WIND to launch the Huawei Ascend D1 Quad XL


  • Sean

    Pretty good phone though that’s a really bad name. Though at the price point it seems like a really great device.

    • $73ARPU

      Let’s say it again:
      EVERY phone this season has to compare itself to the N4.

      This phone at might sell at $399/ $450 is pushing it considering that the N4 will have upgrades for another year.

      Good for Wind to have a Quad core phone and KUDOS for offering those amazing plans, they keep on releasing their network like crazy and keep making it easier and easier to switch to them!

  • etc

    Noooo hu-a-wie

  • mehmeh


  • Simon Sage

    “WIND to launch the Huawei Ascend Dickwad XL”


  • howitzer

    Wait for the Ascend F Extra 5 SL LTE XX Zero

  • sdmackie

    Think I will wait for nexus 4

  • JustMeAndMe

    Battery life can be a dealbreaker so I wonder how that will perform in real life.

    • Michael

      Read some reviews. The Battery life is said to last one day with constant usage and into two days with minimal usage.

  • aregularonhofo

    Despite what some think Huawei make very good products and it’s nice to see Wind Mobile add to their collection, however personally I’m waiting for the Nexus 4 considering the price can’t be matched/the new Windows phones and with the $40 package this will be a great Holiday plan…just make sure you switch from Mobilicity/Public and help fight against the Big Three and include your support. Wind’s service/network is excellent for the money and the other new entrants don’t even come close. With the revamped rates issued by Rogers/Bell/Telus you’d be a fool to remain or remain being brain washed.

    • COB

      Problem is there is 30 million people in Canada, and Wind provides coverage to about 3.1 million of them. Big 3 covers 30 million.

    • Tornado

      Big3 have been in business for more than 20 years. Wind – just over 2 years. What are you expecting, really, COB? A national network in 24 months?

  • Michael

    Biggest deal breaker that can be made with this device is price. If it severely undercuts its competition it’ll be a viable option against everyone else.

    • Dibby Doos

      So true.

      Supposedly Wind will be selling this phone for:
      -$500 outright
      -$349 on a $25 Tabbed plan
      -Or $99 on a $40 tabbed plan.

      Seriously $500 for this phone is too much. A definite deal breaker since I would’nt have minded buying the phone outright, but $500 over priced.

  • Gus83

    Any word on the OS? Gingerbread w/ possible ICS? LOL

    • B.W.

      It ships with ICS. Supposedly Jelly Bean is coming soon. Huawei does minimal customization to Android which means it takes them less effort to release updates compared to Samsung and HTC which need up update TouchWiz and Sense respectively.

    • Threeh

      hi all i would like to know something that it is i life in yemen and i have a heawui connect card technology so can i use in sabafon/mtn simcard’s please if it’s yes. tel me how? thank you very much

  • aregularonhofo

    P.S. I enjoy crossing swords with my boyfriend every chance I get. I don’t know why I am sharing this, to be honest. I just love him soooo much. Steve, you sexy beast! 😉

    • Bobby Destroy-her

      It is good you have come out of the closet! nuke is out and so happy! he can now wear lipstick is his moms house and when warren visits they can play man and twink when his mom is doing the dishes! I know warren is sad but hey you and johnn are very happy!

  • aregularonhofo

    You probably do bluenote73…that’s why you’re such a loser. Ha!Ha!Ha!

  • roman

    Someone needs to point out that the Nexus 4 is superior in every way, and costs much less.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    Yeah, even with LG not having the best Android track record, I trust them over Huawei. Lousy price point.

  • hoo dat

    Judging by the way WIND has priced its last 5 or 6 new phone launches, I’m guessing $600-$700 and I’m saying that only half sarcastically.

    • hoo dat

      To those who thumbed me down: Truth hurts, eh. LOL!

      Show me one phone that WIND has launched since, and including, the SIII that was anywhere near what others were asking. The latest is the Note 2, only $100(+) more than Mobilicity and virtually everyone else!

    • T1MB0T

      Lets not forget the phone is more money and has no warrany from samsung. so you get what you pay for right nuke? funny how he hides when he gets caught wearing his moms panties.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    who the hell would buy this phone for 500 clams? rolf 3-4 people tops? ROLF

  • photomike

    I have used the phone and it is decent. not better then the nexus 4 but it comes with some cool stock features that you would have pay for in other devices if you don’t know how to use 4shared. i would give it a go for not having to sign into a three your term.

  • photomike

    For the people that don’t know Huawei is the second largest telecom solutions provider in the world. Rogers, Telus, and Bell towers are made and built by Huawei. like it or not you are using them.

  • mike

    Why is Wind always releasing Huawie phones. What are huawei phones anyway. Never heard of this company until wind started releasing these crappy phones. I would never buy a no name brand ofna phone. Sry I’ll stick to my trusted Samsung devices.

  • Daniel AJ

    Someone call Huawei and tell them about the new price point the Nexus 4 has set. Not that I’m in awe about the Nexus 4, but it changes one thing: price perception.

    Either undercut the price or be much better (i.e. stronger loudspeaker, SD-Card support, LTE, FM-Transmitter, removable battery, no thermal design issues, etc.).

  • cheenachatze

    The Nexus 4 price cannot be compared to anything. It is marketed directly by Google, possibly even subsidized by them. In countries where Google Play is not available, the price that LG set is 600 euros. The Huawei is a high end phone by any measure, and if Wind sells it for $500 or less, it’s a very good price.

  • xyz

    Nexus 4 + Wind Holiday 40 plan = the best choice.

  • Douglas

    There was a comment earlier that WIND only offers to 3 million customers when there’s 30 million in total. This is completely untrue. There’s 34 million Canadians and when you list out all the cities/towns that WIND is in, check the last Census population totals from 2011, they are in the 13-14 million covered range. That’s around 40%!! The GTA alone is 6 million, Vancouver is 2.5, and each of Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa is 1 million apiece. Then add in the others……seriously, do the math!!

    • T1MB0T

      Dougass there maybe 34 million peoples but they are all not that stupid to go on wind! Wind was sold twice… and the new old owner has said if the right offer comes along he will drop it faster that Habbib can make Couscous with camel testes..

      it must really bug you all.. ragoofagoo come to the gym and get your buff on..

    • hoo dat

      Poor Rocco. Poor, poor Rocco. There really is no hope for you is there?


    • T1MB0T

      hoo dat wass dat in your bum? OH its nukes finger.. playing the little dutch boy again.. I love how you keep blaming others when all you windidots have turned on each other. At the end of the day you are all on a budget carrier that does not get signal and has, yes we know, the highest complaint rate out there. Look at the fb page.. nuke the troll is doing what he can.. but just like johnn if the diaper is droopy the poopy will fall…

      come to the gym and lets see.. warren knows where it is.. right loser