Enable phone calls on your 3G-capable Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a custom ROM

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G may not have been a huge product in Canada, but it was a popular choice for users who wanted arguably the first good Android slate with 3G connectivity. Released by all three major carriers, even with a Tegra 2 processor it’s still a fast performer, especially with the updated Android 4.0.4 build.

Now, some XDA developers have figured out how to enable real wireless calling over the cell network. While there are limitations — you have to lower to 2G mode to make calls — it’s extremely helpful to have when in a bind. You have to flash a specific modem, and install some other files through the recovery network, but the process isn’t too onerous.

The mod works with TouchWIZ and CyanogenMOD 9 and 10-based ROMs, so you’re pretty widely supported whatever ROM you choose to use.

Hit up XDA-Developers for more information.

Via: Engadget