iPhone 5 drop test confirms increased durability (video)

While we’d never be so foolish as to purchase an expensive device only to drop it, repeatedly, until it breaks, the fine folks at Android Authority did just that.

What they found was that the iPhone 5 is more securely made than the 4S, and is less prone to shatter. While the metal band is still prone to dings and scratches, after repeated drops the phone held up quite well and actually worked.

The Galaxy S III, which they paired along with the iPhone 5, didn’t fare so well: its screen shattered quickly and the back cover got practically destroyed. Fortunately for Samsung fans, the phone is much more repairable, as it has a replaceable back cover.

Personally, I don’t like drop tests. But people drop phones in the real world all the time, accidentally or otherwise, and it’s good to know how they hold up. The iPhone 5, coincidentally, does quite well under the harshest of circumstances.

Hit the break for the full video.

Source: Android Authority