Indigo starts selling the 32GB Nexus 7, hopefully won’t cannibalize sales of the Arc


  • drone

    “Indigo starts selling the 32GB Nexus 7; hopefully it won’t cannibalize sales of the Arc”


    • Rio

      This is smart if you think about it. The nexus is much more popular than the Arc will ever be. People going to come in see the Nexus 7 and then right beside it the Arc for a cheaper price. All those people that haven no idea about technology will jump at it

  • Michael Johnson

    What do they care about the Arc? they sold the kobo.

    • ab


    • deltatux

      @ab: Indigo no longer owns the Kobo Books business. They sold it to a Japanese company already.

  • Croak

    Just means they get a sliver of the Nexus 7’s profits pie rather than nothing.

    People looking to buy a tablet from Indigo either already know about the N7 and if the N7 is what they’re looking for they would likely buy it elsewhere if they couldn’t get it from Indigo.

    OR they don’t know about the N7 and/or aren’t committed to it, which means that for tablet shoppers at Indigo, the Arc will have the home ice advantage, in terms of advertising, discounts, bundles, etc.

    That philosophy works for Amazon just fine, it should work for Indigo as well.

  • mjolnir

    well they arent selling the 16gb version so that definitely helps in the lower tierd arcs from being eaten up by the nexus 7. though personally i would go with nexus 7 without a doubt.

  • James

    Hmm, a well branded tablet that everyone knows the name of (Nexus) with the backing of one of the largest tech companies in the world, again whom everyone knows the name of (Google).

    Or an unknown tablet that may as well be the same price as the $99 Matrix One because no one knows nor cares about it.

    Hmm. Good job, Chapters, for choosing to carry the better option and make a profit, as you know sales of the Arc will fall far under expectations.

  • OgtheDim

    Indigo bought out by Google or a telcom within 3 years.

  • hmmmm

    Go Google!
    Bloomberg : Apple Told to Pay $368.2 Million to VirnetX in Trial
    Apple Stock down 4% at 558$!

  • Kyle

    Woot. This saves you $10 on shipping compared to buying direct from Google.

  • kevin sutton

    One thing I didn’t quite get about the Kobo sale was what the purchaser thought they could use it for. Kobo originally seemed to be the future of Indigo books; selling e-books and the related hardware. But seperate from that interest and from the retail sales support I’m left to wonder what the value is in owning just another media and tablet competitor.

    The Kobo Arc actually looks on paper to be a really competitive product. It’d be a shame if another Canadian consumer tech company, (Albeit foreign owned now) couldn’t compete.

  • piddy

    Great news! I hope Indigo starts selling the Nexus 4 too. I think Google needs to find new retail partners that do not have carrier ties and would be willing to sell their off-contract phones.

  • coco

    just got mine from FS, can return it before jan 6 2013

    • James

      I disliked for your buying it from Future Shop. Of all the places, why there? 🙁

    • kevin sutton

      What’s wrong with Future Shop?

      Personally, I’ve been well disposed towards them for having lower prices than Best Buy and for, (in the past at least) having a generous return policy.