SkyDrive for Windows Phone 8 now available for download


  • General Gustov

    Just waiting for these phones to be released

  • lukeiphone

    Sratch lumia, get note ii

  • Hunkyleepickle

    Well, now that Rogers has done everything in their power to dissuade me
    from getting the Lumia 920, and thus sign my life away for another 3yrs,
    I’m sad I won’t get to take advantage of these improvements. Get your s#*^ together
    Rogers!!! Let me guess, when you FINALLY announce pricing on this phone that is supposedly
    Released in your network, it will be more than the AT&T version, on a longer
    term, with no included wireless charger. Oh, and only in one color… With the new and ‘improved’

  • Bloomg

    Lots of Microsoft posts on a mobiles blog

  • David

    Really? Shouldn’t it come pre-installed?

    • Bilal

      SkyDrive is baked into the OS in Windows Phone 7 (accessible through Office; pictures through the Photos Hub; you can upload your camera pics, etc). To the best of my knowledge the same core integration is there in WP8, not sure if they expanded integration to include Xbox Music-Videos.

      But an app is nice too…

  • Matthew

    Where are these phones and what are the prices. Ugh this is killing me. Does anyone know if the MSFT stores will be offering up more colour choices vs. the carriers?

  • halo 4

    I just have a question..
    Is skydrive better or is google drive the better service in terms of cloud storage and speed.

    • Keith

      SkyDrive is better in one sense in that they don’t claim ownership or usage rights to anything you store on SkyDrive whereas Google considers everything on their servers as theirs.

      But Google Drive is better in that it is not policed by a bunch puritans looking to see if you post anything remotely offensive. There have been cases where people got their Microsoft accounts disabled for uploading a picture of an artwork.

      Considering that you need a Microsoft account if you have a WP or W8 computer there is risk saving pictures to SkyDrive lest you might accidently capture a picture of a nipple on an artwork in the background.

  • swizzlerz

    I cant wait to get a windows phone 8 😀 just didn’t want the Samsung that is on telus 🙁