Bell Motorola ATRIX HD LTE officially launching on August 14th, or “upon receipt of product”


  • Susan

    Gesh, I wish Bell would make up their minds! They’re making Motorola look more worse!

    • Scott

      Hope you are being sarcastic. I’d be more inclined to think it’s the other way around…

    • John

      Not as “worse” as your grammar. I have the Atrix 4G and have had zero issues. I’m a big fan of Motorola. If people want to say they release to many phones; they should look at HTC and Samsung. At least Motorola’s tech support doesn’t ship your phone back to you with a damaged screen(HTC).

  • REM

    moatrola can MAKE a phone but could they MAEKE a bbm10? full kwerty keys w/ 10mb ROM in EACH KEY. headphone jack 4 FASTER speed. motorol should step up

  • Susan

    The Motorola ATRIX HD LTE was released on AT&T on July 14th. How could this be Motorola’s fault? Also Bell is having major issues with their LTE network where when people lose LTE network they lose signal completely. It’s suppose to fallback on HSPA+ but it’s not. So I am sure Bell delayed the launch of the Atrix HD LTE because of their LTE network issues. Bell/Virgin already released the RAZR V which is a NON LTE device.

  • Jimbo

    This makes me quite upset. Same phone $449.00 AT&T and $599 Bell!!! Seriously, I mean come on. It’s bad enough that Canada still have 3 year contracts but now they are jacking the price up as well.

  • Liviu

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