Update: Bell and Virgin launching 4 new unlimited talk and text plans this Friday, pricing starts at $55/month


  • TP

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, thank you Rogers and Bell, I just laughed out loud, you just made it an enjoyable day.

  • Nothin But RIM

    … and it begins

  • T B

    Just like the Rogers “deal” this is a rip off and just ensures I will never deal with either of them… Telus, learn from their mistakes and don’t screw up with your “unlimited” plan that will be out in a few hours

  • Gronnd

    Haha, with Bell right now I have 200 local minutes, fab10, unlimited SMS/MMS, 6GB of data, CID/VM, 6GB of data, and 10 hours of their stupid mobile TV… for 75 dollars. So I could pay 20 dollars MORE, for less data, no CID/VM, and talk time that I don’t use. Awesome deal Bell, just awesome.

    • Tom@Bell

      The plans do such, no doubt about it. But try mobileTV. Any time I’m missing the hockey or football game, it saves me. Plus it has tosh.0 on demand.

  • cheenachatze

    That didn’t take long after Rogers. Will we ever have real competition here?

    • Bungled

      The timing of this deal screams “Price Fixing”. This is not competition. I bet you they are having monthly meetings on the new “Deals” they will be releasing. They own most(if not all) of our telecommunications so how easy would it be to hide this collaboration? They are laughing in our faces, thinking that the Canadian consumer is too apathetic/stupid to notice this blatant scheme. Look at the patterns, they are taking us for a ride, and most of us are literally buying it.

  • roman

    The matching game that we call Canadian telecom competition. I’ll bet a three year contract that Telus will unveil equally horrible “unlimited” plans by the end of the week.

  • ruaman

    What a big surprise!!! Never knew it was coming…

  • ile2010

    Exact same pricing for plans that are virtually identical. Canadian competition at its finest.

  • Ghostface Killahz


    No one cares about that worthless garbage, Bell…

    • Jessy

      Hey, I watched a show on their Mobile TV yesterday. Just had to start the app 3 times to make it work.

  • Rich

    These look so familiar.

  • whereisthedeal

    is this supposed to be a hot deal???

  • kaka

    Another joke for today. LOL

  • converse

    Koodo all the way!

  • Mr.Reid

    I think Telus will beat them by mere $5?

    or they might add CID and VM??

    lets see……

    • some guy

      If Telus is smart, they will make a $55 with 1gb of data, call ID, VM, messaging and unlimited local.

      Make the 65 with 3GB.

      I believe that would sway a lot of people from Bell/Rogers.
      but hey, what do I know?

  • Dave

    Hope telus bring out some good plans, these are crap

  • WC

    My 6GB for $60 plan looks almost illegal when compared to these new bloated ones. Good job CRTC at controlling these prices for the consumer.

    • MikeMike

      this is what i dont understand

      They were offering the $60 megaplan thing barely a month ago, and now they have crappier plans for WAY more money?

      This is so dumb *facepalm*

  • brar

    carbon copy of rogers as expected

  • Wind Mobile All The Way :)

    Does the same marketing guy work for both Bell and Rogers ..lol

    This is like Sunoco and Esso gas stations across from each other on the street..identical 🙂

    Look at Wind Mobile’s amazing holiday promo plans which just came out and then look at this crap from Bell and Robbers..ha ha ha .

    • stating the obvious

      too bad wind doesn’t offer service where i live on their “home” network, 15 minutes north of Calgary…

  • Ron Mexico

    Well I guess $80 is the new ARPU goal for the Big 3. Pathetic!

  • Vince

    The cartel is at it again…

  • Trev

    What a rip. Canada mobile is a joke. Go WIND

  • metoo

    Why do they even bother to pretend they are in collusion together. They should simply formally merge and rename to what we have all called them anyway, Robellus. They operate in unison, they are the same.

    • Carl

      HAHAHAH re: Robellus. HAAHAHAH Awesome.

    • some guy

      Now now, Telus hasn’t jumped on board with the same plan… yet.

      Maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually offer something decent compared to this nonsense Bell and Rogers have put out.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, but stranger things have happened…

  • Frank


    I have fab 10, call display, voicemail, ans 6GB data for 65$ at Bell- so if i also wanted unlimited long distance, i could just add 10$ and essentially have the same plan as the 95$ plan, but with more features and for 30$ less??? LOL, how cute of them.

  • TyroneLT

    These guys should be locked up for offering such illegal plans.

  • mike

    First of all, who f$%&&#@ cares about unlimited talk anymore, I don’t see a lot of heavy voice users that much… what I do see are people using alot data so what gives with these bullshit plans. Second of all, then only way to change the system is to jump ship on robellus until they comeback crying for your cash with recent deals, but I’m sure that’s not gunna happen because 90% of users have no clue how severely they are getting gouged and badly they are getting butt r a p e d….

  • Ron Mexico

    Wind must be happy Rogers/Bell have done this. Makes them more enticing. Gotta wonder what they are thinking here really. No one is going to pay this. And if all the carriers are the same theyll just go to Wind. They are committing suicide with these plans.

  • DrBadass

    I mean these plan’s ain’t bad from what they use to be, but 1 gb a data is bit low. Reason is if you go over, your paying a s**t load more of money, at least make 2 gb a standard. or 6 gb should just be a standard


    WAKE THE F*#% up Bell, Rogers and Telus these plans are not what us people want and need. Correction we do need these plans we just need them at a better and more realistic price point. You think they would learn when they see everyone miserable and unhappy with the price of the new plans and then the geniuses at Bell go and offer the same plan. Why would anyone go for this when you can sign up for koodo or virgin and have unlimited calling canada wide without zones for $50 + add ons or if you are in an area that has the new entrants and you are not travelling much at all then even that is an option. Rogers you had the chance to start change amongst the flagship brands and you came out with horrible pricing that the others will and have followed. Good job rogers at being the first as usual to mess stuff up!!!

    • Anonymous

      You need to wake up and realize the cost of maintenance for an expanded coverage throughout 97% of the Canadian population, distribution points, employees, expansion, etc. Once again an uneducated comment.

    • skullan

      It’s not about what Consumers want, it’s about how a corporation can soak extra cash out of us, whether by plans which are overpriced or by collecting high overages.

  • ActivesiN

    It’s always good to start the day with a funny joke, thanks bell 😀

  • shaker

    stop telling people how great WIND is. I want unlimited bandwidth all to myself.

  • deltatux

    Might as well have named their internal document to:
    “Price gouging knows no limits with Bell”

  • Dexter

    If Telus is smart they will undercut these plans by $5 and include CID/VM. That makes it a no brainer choice.

  • Surveillance

    I thought WIND was supposed to bring prices down? This is brutal!

  • J

    Add data to that and we’ve got a deal!

  • General Gustov

    The 3 stooges will never get it Canada , never !!

  • Herp Derp

    Please stop printing press releases from the big carriers without calling them out on their price gouging BS. They are totally screwing us, it’s not unobjective to say “This is how much these new plans cost. The same level of service would cost X before this, and Y with Wind/Mobilicity”. I subscribe to this blog to get updates on the Canadian mobile market, not to get a bunch of PR from the big 3.

    • some guy

      Umm, wouldn’t posting the info provided by the carrier with no opinion be the definition of objective???

      It’s a news site, friend. They just reported the news.

    • Herp Derp

      @some guy
      Printing unedited press releases is not the definition of “objective”. Similarly, putting changes in context with old prices and competitors prices is not unobjective. Being a parrot for Rogers isn’t objective. You’re a d*****s.

  • Stuck

    So with the unlimited Canada. If you are outside your calling area but still in Canada, do you get dinged for long distance charge still, or not?

    • torluda

      With unlimited Canada, you are no longer confined to a calling area. Great for travellers and rural folk.

  • David

    If the competition bureau wants to sue these bastards for price fixing, are these the most concrete evidences?

    • williamworlde

      Hmmm…..Good point. One would think. Class-action lawsuit anyone?

    • Thilan

      Not good enough…you need hard evidence of collaboration. If the Bell guys just read Mobilesyrup and found out what Rogers’ plans will be, and just match them, I don’t think they can be sued for price fixing.

  • geokilla

    Can us customers and end users sue or complain the Big 3 for price fixing and collusion and stuff? Obviously it’d be a class action law suit or some sort. What Robbers and Bhell is doing now is basically stealing money from the bank and getting away with it. With us being the bank, and them being the criminals holding us at gunpoint!

    • Thilan

      You need solid proof of that (eg. an email exchange between companies).

      BTW is this the same geokilla at AT?

  • Kyle

    Yikes…. glad I hoped on the latest 6G Fab 10 plan from the summer…

  • Mike

    LOL if you have a family of 4 or 5, your monthly cellphone bill will equal like half your monthly mortgage payment…

  • owl

    Talk about WIND pressure! Wind is opening in Windsor, my Bell contract is up and I’m changing carriers anyway. No more 3 year slavery.

  • Apple4Life

    hahahaha Gronnd I have the exact same plan except with 300 local minuites and 200 long distance for 63 bucks. Jokes on you


  • S S

    Bell has a small business plan right now (2 line minimum):
    550 minutes (shareable)
    Unlimited incoming
    After 6pm free
    Unlimited Canada/US Text
    6 GB data (shareable)

    How much? $65 – $10/month credit = $55/month (per line).

    • AndriodGirl

      Actually the $10/month credit expired. They’re now offering $100 port in credit when you sign up. Still a good deal tho.

    • All-In Wireless

      Expired as AndiodGirl mentioned and you get even higher port-in credits in AB/BC. This is our most popular plan right now.

  • linsanity

    no one is forcing you to get these plans, relax.

  • sp

    wow…at this rate Im seriously gonna jump ship to Wind. Grab one of those unlocked Nexus 4s and make my way over to Wind for some unlimited everything…

    these plans from Rogers/Bell are ridiculous..

  • Al

    “Unlimited local talk”

    Surely the whole concept of “local” is to limit your options. For example if I pick up my phone in Guelph (519) and dare to have the audacity to call Toronto or Hamilton I get charged anyway.

    And at those prices? Nah.

  • Zoomus

    OK just like the Robers announcement, currently with Bell, 300 anytime minutes, unlimited weekends and evenings, unlimited txt, free voice mail, free call display, 6 GB of data, all including tax $58 bucks, how in the hell is this new plan any better ? I ask again, are people that stupid and fall for this crap ? I keep getting mail for me to upgrade new deals better plans bla bla bla, really Bell ? !! who the hell comes up with these plans ? some exec sitting in his ivory tower office who has lost touch with reality ?

    • Scott

      I guess the big 3 must be getting some number of customers signing up for these plans, or else they wouldn’t continue to offer them. They are not stupid. Until there is some viable alternative for a large number of customers in Canada, these types of plans will continue to be the status quo. Bring on the competitors CRTC!

  • Tom Riddell

    RIP off Wind 25.00 Unlimted Data and Local Calling in Wind zone is all I need

  • what competition

    you have to wonder how the CEO of Bell ever became the CEO of Bell. Forget about winning when coming in a tie is good enough? I honestly I am happy that I went with Wind and when the nexus is released, I will be even happier. No contract or tab. I’m paying half of what I did with Virgin and I actually get signal. Sure I don’t get lte but what is lte when I couldn’t make or receive phone calls. I get full bars in pretty much all of Durham Region and did I mention half of what I used to pay?

  • Anonymous

    Its quite apparent the majority of mobile syrup readers don’t understand the mobile market at all.
    Rogers released plans that yes, may not be great to every user, but for the users that do talk alot and barely use data (yes there’s alot out there), and they want a decent network these plans are great.
    There’s a reason the companies match plans like this. It’s so Rogers doesn’t gain all of that consumer market share these plans are targeted for. If the top 3 companies offer the same deal than it gives options for consumers to go with who they prefer. Same thing happened in the United States a few years ago with AT&T offering unlimited plans and every other company matching it.

    I realize this is the internet but the majority of people need to learn to educate themselves before replying with asshat comments. And to the people that want to “jump ship” to wind or mobilicity, that’s great,you’ll save money for sure. However soon you will realize your not going to have great coverage, reliable coverage, or fast internet speeds. You get what you pay for. Plain and simple.

    • williamworlde

      I don’t believe that readers don’t understand. My feeling is there is a deep sense of despair. $55 – $95 plans? Really? For those extremely low quantities of product? In this day and age? REALLY?!

      Do you realize that if I went with the deluxe plan @ $95 I’d be spending $1,288.20/year including taxes?! Exactly which part of that sounds justifiable to you?

  • Marv

    WIND is going down fast, and that’s one of the reasons ROBELUS can continue to come up with this plans. After almost 1y with WIND, I just want anything else. Data is very crappy – 250ms ping, down rarely even 1Mbps, and I’ve not seen up more than 50-60Kbps (remember the dial-up last century). It’s impossible to do VoIP, it has 0 customer service, 10 out of 11 bills I got were wrong, after 6 months of waiting to see the $200 porting bonus, I gave up on it, data roaming plans in Canada have disappeared, I’ve not had one 60min call – most would drop in max 45 mins…. We live in the 80-ies when it comes to cell service in Canada 🙁

    • williamworlde

      Is anyone else with Wind who has the same experiences?

      This is important to me, as I use my Fido phone for my IT support small business.

      I chose Fido because it wasn’t Rogers (yes it is, but it isn’t; I’m confused; not really) so coverage has been rock solid. Support hours are not as good as Rogers though, but unless I have no coverage at all for >15mins. I generally DON’T WANT TO TALK to ANY Call Centre anywhere!


    • Stanley

      I’m in Toronot, and have been with wind for almost 2 years now. I have an asolutely opposite experience to that of Marv.

      Speeds are dependant on the area, but I am never under 1mbps (at least I’ve never noticed it, and none of my speedtests show it), and average 5mbps. You do realize that speeds depend on the phone you use as well, right?

      I use Skype frequently. Works well.

      I haven’t had to call customer service even once in my 2 years. They may be terrible, they may be not, but since I never had to talk to them, I can’t commen ton that.

      I’ve paid 23 bills so far, and all of them were 100% accurate.

      Data roaming actually got cheaper, but seriously, never use data while roaming – it’s insanity, and it’s expensive. Maybe you should consider koodo instead. Wind is clearly not for you if you find yourself using data alot outside of wind’s network.

      I call BS on call drops. You are simply making this up. Even back in the day it was confirmed that wind and chatr (rogers) are no different when it comes to call-drops, meaning that both have them at a minimum. So yes, from my personal experience, and from those studies, I am going to day that you are either exaggerating, or lying.

      So yup, just trying to add balance to Marv’s wholly negative post. I am not sure why he is so “unlucky”. Could be his phone, could be his area, he could be lying, or he could be inexperienced when it comes to use of his phone.

      2 years with wind – no issues.

  • JF

    Will holiday deal plans be better than this based on previous years?

    Also, when do those holiday deal plans usually come out?

  • justaguy

    If you do some research on WIND you will find they have a lot of dropped calls in higher populations and aren’t national. Just saying. Pretty much the other ones will have a better network. I’d like to see a 3GB for under $60, 200min is ok, ten fav, msg’ing, CI/VM at least 10 and u/l msg to USA too without an Add On

    • Chris

      Should have switched to the $60 6GB plan they had in August.

      200 minutes
      Unlimited SMS and MMS
      Unlimited calling to 10 numbers
      Unlimited calling evenings and weekends 6pm-7am

    • Stanley

      It’s impossible to be “national” after only 2 years of operations. This requires time. The current big players had 20+ years.

      As for call drops, and independant study done over a year ago showed that chatr (rogers) and wind had the same amount of dropped calls, and it was minimal. After that, rogers had to pay $10 million in penalties for false advertising.

      Rogers later appealed to court, saying that it’s their God-given right to lie to their consumers through advertising. No joke. Google it.

  • justaguy

    Yo Owl,

    You need a phone right? 3 years flashes by before you know it, look at the value carriers too, koodo, fido, and virgin, virgin and fido just relaunched plans too.

    • owl

      I disagree, justaguy. Three years is an eternity when you’re being dinged $130, $150, even $250 for a month. (I’m busy on my phone; it’s all work). Just unlocked my HTC; may jump to 7-11’s Speakout service, cause I live just outside of Wind range here in Windsor. Cheers.

  • gomez99

    who needs unlimited minutes anymore, i have the my10 plan and thats good enough, this plan is not good

  • williamworlde

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ THIS! It’s so funny I can go copy my comment from the writer’s previous Rogers release post. Actually, it’s not funny; it makes me very sad with an intense feeling of hopelessness for the Canadian mobile industry, our competitive processes, “reporting” and the CRTC. Deep, deep sigh.
    Here’s what I wrote about the Rogers plans:


    These prices are absolutely absurd for the quantities being offered!

    To the writer of this article (MS wouldn’t publish it if I include his name! WTF!): I call on you, MobileSyrup, other rags, and all with power interested in fair practices to stop the madness! Get off your collective a$$e$ and do some work! Parroting info is useless; ANY i***t can do that! When you write an article like this, put in a comparative chart saying something like, “And this is what you get at Telus, Wind, Bell, Mobilicity, etc.” I don’t care; just give people more useful information!

    Mr. Writer (not journalist!), have you asked Rogers why they can’t compete with Wind? I mean, their infrastructure is well-established and better than Wind’s, they should be able to offer more competitive services/prices, shouldn’t they?

    In my tech support life, I have always tried my very best to wean people away from Bell. I’m not stopping with just them…

  • technathan

    FINALLY – unlimited minutes for ALL THOSE phone calls I’m making these days. 🙂

  • Terrible

    Can you say collusion?

  • Carl

    Is this for new activations only, or can we switch to this plan?

  • Noah

    LMAO these plans are AWFUL!!!

  • sp

    I guess most of the comments are posted by wind with alias names. Improve the data speed first ans then talk about other carriers. I shifted from Fido to wind for the data plan and realized how bad wind’s data speed is. Now shifted back to Fido.

  • Joseph Z

    I repost my comment here as well.. 🙂
    So is WIND MOBILE with the following:

    Unlimited Wish 25
    Unlimited local talk
    Unlimited global text
    World saver
    100MB data
    Call control — $25/month

    Unlimited Wish 40
    Unlimited Canada/USA talk
    Unlimited global text
    Unlimited Canada pic msg
    Unlimited data
    World saver
    Call control — $40/month

    You do the math yourself!!

    And for those who say Rogers and Bell coverage is bigger and blah blah blah. Thats not the case with Torontoians who are in GTA all year round —

    This summer I went to cottage area more than 10-15 times and in summer I paid $20 extra on top of my plan! But with these plans you have to pay $95/month all year round!!!!

  • Joseph Z

    So is WIND MOBILE with the following:

    Unlimited Wish 25
    Unlimited local talk
    Unlimited global text
    World saver
    100MB data
    Call control — $25/month

    Unlimited Wish 40
    Unlimited Canada/USA talk
    Unlimited global text
    Unlimited Canada pic msg
    Unlimited data
    World saver
    Call control — $40/month

    You do the math yourself!!

  • brendan

    *facepalm* when will you i****s learn the difference between price fixing and a competitive match?

    • Ron Mexico

      How can this be a competitive match if neither carrier has launched the plans yet? Both carriers launching plans same day is competitive matching now?

  • Cyrano

    why am i not surprise lol

  • Ivan

    Not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent

    They must have accidentally prefixed the “un” to limited.

  • reallypissed

    What a Joke……this has to stop get unique and not the same BS over and over again……Can you hear me now?

  • Bubbles

    So 2 months ago they sat down and agreed on this… There is no way company this big would respond with identical offers in 2 days to Rogers. Writing and approving that internal communication email probably took 2 weeks… In any other country they would be behind bars and paying big fines for this. WTF?

  • Bubbles

    also why to have marketing departments? pathetic

  • Mark

    This is why I use my smartphone on prepaid plan now


    We should file a complaint to the competition bureau. This is clearly a proof that this is price fixing busness. it’s completely illegal.

  • Jon

    Remember when $60 got you 6GB of data? Yeah, me neither.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Mobile TV is such a waste. If they keep pushing it on me I will leave bell just because they keep annoying me with it.

  • Awkward Turtle

    I get unlimited everything on Wind for $40. May not have mobileTV, but the data speed is sufficient to stream HD Netflix.

  • aregularonhofo

    Absolute total BS, Rogers or no other incumbent ever proved that Wind Mobile had more dropped calls and Rogers own data screwed them up forcing them to basically retract their claim…only trolls who don’t even use this service/network have problems and why company shills/losers should not be allowed to post without giving their real names. If you genuinely want to see changes in the Canadian Telco Industry throw your full support to Wind Mobile and boycott the others including new entrants, there are no benefits in supporting anyone else and the Big Three every day prove they have no respect for their customers. Switching plans around with higher prices is disgusting and with established networks the rates should be coming down with the high profits they already made.

  • Craig

    Wtf is with wind comments everytime a plan is discussed. You f’ng wind fans drive me nuts there is no wind coverage across the country. Outside of students, inmates and stay at home moms…. People drive around,,, then they talk… I have no wind in Halifax.
    I have Rogers who had horrible poor coverage in Halifax now I am supposed to read wind comments when they don’t exist and even in areas they do they are so limited. Wind fans should only be allowed to reply to plans comparable like… Well like I don’t know.

  • Mojo

    definitely price matching. this is a clear proof. I dentical plans couple of hours apart form one another.
    Yet our government is not doing anything about this.

  • DBrown

    You mo***s just gotta know where and how to shop around! Got me Unlimited calls 24/7 in bound and out !! Unlimited Text and Picture messaging! 25 Voice mails! Call display and a wonderful 6 mofo gigs of data !!! All for 70 freaking bucks!! And no I didn’t sell my soul for 3yrs to get it !! Caught a break on a limited time only 6 gig 60 dollar data plan – just added the ret 2 weeks ago for 15 bucks gotta to drop 5 bucks for being a faithful custmorer !! Who you might ask ?? VIRGIN!! Sure they are woned by Bell now and run on the Bell Network but their policeys are still deep roooted VIRGIN all the way 🙂 …not bad for Maritimes !!

  • Yeas

    November 7: Virgin Mobile $60 plan with 1GB data/CD/VM/Int Text/Unlimited Canada Wide Minutes
    November 8: Virgin Mobile $65 plan with 1GB data, no idea on the rest …

    End result … meh.

  • Jason loo

    Robelus as some may call the big 3, keep on jacking up there prices. How can u even offer a $55 plan on 200mb? What happened to the 500mb? Who the hell will even sign up for that?

    Unlimited local calling is a joke, even the 1000 “anytime” min. Should be calling it “1000min anywhere” instead, that would probably get more people interested in signing the 3 year dotted line. Will Robelus still be offering the my 10, or fab 10???

    I always wondered why Robelus can’t offer call display and voice mail into there plans. Why do I want to pay an additional $12 plus 911 fees plus 2.34 system acces fee plus paperless fee. Anyway to make a buck I guess.

    Just as an example my bill currently is $71.12 /m which includes 6gb data(LTE ready) 400min, e+w free @6, my 10, call display n voice, which isn’t bad for a data heavy user.

  • Jason loo

    Hey Boss can I have a raise? I need to pay my Robelus bill..

  • Wilbour

    Ok for all the grownups out there, unlimited talk is useless but canada wide is invaluable.

  • saqib zaman

    I got $65
    150 day time minutes
    unlimited incomming
    vm ,caller id icluded
    unlimited SMS
    6 Gb data
    the bell plan sucks
    why would i pay $ 90 for 5 gb data ..

  • silo

    useless useless useless!