MTS releasing two new rate plans for their iPhone 5 launch tomorrow


  • superfightingrobot

    I’m sure there fine print for this “unlimited data” I’m sure there’s a cap in place to throttle usage after a certain limit but one can only hope a carrier actually means what they say

  • Jaocb

    “unlimited data” eh?

  • Jay

    Does the Iphone 5 get access to Mts Lte?

    • Me

      I activated my unlocked iPhone5 last weekend on MTS. At the time they said that it would not work onn LTE until Apple released a software update. Yesterday after a lengthy chat with Tech support, they said that it is not an Apple update that is needed but rather an update to the MTS “Carrier Load” on the phone. Currently it is version 13.0, and before tomorrow it will be updated to 14.0 which supports LTE.
      We will see…

  • Chris

    IIRC, MTS’s unlimited data is on their network in Manitoba only, only 250MB of data roaming is included in their plans. That may have changed recently, though.

  • Brrr

    I have MTS unlimited data with my iPhone 4, and it truly is unlimited, including tethering. I use the phone as a wifi hotspot for my laptop all the time without issue.

    • Brian

      It isn’t unlimited data. You get 15 GB of data, after which they kill the speed so you get about dial-up speed for the next 30 days after you hit 15 GB. Sure, you don’t get charged for any extra data, but it is an extreme punative measure for anyone that hits 15 GB. Hardly “unlimited”.

  • monkeysweat

    data is only good in MB, that is the catch,, if you are on Telus’ 60.00 6 GB plan, that comes with call display, voicemail, unlimited provincial calling,, you get to take your data canada wide,, the only downside when in MB compared to MTS is your coverage, if you need to be in alot of rural areas outside of Winnipeg & Brandon, you won’t have coverage on a smartphone as they only have the old network supporting that.

  • jon

    wth is mts ?

    • EvanKr

      Where is Manitoba Telecom Services? Hmm… Let’s see… Québec I think? Obviously it’s not Manitoba or anything, there’s no hints or giveaways that would lead me to believe that.

  • Betty

    thats actually a decent <$50 plan

    I wish I could get that here in London, ON

  • Ivan

    I wonder what the actual price per month is though after they hammer you with the fees and taxes on taxes on taxes.

    Well over 70 I bet.

  • taylor

    i have an unlimited data plan for $44.99 with my iPhone 4 on MTS. can’t complain.

  • James_8970

    I’ve used as much as 4gb in a month, I’d be surprised if anyone would use more without tethering. I never got dinged. Their land line Internet appears to be unlimited as I have used over 1.5Tb u/d in a month without issue. MTS is one of the few companies that I’d trust when they state unlimited.

  • Brad F

    Looks like 10 GB is for CDMA customers.

    For HSPA and LTE customers it’s 15 GB.

  • jason

    clarity…with MTS there is no such thing as unlimited data…they throttle the data once you hit 5gigs. The throttle is so bad, like dial up

  • Andre

    Their LTE network isn’t too bad, once the dealers actually figure out how to get devices onto the new network without taking a few days of complaining to make it work.

    LTE is only available in Winnipeg and Brandon at the moment but it’s very easy to eat up lots of data, even without tethering. I was just running speed tests and racked up 500 MB+ in under 1 day.

    If you bring in your own unlocked ‘gray market’ device, when talking to tech support some will actually help you and others will tell you that you’re on your own. Just hang up and call back until you get someone useful!

  • Rick

    15gb before throttling which blows the competition away. MTS is the clear choice for iPhone in Manitoba, plus their bundling options are awesome.

  • TKG26

    Why is it only the prairies get reasonable plans? Mts and telus sask offer proper data plans…. Loving my 60$ saskatewan plan used her in Ontario.. 500min 5Gig

  • Altf4

    Soft cap at 15gigs after that you get throttle to 200kbps…this is on both their phone plans and the Internet data stick plans for hspa. Only internet I can get is the hspa like a charm if you don’t wanna use streaming media or VoIP. Both are items in their terms that they deem not reasonable to use. Check out the excessive use terms.

    LTE plans are not unlimited..5gig cap

  • Rick

    @altf4 Unlimited plans do not have a 5gig cap, where do you get this incorrect information from?

  • ToniCipriani

    LOL he mentioned maps.

  • arcticsushi

    The only think MTS is doing right is their data plans. Only decent phones is the iphone so if you’re an android fan as I am you have to bring over an unlocked phone which is ok if you have the funds to do so. I have the unlimited plan with my UK i9100 and it works great but then I really don’t have to travel so it works good for me. If you have to travel outside the province you pay $. I haven’t been throttled yet but only using about 7-8 gigs a month. News to me about it now being 15 gigs as it was 10 up until xmas the last I checked.

  • jbarns

    I wouldn’t say MTS is the best bet for MB. They have the iPhone and Blackberries with some crappy androids.

    No GS3, HTC One’s or Moto’s.. No Choice. Reason why MTS users are oblivious to any other phone option.

  • winduser

    No free incoming calls, no thanks.
    I refuse to pay when someone calls me

  • Hef9901

    MTS does have a new android, the Sony Xperia Ion, and there are a couple more new androids on thier way as well. I work for an MTS dealer, so I can set the record straight on a few things here.
    First, LTE plans are unlimited, data is throttled at 15GB for both LTE and HSPA plans. Seriously, who needs to use more then 15GB in a month? And they don’t charge you extra for data used in the province. Outside of Manitoba in the rest of Canada you have 300MB. And because of our data plans I personally have had many customers switch from Rogers and Telus to come to MTS. I hope that answers any questions.

    • jack

      i would bittorrent the s**t out of that 15GB.

  • CluelessCompanion

    Your all complaining about 5GB/15GB caps? Then I assume you’ve never encountered the plans on Rogers, Bell or Telus. Were stuck in a stalemate in Ontario, get good signal and amazing speeds for a LOT of money($70) or bad speeds and bad coverage for cheap($25).

  • CluelessCompanion

    MTS, you guys need to come to Toronto!

  • Justin

    If you go to the MTS website and look at their 4G LTE section in Wireless, click on MTS LTE plans, and the prices quoted here of $48.50 and $63.50 are the respected prices per plan (talk and surf 1gb & talk and surf unlimited).
    1gb plan is Manitoba data with 300mb Canada-wide, 250 weekday mins and eves/wknds, pick 5, tethering included, unlimited wi-fi and unlimited text.
    Again unlimited is same Canada wife and 300 mins and rest basically same as the 1gb plan.

  • pvss

    Oh wow Kelvin Shepherd. another unlimited plan? did you mean to say a 10gig plan that you dont mention till you have customers on the hook? mts is a scam and practice unethical,deceptive advertizing and WILL answer to the C.R.T.C. Don’t be fooled by mts garbage. Do your homework on these scammers.Other providers are moving in so give that some thought before donating your money to mts. Management at mts puts its loyalty in profits, not customers and thier needs.