Bell slightly delays the Motorola ATRIX HD LTE and Motorola RAZR V launch


  • Informer

    Don’t buy it, you’ll never get jellybean. They never upgraded the Atrix 4g to ics.

  • Abe

    We just got two orders of the Razr V at my work. Played with it for abit, its actually nice.

  • B. Carmine

    Is the Droid Razr V suppose to be an USA version of an already existing phone or is this something new? Really dying for the Droid Razr Maxx to come to Canada.

  • anona

    Odd, Virgin Stores already received stock of the RAZR V. It’s not like it’s a big launch that has to be made simultaneously.

  • RyanOver

    where is the ICS update for the HTC Incredible S !!!!!

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Talked to some of my insider bell executives. There is some deliberation due to these phones showing poor performance during quality control and field testing. It looks like they will bring it to market, but they were very weary of doing so. Always bringing you the inside scoop!


  • Ron Mexico

    @Apple sales guy, crack kills

  • lol

    @Informer motorola is waiting for BB10

  • Anna

    @Apple Sales Guy, get a life! I have seen a number of reviews of the AT&T version of the Atrix HD and all of them are positive reviews. The Atrix HD is almost pure Android. No more Motoblur crap. Bell is delaying the release because they are having major issues with their LTE network. Bell just don’t want to admit it.

    • phreezerburn

      With the One S and One X getting discounted, why bother with the either Motorola product?

  • phreezerburn

    Would have went to Bell for the Razor Maxx but this lot? Not a chance. What’s with Canadian carriers and their overwhelming need to supply us with the dregs of the US market?

  • AlwaysAndroid

    To many phones per year, with too little of a shelf life