Google announces Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


  • iphoneee

    is jellybean code name for next iPhone??? i want the 16gb in white please


      I thought you said you were going to stick with your nokia 6101 earlier.

  • Hub

    The real question is how long before the vendors put 4.2 on their phones…. Given that it is also called Jelly Bean, I smell confusion ahead anyway.

  • tehPr0fess0r

    cant wait for this to be merged into CM10… or maybe this will be CM10.1… anyways cant wait to get it on my SGS3 and TF201

    • Me

      Lol get what.

  • anona

    Wasn’t meant to be a big update, but I wonder what else they changed under the hood.

  • mjolnir

    big enough? im content; still better than ios6 going backwards.. *cough*failmaps*cough*

  • Nader.M

    I stream songs/video from my galaxy nexus my smart tv all the time.

  • crimsona

    Swype is in trouble

  • Nitin Gaba

    “Finally, Google is trying to mimic the seamless display sharing abilities of AirPlay with its new wireless display adapter. This will mirror any image on your phone or tablet to your HDMI-enabled TV, something that hasn’t been easy to do wirelessly on Android devices until now.”

    Actually I can do that with my S3… If I can remember correctly it was also possible on my Captivate but only with other Samsung TVs (via AllShare Play)

  • haxor99

    Photo Spheres looks very interesting

  • Ryan

    How many devices are even on 4.1 yet?

    • Charlie

      I’m frustrated by the delay in OS updates as well as their poor quality. My HTC Sensation 4G is less than 16 months old; it got ICS a few months ago and has been buggy ever since. HTC initially indicated that the Sensation 4G was going to get Jelly Bean, but I doubt it – HTC hs not even fixed the current bugs.

  • Matt

    Anyone have any recommendations on a wireless hdmi adapter? Everything I can find is either ~$200 or requires Intel WiDi. Love to pick something up that will work well and hits the sub-hundred bucks price point.

    • h

      Google “NETGEAR Push2TV PTV3000” for a widi/miracast thingy, it’s on amazon for under $70

  • Rahil

    Until it’s on my Galaxy S3, I don’t care. Tired of the fragmentation! I’m still on 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich on Rogers.

    • Stuntman

      My GS3 running ICS is still pretty awesome. I have no issues with it and am very happy.

    • RC

      If you’re tired of fragmentation, buy only Nexus devices.
      That’s what I do (and always will).

    • anona

      Buy direct Nexus, or do it yourself.

    • some guy

      So what you are saying @Rahil is, because of *fragmentation* you can’t make calls? Surf the web? Download applications? Oh no, you must really not be able to use the phone because of fragmentation.

      So I take it, you share your smartphone with someone else and require the multiple user accounts, right at this moment.

      Or perhaps your SGS3 is running so slow you can barely even turn it on?

      Look… my point is, when you are throwing around the fragmentation term, you basically drank Apple’s kool-aid. Having different software versions doesn’t stop your phone from working. It’s not like going from cupcake to eclair and having new apps available to you.

      So either buy an international/play store Nexus or expect to not get any updates.

    • Jen

      Should have bought a nexus device then.

  • Sai

    Will this update be pushed to the Nexus 7?

  • HikerCA

    I’m going to wait and wait and wait for BlackBerry 10, it’s Awesomer! . . . . Bwah Hah Hah hahahahahahahahahahahaha 😉

  • Ismael

    The new tablet UI ruined it for me. Severely. I think the phone-like UI looks like total crap on a tablet. “Unification” works for iOS because iOS doesn’t offer much in terms of the UI. The previous interface for Android tablets was perfect. Now…they have me contemplating Windows 8 for future tablet purchases.

  • Mark

    Lost in all this 4.2 excitement is that we will soon learn the fate of the Nexus S. I think it very well may not get this update. It would be truely awesome if it does because this will signal Google’s intention to support devices through a full 3-year contract. Fingers crossed…

    • MrMastodonFarm

      The huge test to see if Google was still supporting the Nexus S was 4.0, then they surprised me with 4.1, after that I think 4.2 is a given. The Nexus S was such an underrated phone, still is. I’ll be giving it up for the Nexus 4 but it was a good phone for 2 years.

  • Doug

    Heard Google is releasing Google Music in Europe so hopefully a release here.

  • hollywooduke

    I want Key Lime Pie !
    And what’s bb10 ?

    • Santa

      I think you mean Kandy Kane.

  • Henaway

    A bb10 is a mythical creature, not unlike Bigfoot. Images keep surfacing, but no real proof of existence ever gets released.

    • Mark

      Now lets be nice. BB10 is in development and it will be ready when its ready. Great works of art take time… Just like Duke Nukem Forever.

  • Mike

    CANT WAIT TO NOT GET THIS ON MY YAKJUUX… oh wait I switched to yakju… WIN

  • briggs


    Comment of the day right there.

  • Frank

    If you’re complaining about still being on ICS, you can change that if you want. Root your phone and install CM 10, it’s available for basically every major device – I’m running 4.1.2 on my Galaxy S2, it works wonderfully. It’s not that hard to do, I know next to nothing about tech stuff. Sure Google should find a way to force upgrades faster and bypass the hold up by OEMS & Carriers, but until they do this is the best solution. If it bothers you that much then do something about it. Or just buy nexus devices….

  • John

    AOSP release within 2 days.

    Looking to have 4.2 on my Telus S2X within a week.

    Gotta love rooted with Custom Roms.

    (running 4.1.2 now)

  • Joe

    So…pretty much just catching up to iOS. And it’s funny how the new nexus won’t have LTE, considering how great android users think it is.

  • Paul

    Catching up to ios…lol. that cracked me up. Android users in north America of course love lte. Faster download speeds are always welcome, but the rest of the world doesn’t have it so I can see why Google would not have it in the nexus device. If you’re gonna pick on Android you’ll have to do better than that.

    • Joe

      So iphone 4s doesn’t have LTE: it gets bashed for it.

      Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE and suddenly there’s a good reason for it, despite the previous nexus having LTE.

      Yup, android fanboys in full force.

    • some guy

      I think you’re missing the point there Joe. iPhone 4s was a colossal middle finger from Apple to it’s fans. How long did people wait? And what did you get for it? Essentially an over-clocked iPhone 4.

      That was why people were pissed, no LTE, arguably minor upgrades, still charging $800.

      You wanted LTE on an Android, guess what? There were phones with it. You want bleeding edge? Get a Nexus or root.

      As I have stated in other posts, until there are single LTE+HSPA SOC’s, I will not buy a LTE capable device for LTE. I prefer battery and function, not a fast rank and a dead battery.

  • Marc

    Can’t wait for the developers to get their hands on 4.2 to get my GN and N7 updated!

  • Tom Gray

    Great Update. Don’t worry, anything that’s missing or still wanted the Dev community will fill the gaps to make it truly great. The Dev community is really what drove Android to the level of popularity this far, Well I think so anyways ^_^

  • drone


    Lol horrible double standard.

  • Hilman

    The limited supply will fit in with the limited sales lol.

  • OMG BASEDGOD TYBG #taskforce

    I hope Google will be real nice to me and gives this to my Nexus S.