Public Mobile releases the “FLIP” for $69



    I miss my old Moto flip phones ;(

    • Bobby Bill

      And Public Mobile just released their flagship impossible-to-beat phone!

    • Awad Yuskevichinov

      Is this a BB10 device?

    • hoo dat

      You really don’t have much of a life, do you, Awad?

  • Michael

    They’re also expanding out to Niagara.

  • Screw you guys im going home

    its 1998 all over again

    • Robbers123

      i like your screen name

  • Kid.Canada

    Running on GPRS and not even EDGE at least lol

  • Big Ang

    What’s with all this Public bashing? Every time Public releases a new low-end phone, everyone bashes them.

    There’s a lot of people that don’t want a smartphone, let alone a $600 Galaxy 3 or iPhone. There are a lot of people that just want a phone to make phone calls. 10 year old technology is perfectly fine for that.

    But of course, none of those people read mobilesyrup.

    Last month I bought a cellphone for an employee, JUST to make phone calls. No need for anything more for what it is being used for. I narrowed my choices to Public, Wind, and Chatr. I happened to go with Chatr, but I could have easily gone with Public or Wind.

    I think it’s a great idea that Public has chosen a niche (low-end, inexpensive) and is sticking to it. It’s not as interesting as the latest Galaxy 3, iPhone, or Nexus, but let all the other companies fight that out and Public can be a large player in the low-end.

    • Big_Addie_Cool

      I have nothing with lower end phones. But I have now gone thru 3 ZTE 962’s and all had a problem with processing. I am not knocking the service as I understand that the little guy has to grow and get bigger to be stronger and work all the kinks out in the process. But my thing is there are lower end brand name phones they could offer as well.

  • no1 u no

    Iz it teh ifone 5? Know? I dunt kare den.

  • superfly

    @awad… are “awad” of turd.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    Still better than the Iphone

    • ExcessDan

      i think that may be a bit of a stretch

  • MikNitro

    Alternatives, we all need the option of that now an then.
    This is a steal at this price,probably only needs to be charged once a week too, remember them days 8)

  • aregularonhofo

    In only 2 markets Public Mobile is destroying Mobilicity who are in 5 struggling even with their cheaper phones, the little guy is doing quite well and not using their customers with BS promises…their Chinese backers also want to make a move and I wouldn’t doubt if they eventually go after Mobilicity with their Bell connections.

  • ExcessDan

    hey poor people and old people need phones too!

  • 5Gs

    Public mobile exists still 😐

  • pots

    Im still waiting for them to fix there problem with dropped calls in the toronto area. But i here the other two newbys customers are getting dropped calls with them two.

    • djsleepee

      have you checked your settings to see if roaming is turned off and not on authomatic?

  • Atrix

    Why can’t pm get the razr maxx? It is cdma like their network.

  • Yaknowitstrue

    All this bashing, but your mom still likes it.

  • kristina

    I have been a customer of Public Mobile since they started their service over 2 years ago.

    I am on my 3rd phone with them.

    My husband and mother in law are using their service as well and are happy with it.

    This new phone makes using a cell phone an option for my boss. She wanted a phone that Rogers had, but having a plan for over $80/month was not what she wanted.

    I am recommending this phone to her, she doesn’t like small keys or touch screens either. So this one would be good for her.

    At one point, I was looking at switching companies, but after looking at phones and rate plans, I decided to stick with this company. I’m glad I did.

  • Annette BBBr

    I am another customer of Public Mobile, when they first opened up in Scarborough. And I just love the way they always try to help you with your problems, yes they will have some flaws still but they are trying to fix them yes I do miss the slider phone some of there phones can at least look better and more up to date but that’s all in the end the company will get better just give it some more time just like if it was your company ok… It will take some time to fix everything but it is still a great company even if i just started on my 3rd phone…. good luck everyone, just enjoy your new phone from Public Mobile…. I am and you will too. One price is all you have to pay not more…….