Rogers to release the Nokia Lumia 920 on November 12?


  • Bobby

    More importantly, when will Rogers release the HTC One X+?

    • dongle

      The only thing that matters about this phone is the price:
      With the Nexus 4 at $400 if the 920 goes above that it will be a FAIL!

      – Talking about FAILs; EVERY single picture of the 920 is in a different color; so WTF is up with Rogers having the exclusive for the 920 and has it ONLY IN BLACK AND GREY???
      ( Not even RED, the Rogers/Canada? Color)

      One cent over $400 and this phone with new (unproven) OS in VANILLA black or Grey and it will Fail. Color is one of the few reasons to get this phone and they take the added value away??

    • Big Ang

      And the Nexus 4’s prices have been officially released when???

      Prices for the Nexus 4 have not been released so your guess isn’t even worth the grain of salt it’s taken with.

    • TheCyberKnight


      There is no way this phone will be close to 400$. Not a chance.
      Look for something closer to 599$ if the US price is any indication. I would even guess closer to 649$.

    • dongle

      Apple Released a bunch of products yesterday available in first week of November.

      Microsoft and Google have announcements to make on the same day by the end of the month.

      LG made announcements too,

      Nokia was playing the LAUNCH not announcement game, but nobody else is playing that game, so they have to switch tactics.
      The 920 is a solid phone that could become the springboard for W8 in North America; so far with Black only and exclusive with Rogers is not so great.
      If they price it like a Surface at $720 or a mini ipad at $330, plus cables plus case the phone it will be a failure.

  • Joe

    I think the 900 was also released on a Monday. Either way, can’t wait!

  • BD

    I can’t wait either, however there were some news that Best Buy US would be launching theirs October 1st and then shipping them out which would be approx a week after. Sounds about right.

    Anyways, number #10 and waiting.

    • BD

      *October 31st

  • RWalrond

    My American friends tell me that the colour of the phone in your picture is yellow. I wouldn’t know as us Canadians are colour blind(at least according Rogers anyways).

    • dongle

      Is almost like Nokia doesn’t want to Succeed and sell MS phones!
      Sometimes I think that Elop is really a trojan Horse.
      Why not just release the 920 with Android 4.1 for $500 in three or four colors tops and sell them by the millions??

    • Big Ang

      Yeah, cause selling Android phones is working real well for Motorola, Sony, HTC, and anyone who is not named Samsung or is not funded by the Chinese government (ZTE and Huawei).

  • lukeiphone

    YAYYYY on my birthday!!

  • skinnypig

    Wrong picture… grrr… we don’t get the yellow one >:(

    • dongle

      With Rogers you can get ANY color:

      ..As long as is BLACK or Grey, and Rogers has the exclusive for 6 months. After that all operators will have it in all the more desired colors.
      What was Nokia thinking? Rogers will come overpriced at launch in non popular colors; then 6 months later the price will be lower, but it could be too late (May2013 to get a Nokia 920 in Yellow??)

  • Bluebert

    So much of me wishes to express how much I couldn’t care less about Windows phones. When Google’s stock is 10x that of Microsoft, one has to wonder…

    • BD

      @bluebert So if you don’t care, why bother posting at all?
      Like a troll post.

    • Vincent W

      Right. Like stock price has any bearing at all on how I choose my phone.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Rogers is ridiculously conservative with its color choices.
    Nokia pushes the enveloppe with trendy designs and the boring people at Rogers only offer black.What a terrible waste.

    And just watch what’s going to happen in few months…colors!

  • Craig

    Unless Nokia did their math, and has estimated that selling a black Lumia in Canada via Rogers was going to make them more money than providing ALL colors that are available to ALL providers, then good move, Nokia.

    Personally, I think that Nokia needs as much exposure with their Windows Phone as possible. Imagine placing the colored devices in the hands of EVERYONE who wants them! Wouldn’t THAT have been a better move, at least exposure-wise?

    I sort of feel that Elop wants Nokia to fail, so Microsoft can buy it out.

    Either way, son, I’m disappoint.

  • Trev

    They will release the new colors 6 months later than jack the price again. Like the new red s3. All of a sudden the s3 is back to 159. Bit of a scam.

  • Ron Mexico

    Rogers is releasing it on November 12??

    Not caring.

    Call me when the other carriers are carrying it.

  • Mithos

    I wont disagree with you guys upset over the limited colour choice – However – I’d much rather black and grey as my choices vs what choices we have with the Galaxy S3.

    Pebble Blue? Seriously? That sounds like it originated from the Muppets. I wanted a black S3 to match the colour of my tech obsessed soul.

  • Bob J

    Black is by far and away the most popular color, customers have only themselves to blame for a lack of selection – Rogers won’t carry a yellow version only for the 100 people in Canada that want one.

    • Vincent W

      That’s like saying there’s no point offering a flying car because four wheeled cars are the most popular.

  • Osama

    I dont understand why people complain about the lack of colors and the exclusive to robbers. How often are you gonna stare at the back of your phone and be like wow, i love the bright yellow plastic cover! I guess with the dull widgets and non-existant wallpapers for WP8, the plastic case is so critical. And Robbers is the best service anyway, how do you go on road trips with limited city coverage, when we live in such a large country!

    • Dun Goof’d

      Top-notch trolling, Osama!


  • Keith

    It looks like Mobile Syrup is rubbing it in face of Rogers a bit by showing it in yellow–WTG!

  • Jenny S.

    Simple solution, provided to me by a Rogers support agent:

    Buy one in any colour you want, unlocked, from AT&T. You can get exactly what you want, not be locked into a contract, for probably $100-150 less than buying it outright through Rogers.

    Problem solved!

    • Vincent W

      And this is exactly what I and many others will do even though I would much prefer to buy one locally. I really don’t understand Rogers and how they can snatch up exclusivity and then not take full advantage of it. It really is the epitome of stupidity.


    HTC 8x and 8s to be released in England on Nov 2 , Nokia 920 might be pentaband so no need to unlock

  • Eddie54

    ThERE is NO GREY! Rogers is only releasing black!
    I’ve bought mine unlocked in yellow through exansys usa or negri electronics whichever is cheapest…
    Not going with Rogers’ black color…
    Grey would be my second choice but rogers only has black!!!!!

  • Eddie54

    at&t is also not selling unlocked phones, they are only selling unactivated phones which they will not unlock for 599….
    Therefore, you have to get unlocked from a site like expansys or negri electronics if you are anywhere in north america…
    but expansys usa site has all color options 🙂

  • mtlCan

    COLORS !!!

    Rogers, be a little less boring and bring us this phone in colors! We’re not as conservative as you think!

  • Stanislav

    This forum is frequented by a bunch of whiny babies. Wow. Every single post is followed by a plethora of complaints.

  • Tony

    Question for the experts…

    If I bought one unlocked (North American of course), will all features work on Rogers? I’ve heard text and picture messaging sometime doesn’t work on unlocked phones unless you got the phone from the carrier (Rogers).

    Rogers needs to offer the other colors even if it means a special order and we’d have to wait for delivery. I’d buy three right away to replace our iPhone 3GS’s, 2 yellow and one red. I know this way they probably couldn’t install their Rogers Apps so it won’t happen, but it would be nice.

    • Joeb

      Everything will work flawlessly if the phone is for american frequencies.
      This is even simpler with the Lumia 920 since the phone is penta-band. You could even choose to activate it with an AWS carrier like Videotron in QC.

  • David

    Why is rogers not advertising the Windows Phones on its website. Their home page is still covered with iPhone 5. No sign of Windows Phones.

    • Vincent W

      I was thinking the same thing. My guess is that their lack of advertising and their lack of colours are due to the same problem. They are i****s.

  • Bob

    My position changed from the 90 range to 40. Looks like a lot of people have canceled their preorder.

  • Vincent W

    AT&T is selling it for $450 without a contract.