BlueStacks and AMD launch AppZone, a 500,000-strong Android app portal for Windows PCs


  • Nathaniel

    This will be great to try out! Looking forward to using this; I wonder how practical some of the apps will be though on a desktop environment?

  • Matt

    Tried out the pulse reader and there’s a few issues. The settings dialogs are all cut off and you can’t get to the bottom to click “Okay”, meaning you can’t set up sync.

    Might only be specific to the pulse app.

  • Brandon Atkinson

    checking this out…

  • Matthew

    One thing to point out. This program acts like badware. It advertises garbage to you in the notification area. Also noticed they are running code from the GT-i9100 (Galaxy S2). This program is fishy. I don’t like it one bit.