BlueStacks and AMD launch AppZone, a 500,000-strong Android app portal for Windows PCs

We’ve spoken about BlueStacks before, and its relentless pursuit to bring Android apps to the x86 world. To that end, it launched BlueStacks Alpha Player, and then a Beta version, for Windows PCs, with support for hundreds of thousands of Android apps. Then, during Google I/O in June, BlueStacks staged a fake marriage between Apple and Android, with a Tim Cook impersonator no less, to launch its OS X version.

Now, the company has teamed up with AMD, the other desktop chip maker, to bring over 500,000 apps to approximately 100 million desktop PCs powered by the company. Dubbed the AMD AppZone, the Android emulation has been optimized for Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops, laptops and slates, and should provide a decent app experience in the face of limited native Windows 8 app choice. This is AMD’s first foray into the Android world, and though it’s not a collaboration directly with Google, it’s significant for a number of reasons. As Intel launches its updated Medfield-based Atom chips for mobile devices such as the Motorola RAZR i, it’s notable that AMD is staying far away from that fray.

BlueStack’s goal is to “disrupt the PC industry by leveraging the unprecedented growth in the mobile eco-system,” according to CEO Rosen Sharma.

Download BlueStacks for AMD PCs at the AMD AppZone