Heins: BBM Video Chat coming with BlackBerry 10 (Audio)


  • Concerned Blackberry User

    Hmmm, how do you expect to video chat on a compressed data network? Half the time I spend waiting for youtube to buffer than actually watching a video… FAIL

    • Confident BlackBerry User

      If Heins was willing to put out something half assed that had that kind of issue, we would have BB10 right now.

    • Concerned Blackberry User

      I cant believe how many dislikes I got that. Give me a bb that can stream media first then add fancy video calling features… unless im the unfortunate customer to own TWO blackberrys that barely stream media.

  • Doug

    Gimme BB10 RIM!!!!!!

  • lukeiphone

    Now iMessage on OS 6 will do the same thing too

    • David

      Don’t they already have FaceTime?

  • haxor99

    Wow, video chat on a secure platform like BBM = WIN

  • Paul

    Right now BB has to stop the bleeding. They need BB10 out in September everything working. Add enhancements later to build the excitement, but get BB10 OUT ASAP.

    • Paul

      At least 7 people that thinks its okay that BB continue on as is. Must be 7 BB employees. The farther BB falls behind the harder it will be to come back. Don’t expect Apple or Android to stop in their tracks.

  • J

    BB10 in 2015 lmao…

  • Dave

    Confirmed? “Think about getting features on BB10 such as video chat for example within BBM” sounds about as far from confirmation as possible.

  • Paul

    Would one of the people who disliked my comment like to put why it is okay for BB to carry on as they are, losing money and marketshare while its competitors become more entrenched. Enlighten me.

  • david

    Wow! bravo RIM for having video chat! The other manufacturers already have this function at least 3 years ago, and yet they’re much less greedy like not blocking these IM rhat you could use it over wifi. When are you going to learn RIM?

  • rei

    Crazy Uncle Thor rambling about possible enhancements when competitors have long lapped you is not quite the same as the confirmation of video chat that all the blogs are hurriedly copying-and-pasting.

  • JohnMike

    Why does everyone say that BBM is so “secure”, RIM trashed 10 years of marketing the day they gave access to all their secure and encrypted data for the indian and arabic governments. Read the news.