Rogers says “Canada’s first real foray into mobile payments” is coming soon, plans to launch a niche credit card


  • cbru

    I’ve dropped Rogers cable, their phone, their internet, all as a direct result of my lack of trust in Rogers.

    I think Rogers has an uphill battle convincing Canadians to trust them with their money; I won’t!

  • LOL

    Good luck with that Rogers! As if any Canadian would trust you with their finances, when you repeatedly over charge them for things.

  • Bilal Akhtar

    I don’t want either Rogers or CIBC to control the entire mobile payments market in Canada. It should be managed by another company, someone who is NOT a carrier or a bank.

    That way, I’ll be able to use it regardless of which credit card I use, or which carrier gives me service.

  • Steven Schwartz

    I do not know why Interac has not jumped on this. It should not be controlled by a single carrier or if each carrier has it’s own card and NFC program is will doom NFC payments in Canada. My guess is Rogers or any carrier which chooses to do this only wants to control it so they can fee the sub to death. Especially Rogers would not offer anything which will not bring in revenue.

  • Tharan

    The billing horrors…

  • cybik

    Of course they censored my “Yeah but what about Google Wallet?”…

  • zzzZZZZzz

    I’m not sure if I want my phone to be my “virtual wallAt”, you know, security reasons?

  • gurtej08

    People already have issues with resolving billing issues with Rogers. How do they think this will go when you can only spend $50 but get charged for $100. Roaming fees? hahahhahahah

    • SDG

      Wow; a ton of haters here. Who ever said/thought that Rogers’ current billing system will handle credit card transactions and NFC? Sorry you got charged an extra $20 on your cell phone bill. The registry is merely regulatory – haha. I hear Wind has great service. Give them a try.

  • Bobblehead

    Small-man John Boynton and philanderer Rob Bruce are drooling at this opportunity. Can you imagine the interest rates they’ll charge? The contracts you’ll be locked into? Notice how all bill mistakes are ALWAYS in Rogers favour, never in your favour? Apply that to credit cards – NO THANKS! They’re going to absolutely plunder both the consumers and merchant like the Long-John Silvers they are.

    The one good thing, when they do enter this space and inevitably screw it up because they cannot offer an ounce of respectable customer service and fair pricing, this will further cement their supreme hatred by Canadians and lead hopefully to fundamental change or their demise. Messing up on your mobile service is one thing, messing up on a person’s credit and burrowing is a whole other ball game.

  • Say no to big 3

    The idea of rolling out more NFC capable technology is great but trusting Rogers with your money is like 2 steps back.

  • Vince

    Giving Rogers direct access to my money is a great idea – Said by no one ever!

  • John

    NO thanks ROBBERS. I rather give my money to a crackhead. There is no way im using a rogers credit card. I can see it now, annual fee $400, statement fees $5, calling a rep to dispute a charge $35. No thanks.

  • Shadyguy

    Well at least we know not one apple customer will be in on anything nfc. They don’t have to be concerned about this regardless if good or bad.

  • Fandroid

    I guess iPhones won’t be in the plans for Rogers!
    This Changes Everything.

  • Cam C

    I like the idea of NFC / mobile payments. Definitely adds convenience. I’ll look to adopt it after its been live for a bit so I can see how it keeps improving until its to a point where I trust it.

    Considering I use only 1 credit card which I pay off the second after I use it for online purchases etc, I won’t have a needs to switch to a rogers CC even though I am a satisfied rogers customer. Hoepfully I’ll be able to input/use my current CC details via my GS2’s NFC.

  • Shadyguy

    Great how nfc payments are in the works days after the iphone is out lol well apple big mistake as other carriers will be on this as well.

  • TJ

    Will there be a System access fee , ECF and Government Regulatory Recovery Fee and a 3 year contract ? If so sign me up , I can hardly wait :)..getting my lube ready and bending over as we speak.

    • Shadyguy

      Anything to do with rogers and the government you can count on it.

  • js

    Hey Rogers, people only want you for internet and wireless service. How about you fix them first?

  • RMB

    They will probably add “deals” like ‘sign up for a Rogers credit card and receive 10% off your monthly mobility bill’ incentives that will get people hooked then trapped.

  • Pat

    NFC will come in due time. Too bad that Apple stayed out as usual, and will try to push a different standard, using a credit card. They are probably too late in the game, and want to avoid paying royalties to the patent holders.

  • Doug Page

    Just root your current NFC Android device and you can use NFC payments (Google Wallet) all over the place in Canada. Look to XDA for the details, it works great and I don’t bring my wallet if I’m going for gas, coffee or McDonalds & most grocery stores any more. Plus it’s amusing to pay for stuff and you have to tell the cashier how to process the transaction. The receipt pops out of their till and they just stand there looking bewildered like what just happened did you just pay?? 🙂

  • LJK

    not very welcoming news. Rogers’ billing system gives me nightmares.

  • Lyndon

    I’d be interested in this.

  • rick

    Rogers Bank…

    This must be the biggest joke in modern Canadian history.

    With their past history of hidden fees, grr’s, billing issues, why would anyone trust them?

  • OgtheDim

    Meh….every institution in the country has its “own” credit card already…..if you can brand it, you can get that brand on a card. All this means is Rogers will get to charge the fees and keep them as against going through BMO or CIBC.

    Has little if anything to do with actual NFC. I was somewhat surprised that Rogers didn’t talk about NFC during their Apple5 lauch…..oh wait a minute.

    Rogers wants to get people used to paying for the privilege of using NFC.

    That’s ALL this is about.

  • Yeria

    This is why I think Google Wallet isn’t allowed to operate in Canada. Rogers probably lobbied the government pretty hard. You can add any credit card you want on Google Wallet. Rogers forces you to sign up to Rogers branded credit card.

    I think the choice is clear.

  • alex

    I do want to try the mobile payment, but from Rogers or any third party makes me not sure.
    Only if Mastercard or VIsa or even interac(the canaidan debit card) launch apps themself, that would be the best idea.

  • Todd

    The lack of business understanding in this community is UNREAL. I mean seriously, so many of you pull things right out of thin air and make unbelievable connections between unrelated data. Contracts on credit cards? Are you high? Interest rates – do you know how high your credit cards interest rate is now?