New iPhone demand reaches “unprecedented levels” as it nears release


  • apple


    • Reginald

      What about BB 10?


  • Andy

    And in related news, the same 4000 people have been surveyed.

  • boojay

    The sheep are multiplying.

  • Hilman

    What a stupid survey, why is this news?

  • Skazzy B

    How can somewhat likely even count when it practically means maybe?

  • OgtheDim

    What were the questions asked and in what order?

    Until that survey company releases the actual data, this is just so much SEO fluff.

  • Preacher

    Watching The Newsroom is actually making me angry when i see stuff like this.

  • Hilman

    I noticed that in the fine print it says the survey was done using Apple employees lol.

  • iPhone!!

    Can’t wait for it!!!

  • M

    Congratulations. We’ve revealed just how stupid iSheep have become.

    So far, it’s only been rumors, and those rumors really aren’t that impressive. I don’t know how anyone could vote “likely” in this poll without having the final product details.

    • Duuuuude

      It’s funny, my nephew, who uses 2 apps besides the built-in ones on his iPhone 4s, says he will get the next iPhone regardless. He also admitted he was shallow and just likes how it looks.

      In other news, he also jailbreaks his iPhones to look like Android. His latest is the HTC Sense theme (ick). 😉

  • GP

    If contracts for Canadian carriers weren’t 3 years long, I would of picked up and GS3 to replace my 3GS. However, I’m waiting to at least see what the final spec of the iPhone 5 will be before I decide to switch.

  • Sean

    “unprecedented levels” yet the ‘related posts” link show the RBC/Changewave survey in Aug. 2011 and it was 18% very likely and 13% somewhat likely ……. that adds up to the same 31% (but with higer likely). So where does “unprecedented” come from ?!?!

  • Tania N

    Haha! Thanks for the laugh Mobilesyrup 😛

  • Jeff

    This is so not news worthy. The research firm is probably an extension of Apple or one of its large investors to trick people into buying Apple stock right before the stock either stabilizes or even drops way down in value. Most pools can’t be trusted as their methodology is usually extremely flaw just to predict things that certain customers want to here.

  • T B

    This proves how blind people are when it comes to the iphone. Nobody knows in any way if it will be improved in any way or any new features it may have and yet, people have commited to already buying one. I think this survey just proves how stupid people can be

    • Vinny

      THANK YOU!

    • bulletwithbatwings

      Even as an android user, I will not just buy the next phone I without having any knowledge about it just because it will exist. I liked my X10 but that doesn’t mean I preordered an Xperia Ion just because it’s the next in line. When ready, I will examine all the devices as well as OS updates on the market and make an informed decision.

  • KennyPowers

    I’ve had every iPhone so far. This year I’m not buying the iPhone 5. I’m sure the hardware will be awesome. But it’s all the same now. iOS hasn’t really innovated or provided what I really want, which is more integration and widgets (or Live Tiles like WP). So, this year, I’m waiting for Windows Phone 8.

  • Ronll

    What the heck, that’s cool just ignore the 59% who unlikley to buy it……. That not a headline.

  • Vinny


  • Brandon S

    definitely not, i can’t stand iTunes

  • Galaxy Blob

    The survey is meaningless.
    The first survey was done AFTER the 4s was announced. Remember all the disappointment that it wasn’t a big upgrade?
    So now we doing the survey in the midst of all the excitement that the magical iPhone 5 is coming for real.

  • Keith

    Wow, that is an unbelivable number. It shows that a lot of people got turned off from their flirtation with Android. It could bode well for Windows Phone 8 too and more people will try it as the alternative to iOS.

  • froboy

    You can use statistics to prove anything. Forfty percent of all people know that!

  • Mike

    How can it be unprecedented levels when over 68% don’t want this piece of garbage from what the survey say????????????????

  • metoo

    In related news, the job market is starting to pick up and universities are churning out a record number of grads.

  • Jordan

    iOS has fallen so far behind android and Windows phone it’s pathetic that so many people still go nuts over overpriced iPhones. For the same contract price as the nearly year old iPhone 4S you can get a galaxy s3. For less you can get an HTC One X or a Nokia Lumia 900. And yet, the inferior iPhone outsells them all. It’s mind boggling.

  • dave

    The release date for the iPhone 5 will be the national Slap An iPhone User Day. Mark your calendars as such.

    • metoo

      Followed by the “Donate a loonie to an Android user day”. We all know they could use the money. Government cheques don’t buy as much beer as they used to. The next day will be “take a fantard to school day” held at our fine highschools across the country. Also on the calendar “Help a fantard learn math day” and “National move a fantard out of the basement” day.

  • CoPWNicus

    Atleast mobilesyrup didn’t make the same mistake BGR did with this article…

  • wjb

    OK, so it’s the next iPhone. We don’t know what features it will have or what it will look like. Hype is created by asking what YOU would like to see on the new iPhone. This thing does not exist yet, but you are reporting record high HYPE. :-). Now for reality on how we read these stats. I see many unhappy iPhone owners who want to stick with apple, but are sick of the same old boring look and underwhelming functionality, and want a better iPhone. Instead of getting a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, which is already available, and is the best mobile option currently on the market. If you are viewing this on a 3.5 inch screen, you may want to switch to your laptop.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    The numbers dont lie, people our more excited for our phone than the dark knight rises or any samsung phone.

    We continue to kick a*s and take names 🙂

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Was the survey conducted out front of an Apple store? …or an insane asylum?

  • bob

    With 31% of US and Canada, it means they will sell 100M iPhones 5 at launch. This will either be the most profitable launch ever, or the worst marketing survey prediction ever.

    • metoo

      Not big on stats or math class, were you bob?

  • natasha


  • Apple Sales Guy

    Bob, your math may be a bit wrong, but have no fear. This will be one of the best product launches ever. Samsung who?

    Dare I say, it will be even more than just magical?

    • Ron Mexico

      How’s that Kool-Aid Sheep Sales Guy?

    • metoo

      Seriously? You thought he was serious? You couldn’t tell he was one of your Android comrades having a bit of trolling fun? Damn, you guys are even more dense than I thought.

    • metoo

      Ron: buy a dictionary. Look up the word ‘parody’. Thanks

  • deltatux

    This is a flawed survey. They’re comparing a refresh compared to a new generation. If their survey compared the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, then you’ll see interest spike about the same because people knows that it is a new design with new internals and not just a device refresh.

    Not that many people were interested in getting the iPhone 4S when most people who already own iPhones have the 4 already. Siri wasn’t enough for most people to ditch their 4 for a 4S. They would, however, ditch the 4 for a 5.

    • Jordan

      Actually at this point last year we knew even less about the iPhone 4S than we know about this next iPhone now. No one knew it was going to be such a minor update, so that isn’t the reason why this is flawed.

      The problem is we don’t know their methodology. They could be “surveying” when upper class consumers concerned with status who would be more likely to purchase an iPhone. That’s why this info is completely worthless without seeing how they polled.

  • superfly

    Brainwashed isheep. So funny when they spend top dollar on iPhone5 ….and its tech is 3years old and its os is 4 years old. It makes me grin in secret laughter when they believe that they have the holy grail in their hand.

  • Eric

    Android all the way. The new Iphone will need all the extas to be bought new, lots of extra cash. People are fools to be led around by the nose of advertising. Example of how Adroid is better, a new battery for mine is about $2.00 and I don’t have to take it in to get the battery changed. Enough said.

  • SL

    I direct you all to Penn & Teller’s Bull****, specifically the episodes about POLLS and STATISTICS.

    When it comes down to it, none of this matters. What matters is the Nexus S uses of Canada have gotten the upgrade to Jelly Bean. 😀

  • freestaterocker

    No thanks. My next phone will be a Pureview WP8.

  • Mr. Reliable

    Yes, I’ll switch.

    I don’t NEED to know the specs will be this and this to switch. I just know that:

    1. I’ve been buying into the ecosystem since 2008.
    2. My nearly 2 year old iPhone 4 is showing its age.
    3. I’m using my upgrade for the phone anyways.

    It’s going to be a decent phone, with a reliable OS, simplicity abounds it and it does its job fairly well: calls, text, emails, web navigation, music app, games galore.

    Sure, it wont nearly be as powerful as the GS3, and you know what? I’m fine with that. Its my personal phone for daily use. I just don’t need a laptop to make calls.

    But when that 2nd Gen Nokia WP8 Pureview phone comes out, you can bet I’m buying one for my business line.