iPad mini teardown reveals stereo speakers, soldered Lightning port, Samsung display


  • Truth Hurts.

    If you have bought an IPad Mini, and have paid a full price for it, congratulations – you are a m0ron.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Sorry for wanting 275,000 tablet optimized apps instead of enlarged phone apps.

      Remember when Al Gore released his amazing Our Choice app, and it was available for both iOS and Android? No, wait, it was iOS-only.

      But that’s okay, remember when Infinity Blade came out for both iOS and Android? Wait, no, that was iOS-only too.

      That’s fine, though, there’s a lot of really cool apps that are Android-first and optimized for the Nexus 7. Like… um… Gmail! Or… uh… hmm… help me out, guys.

    • Anton

      Can I comment on the technology everyone else owns cause I have nothing better to do with my life?

  • Brad F(anboy)

    But Samsung is going to stop supplying Apple with parts, so CLEARLY APPLE IS DOOMED!

    • Carlo

      No, it was Apple’s decision to stop procuring components from Samsung. Guess their plan had a flaw in it and they had to go back to Samsung. Hopefully Samsung is charging them a premium.

    • kroms

      Any person with a 1/4 of his brain functioning would not get the IPAD Mini.
      Do you REALLY need to told that ?

  • Hooligan

    I’ll be happier with my playbook

    • Brad F(anboy)

      I’ve had a PlayBook for months and I still have no practical use for it.

    • hoo dat

      Obviously you lack the basic intuitive dexterity to be able to function properly. The user interface of the QNX OS is considered second to none. The less said about the browser’s HTML5 scores compared to iOS6 the better from your point of view which will get further spanked by BB10, and yet Apple claims to be the King Daddy of all things HTML5. Shame they don’t even manage to crawl into the top 5.

      When any iPad can HDMI out, be controlled by remote, accept industry standard micro-USB and is not put together with the technological equivalent of duct tape and chewing gum, only then will I consider the iPad/Mini to be anything close to a premium product.

  • Craig

    To all those that like to complain about the iPad Mini’s display, just remember that it’s a Samsung display that you are dissing.

    • S2556

      Samsungs budget displays. If you want quality buy it from the source. Don’t pay the apple tax!

    • hoo dat

      Samsung just makes them to order, Apple chooses the final specs. Any complaints about screen resolution or response time are Apple’s and only Apple’s responsibility.

  • Skumon

    lol just a big iphone/small ipad.

    o wait that’s awesome. convinced getting one tomorrow now.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @skumon “lol just a big iphone/small ipad”

      Well, in all fairness, I don’t think they’d buy it if it was like a small fridge, or a big iPod shuffle with no screen.

  • lol

    Nhe… Note II…

  • oldschool

    BB10 on playbook 2013! Forget this overpriced pos.

  • mjolnir

    This doesn’t even compare to a Nexus 7. Now with the 16GB at $199, I am going to buy a few more for family and friends.

  • kroms

    An OVER priced small IPAD priced at $330 16GB model.
    L M A O.

    Can’t wait to see the i****s at the Coffee shops with this and then explain to me how they DISS the NOTE as being too big but this is ok ?

    *shakes head* Apple customers are really god dam dumb. They are so into Product branding that they should get a TATOO.

    • drone

      “Can’t wait to see the i****s at the Coffee shops with this and then explain to me how they DISS the NOTE as being too big but this is ok ?

      Are you serious? Are you really THAT thick in the head?

      First of all, you compared a tablet to a phone…that’s right… a freakin phone; gtfo

      Secondly, do you not realize that people don’t carry their iPads around in their pockets all day? The note however, is supposed to replace your phone——a device that goes INSIDE your pocket.

      It’s so sad how idiotic some of you fandroids are.

  • kindcobra

    You can like Apple products, they are nice but ill give them that. But to go around and believe that they are the best products on the market in complete BS and anyone who says Apple products are superior to high end Android devices are so far lost, they are beyond help. Samsung has Apple by the nuts! Squeeze em hard and make those Apple fall !

  • hmmmm

    People make me laugh with the absolute need of apps…I got a tablet just to browse the web and email…sometimes for movies and music, why pay 2 or 300$ more to do those simple things…and that’s without counting the ridiculous prices of those same apps on iTunes for something that you won’t be really using unless you are very young…

  • ace

    $329 for an smaller ipad 2…. with no google maps… what a waste of time my time and money. nexus 10… lets do this.

  • Mark

    Nice product but way overpriced

  • skullan

    My Mom bought an iPad 3 about 4 months ago. She used it for a week and stuffed it into a drawer. This week, she said I could have it if I wanted, for free.

    I’m wondering, did I overpay?

    • Carlo

      Yup, you overpaid. 🙂

    • Skippypaccino

      Not only did you over pay, it now smells like your moms underworld. Shitty deal if you ask me. 😉

  • Jack

    Regardless of whether you like the iPad Mini or not, I’d like to think most Apple fanboys had more common sense than the 750 i****s who lined up to buy it in New York City yesterday. All sorts of destruction, people suffering, volunteer organizations short staffed, and these dummies felt that it was more important to be first in an Apple Store line.

    Sad, sad, sad.