*** since you replied to this post. Otherwise you wouldn’t have even clicked it.

      Cool story, bro.

  • keiyui

    Looks like blackberry is finally coming back. Go Canada!

  • G

    I think Google released the Nexus 4 just to steal some customers from RIM. Some of us are almost ready to throw the towel and move to Android.

  • tommy

    RIM’s theme song – I’m Goin’ Down by Bruce Springsteen

  • D

    Personally I’m ready jump back to BB from Android. I hope this phone lives up to expectations. If it doesn’t I may try a windows phone as I have become board with Apple and now with Android.

  • D


  • menodumb

    Cool , now I can BBM video chat with all my friends on ………oh wait ………no one will have that phone .

  • Mr.reid

    I wouldn’t say I’m excited about it but i am looking forward to it. Although they can’t steal me away from my GS3!:)

  • D

    lol, it’s funny i got thumbs up and down on my *bored post as i was simply correctly the spelling from my previous post.