Update: Rogers announces Nokia Lumia 920 going on sale tomorrow “in select stores”


  • AppleStockHolder

    Bun it. iPhone looks so much better than this.

    Order: iPhone iOS >> Android >> Blackberry >> Windows

    • iphoneee

      I will stick with my nokia 6101. It can make phone calls unlike any of those phones.

    • GoogleVoice

      The Nokia Lumia 920 with 32GB priced at $550 Right after the Nexus 4 16GB for $360 (Non has SD Card) is the FAIL of the holidays!

      Lumia 920 over the N4:
      LTE, 50grams heavier. .2″igger screen

      N4 over the 920:
      50Grams lighter; Double the RAM at 2GB; Quad Processor; better GPU and BIgger battery! unlocked and fastest android updates!

      This is the first FLOP of the Lumia 920 “perhaps in the world”!

  • Phil

    Rogers said only in black because it’s sells more, black is more professional. I guess no one told Steve Ballmer, as his lumia 920 is yellow. Hey Rogers, where is my yellow lumia?

    • ns.dev

      Be happy it’s not Rogers red, with other unremovable rogers branding.

  • BD

    @applestockholder Oh you like Apple I hear? Well I just had a few this morning, you can pick them up from the toilet on my way home from work 🙂

  • JC Fung

    @Applestockholder go play with your iPhone in your room instead of trolling here

  • BD

    “Rogers has priced the Lumia 920, which is available only in black at launch, at $99.99 on a 3-year term and $549.99 on a month-to-month plan.”

    This is cheap considering the previous talked about prices around $650-$700

    Im #10 on the list, hoping to grab one at a store in Winnipeg if it comes here first before my shipment date.

    • GoogleVoice

      Lumia 920 32GB LTE at $550 or
      Nexus 4 16GB No LTE at $360?? if you don’t need LTE and want a longer battery, the answer is ovbious!

    • Miguel

      How did you get on the list?

    • EvanKr

      Do you know what stores may have it? I called a couple (downtown, Polo Park), and they told me it’d be in a few weeks from now.

    • boom

      Got my 920 today at polo park rogers kiosk. they had one left when i bought mine. $599 plus taxes (i wonder why it was $50 more? ) love it so far. well worth the wait. im so glad i didnt jump on the iphone 5 like everyone else. hopefully this will keep nokia on the market so they can come out with even better devices in the future

  • John


  • seb

    GO rogers!

  • Jeff

    Price is good! But I won’t give my money to Rogers anymore.

  • Marckus

    Can this bloody thing be unlocked and used on Wind? Someone please try and let us know.

    • Francis Thibault

      Nope, I have asked them

    • JontheGeekGuy

      You can’t use any phone from a real carrier on wind as they operate at different frequencies

  • John Marshall

    $100 on-contract is pretty damn good for a phone like this. It’s an encouraging sign for the other carriers who are going to launch Windows Phone 8’s during November, like Bell and Telus.

    • phreezerburn

      Telus won’t offer this if they’ve committed to the Samsung ATIV. My only hope in Saskatchewan is Bell coming to their senses and pulling back from the iTeat for a breath.

  • BD

    @marckus – I believe it is Pentaband
    @miguel – pre-order list

    • Miguel

      What if I don’t have an account with them? Can I call or something?

  • Swizzlerz

    any word on telus?

  • Phil

    As a galaxy nexus & galaxy note user, all I can say about the new nexus 4 is that you should never judge a android battery by its size or claims, wait until you get some real world usage to come to buy conclusions. Oh, stuck wanting a lumia 920 in yellow!

  • Airbus

    where is the list of “select stores” ?

  • UVSoaked


  • Malik M

    Can we get a link to the announcement? I’m finding it hard to believe that the phone will be available tomorrow with no mention of it on any of rogers own websites.

  • Ted

    That’s actually a pretty decent outright price. Anyone know how easy it is to unlock Windows phones?

    • astudent

      if you mean to unlock the phone to work on other networks, i would say its not harder than any other smartphone, get a code and pop in a sim!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    do not want anymore

  • BD

    @miguel – you’ll want to try their 1-888-764-3771 number
    @phil – I agree, I used to own a GS2 and currently a nexus..bottom line is that the bigger the screens, more power you have, the more drain your battery will have, and this is mainly for most smartphones (including Iphones)

  • Zoomus

    So will it be unlocked if I get it for month to month and will it have Robers branding on it ? if its unlocked and no Robers branding I am getting it , so where are these select Robers stores ?

    • Henry

      Month to Month means you need Rogers account and on month to month plan for that price.
      If you are going to use it on network then you need the no-term price and get it unlocked to work elsewhere.

      As for branding. The phone itself will not have Rogers branding but there will be Rogers bloatware app in the OS which you can delete.

  • Malik M

    Also, if the phone is being sold tomorrow in select stores, what happens to the people who preordered?

    Is it going to be a surface situation where we preorder but don’t get the product on day 1 which is the whole reason we preorder to begin with? or are they going to start rolling out the preorders for the phone too?

  • gwydionjhr

    I called Rogers up, the CSA confirmed availability tomorrow in select stores (read: go to your local Corporate store 1st). He had me all a tizzy when he started talking about Silver and Blue colours, then he realized he had been looking at the Note II description. 🙁

  • Xsever

    Just chatted with a Rogers Wireless CSR and she said this is not official and there is not official announcement on the Rogers website.

    She said the phone isn’t due until Nov. 12.

    What is going on?

  • jjt

    Called most of the Rogers Stores in Ottawa and none of them received any Lumia 920’s.

    Soooo looks like select stores may not include any in Ottawa =(

    • Airbus

      mobile syrup is BSing

  • Xsever

    Chatted with a Windows Phone CSR and he said the phone is definitely not launching tomorrow.

    He said we should expect it in about two weeks.

  • Airbus

    Without the source, you can say it is $100 outright…..

  • sid

    Yes it is a Pentaband phone … Wind here I come 🙂

    • jattsober

      Could you provide the source which says Rogers L920 is Penta band.
      Last I heard was that Rogers L920 will not support AWS bands (wind/Moblicity).

  • landragon

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I’m sure almost every store you walk into would be like “huh?”. Why are they announcing this when they can’t even update their homepage?

  • Max

    What a great phone! I expected it to be more expensive. All the losers posting bad comments about it are obviously jealous that Android doesn’t have a phone with a camera this good 🙂

  • Xsever

    I just called my local Rogers store and the person on the phone said they are getting their Windows Phone 8 meeting/training done at the end of this week and that we should expect this by next week.

    He advised I reserve one on the Rogers website.

  • Keith

    It sounds like Rogers will come out with more colours. But which ones-why don’t they release them all?

  • Stormv64

    Really really wanted the 920 until Nokia decided to make it a Rogers exclusive. They have some learning to do, they only loose marketshare by doing carrier exclusives. Samsung and Apple don’t and Sony seems to have learnt thier lesson, just ending Rogers exclusivity for thier devices.

    • Big Ang

      They don’t necessarily lose marketshare by having carrier exclusives. How much marketshare did the Nokia Pureview 808 have in Canada?

      With carrier exclusives a company can lose some sales due to some clients not wanting to switch to Rogers, but they should (in theory) get a lot of new sales because the exclusive carrier will be pumping out advertisements with the phone, and the salespeople on the floor will be pushing that phone to the average cellphone buyer.

      Ya gotta realize that the average cellphone buyer is almost the exact opposite of the type of people that read blogs like this one. The average cellphone buyer is clueless and ends up buying the phone that the sales rep told them to buy. Or maybe they go in wanting an iPhone or Blackberry because that’s what their friends have. If you ask them what they will use it for, you’ll be lucky to get vague answers which any phone can do as well as any other phone.

      Remember years ago when Verizon had an exclusive on the Motorola Droid? And they had this amazingly successful ad campaign and everyone was asking for a Droid.

      Windows Phone (and Nokia) NEED to get the cellphone salesforce to start pushing Windows Phone. If not, the only people that will buy a Windows Phone will be people that are already a WP fan, no new clients. Yes, the 920’s Pureview camera is amazing, but the average cellphone buyer is clueless and will think that the camera on their old HTC Android phone is just as good. Sure, the phones come in various colours….. opps…. doesn’t apply to the 920 on Rogers…..

      Yes, exclusives can suck, but unless your company name is Apple and you’re releasing a new iPhone, then you need the carrier’s salesforce to push your phone out to the masses.

  • B

    $99 on a 3-year? It’s $99 on a TWO year in the US. Thanks for gouging my wallet Rogers.

    • P

      Canadian phone contracts have always been 3 years for the same price (or more) as 2 in the US. I would not expect this to change unless the CRTC steps in.

  • jattsober

    Why can’t I see any WP8 launch news on Mobile Syrup today. I guess Google bought MS for today 🙂

  • Matthew

    So ballmer said that all the phones will be available at the stores (meaning different colour combos) for the lumia and 8x so is it the same in Canada? Anyone know.

    And as for unlocking a winmo phone, I unlocked my LG Optimus 7 no problem from telus to now Rogers.

    If Ballmer is right, then I will go to a MSFT store and just pop in my rogers SIM.

    • Big Ang

      The MS Store at Yorkdale Mall (Toronto) will open on Nov. 19. We’ll see if they sell unlocked phones like they will in the US.

  • landragon

    who did they announce it to? where is the announcement?

  • camel

    The link above… does the wording not sound like perhaps the black is exclusive to Rogers, as in the other colours are not exclusive? If I’m not reading too far into this, it would be a nice surprise to see other carriers being able to sell the cmyk gamut after Rogers gets their little “advance release”. Wishful thinking, only time will tell.

  • Hardik

    I just talked to rogers CSR. She was clueless about this information. She even suggested this site is not rogers offical website.. so i really doubting the authenticity of this information.
    Well.. I guess this will also be blamed on storm sandy.. 😉

  • Rogers

    My position changed from the 90 range to 40. Looks like a lot of people have canceled their preorder.

  • Taylor

    if its supposed to come tomorrow why haven’t rogers said so keep phoning to order it but im getting no where does anyone know what stores in ontario are getting it tomorrow?

  • JontheGeekGuy

    This is false. No wonder there is no source quoted because the article is a fabrication. I called all of the downtown Toronto Rogers stores and none of them had it nor did they know anything about getting it before November 12

  • sean

    my girlfriend is enroute to the store to pick mine up! I called and they said they received the phones this morning. Select stores do indeed have them available.


    Has it been released ? and the carriers say ” shhhhhhhhhh its a secret , its on a need to know bases and you dont need to know ” pfffffffffffffff

  • Nicholas

    So I called my local Rogers Plus store here in Windsor and they confirmed they are one of the select stores and they should be getting the phones in today…..at some point. Now to resist the urge to just get the black model…

  • sean

    Rogers Plus store in Montreal (Peel st and St Catherines) got 5 920’s in today, i managed to grab one of them!

    • Martin

      Is there any specifications list that came with the device that might indicate that it would work on the 1700 WCDMA network?

  • Pol

    You’re not in the US. You’re in Canada. Compare apples to apples. $100 on a 3 year for a new top of the line phone they’ve likely paid a lot of money for to get the exclusive. It’s reasonable. Canada doesn’t do two year contracts. American carriers were forced by legislation.

  • zhiping

    I called Rogers store in Waterloo. They said they would indeed have some lumia 920 late this afternoon!

  • sammy

    just got one from the rogers plus store in bramalea city centre…amazing phone, the build quality is something really special.

  • Nicholas

    Got my upgrade, Amazing, Under the WCDMA networks it lists as follows 850/900/1900/2100/1700_2100 I can also pick up Wind’s network……

    • Jattsober

      @Nicholas, could you please see if the box says the word WCDMA 1700 under the frequencies?
      Thanks in advance!

  • Luc Bezaire

    I would have lined up to purchase one from Rogers until I looked at their coverage map. Rogers should be ashamed of the coverage they offer Sask residents. Limited coverage, 2G in most areas outside Saskatoon and Regina. You look at the 2 neighboring provinces and you have to wonder what they have against competing with other cell companies in Saskatchwan. So much for the WP7 market in Sask. Looking at getting unlocked Lumia 920 to use on Sasktel Network.

  • Nicholas

    Has anyone noticed that Skype is missing from the 920 and can’t be downloaded?

  • anonymous

    I put one on reserve to pick up at the local Rogers store, and just received confirmation tonight that it shipped — I got a tracking number and it says it will be at the store by noon tomorrow.

    I called the store today to ask about the Lumia 920 and the employee I spoke with seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. I think I’ll just go in tomorrow afternoon.

  • David

    C’mon Rogers, use some brain and realize that we need COLOURS. That’s the cool thing about WP8 and you only have BLACK available? So dumb, so dumb…

  • Rahul

    They are not even releasing the black one and your guys are crying over yellow and other colors.

  • Dave

    I want one of these but I will not go with Rogers. I told Nokia by email what I thought of their Rogers exclusive deal and they flat out Lied to me saying that there are no fixed plans as to who will carry it in Canada yet, Then within days we have Rogers as the only Carrier. Exclusive Deals are Bad for Nokia and Bad for me.Nokia have Lost a sale which they can’t afford if they want back in the Market.