Galaxy Nexus and AOSP-based Android users can now download the new Camera and Gallery from the Nexus 4


  • iphoneee

    can i upload the gallery pics to apple maps??

    • Tech

      you got no life man, you are always just waiting for new article so you can have first comment. LOL feel sad for you.

  • Ripper

    ..And this is one of the reasons why you want to buy the Nexus 4!

    Want to bet when will this service be available to Sony, HTC,LG phones??

    Whant to bet when will this be available through ROBELUS phones??

    If you have Vanilla Android phone you get it with no bloatware, Unlocked and with the fastest upgrades..for $360
    I’m willing to forget the lack of SD card (LTE is not important to me.)

    • AWSguy

      You can always root your EXISTING phone and add this. It isnt a big deal.

    • Ruter

      Rooting dificulty varies from device to device:
      First the Booter has to be unlocked
      Then there has to be a recovery compatible with your device
      You have to Flash said recovery,
      Once you have a Custom recovery you are ready to flash any custom recovery for your device.

      You need a lt of time to figure out how to root your device, then which ROM is the best for you and then which Kernel. If you are teck savvy and you moved into a new phone it would take you at least 5-8 hrs.
      You really have to savvy about it and Samsung phones are famous for being close to “unbrickable” whereas LG’s and Sony’s are infamous for easily “Brickable”!

      Soooo… bottomline is: if you are a hands on girl/guy you can easily upgrade any phone but I know people that have iPhones because they thing that in order to own an Android phone you have to be able to do C++ and compile your own macros….and then they just buy iPhones.

      The N4 is the “iphone” of the Android world in the sense that requires minimum input to upgrade and get the most out of your device…all for $360!
      The End.

  • mjolnir

    @awsguy not everyone is comfortable in doing that, not to mention it voids the warranty and has the potential to brick the phone. I personally root and s-off all my devices fyi, this applies to a few of us. the mass would not be bothered or comfortable to do it.

  • Sandman2749

    As an FYI, this can be done on ANY rooted phone – not just AOSP roms. I installed this onmy GS3 running a ROM based on the Samsung touchwiz ROM and it runs fine.

  • haxor99

    WOOHOO! I’m excited to try this new camera on my Galaxy Nexus!

  • Marc

    This new camera is THE SHIT. Much quicker configuration/mode selection access, improved image quality and loving photosphere. Huge improvement over the 4.1 cam.

    • Ruter

      The import (port) doesn’t work that well in my S2, will wait a couple of weeks until they iron the details.

      Can’t wait to spend $407 (360-plus tax) on my new phone.

  • TheRC51

    Just tried this out on my Galaxy Nexus. Runs pretty well. The keyboard is cool and the new photosphere is a lot of fun. Can’t wait until 4.2 comes out!

  • Shaggyskunk

    Camera 4.2 is great for photos – not so much for video, at the moment.
    But really cool, all the same!! 😉

  • chris k

    any word on when 4.2 is being released on the galaxy nexus?

  • Graham

    I updated to 4.2 last night via Rogers on a Nexus S.

    Rogers locked phone, running 4.2 as off 11pm Oct 29.

    Super impressed that it happened so soon.

    • Kida

      Given that 4.2 hasn’t been pushed out for the Nexus S for a single other person in the world, I suspect you’re wrong. I think you’ll find that you’ve been updated from 4.11 to 4.12.

  • jessica

    installed on my galaxy note on 4.1.2. it works very nicely.

  • AG

    Have it running on my One X. New camera is awesome and the updated gallery is pretty nice too.

  • Slappy

    I guess if people are willing to listen to 128 bit mp3’s they will use their phones as cameras.


    @Ruter you don’t need to kow C++ to root your phone. My aunt in her mid 40’s rooted her Nexus with a 1 click pc program called Wugfreah, and she can can barely set the clock in her car!!

    If you don’t know what your talking about then keep your mouth shut!

    • AWSGuy

      You dont need to root a nexus, their bootloader comes unlocked. Same goes with samsung, just use ODIN.

  • Ivan

    Works fine on my Galaxy Note