Facebook for Android and iOS updated with big new features and speed improvements


  • Krisp

    Been getting errors all day on my GNexus. Guess I’ll stay on browser.

  • Dro

    I don’t see any speed improvement on Android. I think it was only a minor update for the Android version, unlike the iOS version.

  • Peter

    Just tried on both OS

    Good work

  • Android4Life

    I keep waiting for a truly native app from Facebook for Android. Why do we have to lag behind the inferior iOS platform? It’s like the don’t even care that we dominate marketshare. Marketshare=money, so why are we second class?

    Oh well, I use Google+ much more anyway.

    • 45

      G+? Really?

    • metoo

      No money in Android. Marketshare != money. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Rio

      Because it is easier writing 1 good app for 3 similar devices as compared to writing one for thousands of devices.

  • artfuldodger416

    SO many errors. Smoother performanace but over all, worse than the previous version.

  • Threecube

    Wish all my friends would switch to Google+

  • Draven

    Google+ is probably quicker because it only has 6 users…

    • Android4Life

      All my Facebook friends are on Google+. Granted that is only 7 people and 2 of them are my parents, but still, it works for me.

  • Kid.Canada

    About f*cking time Facebook!!!

  • Stuntman

    I guess they heard my rant about how I have to use FriendCaster Pro to upload multiple pictures at once.

  • Face Up

    That dog is ugly. The terrier is cute though.

  • Kid.Canada

    New Facebook iOS vs the old app is light night and day. Super smoothing speedy and a lot more stable and usable now. You’ve redeemed yourself Facebook!

  • AndroidUserBornInJune!


  • Kid.Canada

    Apperantly Apple’s autocorrect creates more errors rather than corrections judging from my previous post which I obviously didn’t proof read. Damit Apple!!

  • Steve

    I’m getting the same Facebook crashes on my Galaxy Nexus. 🙁

  • RIMistheBEST

    where is the update for the Blackberry phones?

  • joey

    Mine has been crashing all the time since the update. Not a good look so far.

  • Fred

    About time. Great improvement. But now I can’t see nor write comment sideways (keyboard being bigger and easier to write on)… so… wtf Zuckerberg?

  • Silence_Alarm

    Just please keep “timeline” off the mobile platforms.

  • dmerc62

    I upgraded this morning and ever since I’ve done the upgrade my Facebook app keeps crashing. I tried writing a message 5 times and every time I got the same crash message. I’ve had to uninstall the last update.

  • Bankruptcy of Mobilicity Proceeding

    Yes, that dog is very ugly. You’re right, the terrier is very cute!

    • Face Up

      Glad somebody else noticed how ugly that dog is! And again, the white Terrier looks cute.

    • Mobilicity Bankrupt

      Why show an ugly girl in your pic?

  • SBR

    This update has done nothing but crash Facebook 3 times in the last hour on my HTC One X. Hopefully Facebook fixes this soon.

  • inocent3

    Keeps freezing my phone!!

  • Neil

    Poor upgrade, once again FB will not shut down, very bad batter drain on a Nexus 7″ tablet and a Motorola Atrix phone. Sad sad sad, happens with every FB upgrade.