Sony Xperia U Review


  • Jon

    At Fido here we’ve been selling it on a two year agreement without data for $30. It’s been more popular as a talk and text phone rather than as an entry level smart phone.

    • BetteryFail

      Nokia makes “NokiFails”; Motorola “MotoFails”; and Sony “UFails”!

      Why spend so much research and money in expensive materials, Dual Cores, GPUs, and put anything smaller than 1500mAh batteries??
      They should follow this simple rule:

      3.5″- 3.7″ NOTHING smaller than 1500mAh
      4″- Nothing smaller than 1650mAh
      4.3″-4.5″ Nothing smaller than 1850mAh

      They could save money and weight by putting cheap flimsy battery backs on the phones ( 90% of the people use cases to protect the phones covering the back and sides of the phones)

    • Theywillbepissed

      great looking entry level but only 4 gb of storage is a deal breaker. With apps becoming larger, your bound t fill 1.8 gb pretty fast – that leaves 2 gb for music, video, and pictures. Thats about the same as an ipod shuffle

    • Theywillbepissed

      Also, I’m really hoping the sony xperia p makes its way over to Canada, reviewers have been raving about. Hey Daniel, you thin you could do an Lg Optimus L7 review at some point? Thanks

  • Potato

    This is an awesome phone for the price, but no sd card slot, and the small screen size really sucks :O

  • BetteryFail

    The LG Optimus One with a 3.2″ screen from 2010 had a 1500mAh battery and sold in the Millions! giving you enough juice to REALLY last for a full day.

    The Samsung Ace: 3.5″ with 1350mAh from 2011 was an OK phone, but the battery was the weak point of that phone.

    Xperia U: $300
    Dual Core, great GPU and rest of specs but pathetic battery!
    $300 for a phone with a 1300mAh battery? maybe OK for 2005.

    Or $175 for the HTC One V at $175 with a 1500mAh battery. I’ll keep the “V” thanks!

  • Kevin

    I only wonder why the HTC One V couldn’t have had a better processor like this.

    Would be great if somehow you could mash the best of each phone together.

    • NoNeed

      No need to give the HTC ONE V more powerful:
      4″ screen and would need a bigger battery
      -3.5″ is too small; 3.7″ is just as cheap.

      More CPU would make the phone more expensive, and why put Dual core in a 3.7″?, plus it would require more battery.

      Basically the “V” is a mid to mid-high phone at $175 with a Decent Battery; you would think that there would be more of them, but everybody fouses, on design and materials and put a battery too small for the specs.

      The real void for 2012 is an 4″-AMOLED-1GB RAM; 1-1.2GHz CPU with a 1650mAh battery (Galaxy S, or Nexus S from last year with dual and more battery) for $300; then it jumps to premium, top of the line ( SGS3 for $600) How hard is it??

  • Mike

    All new devices should come with Ice Cream Sandswich 4.0 out of the box no matter what, not 2.3 lol…2.3 is so old and outdated now

  • Interesting

    It sucks, because I really want to like this phone, but the small amount of storage, and to a lesser extent the small battery, kinda ruin it for me.

  • cheenachatze

    Very nice phone. But since when a $300 phone considered entry level? Entry level is $100, not $300. Unless we don’t live in the same country.

    • Dylan D

      Entry level smartphone. Sure if you want to just talk and text with a flip-phone, that will run you about $70.

      A smartphone for $300, with these specs, really decent. Considering the mid to high range phones are going for $500 or more.

  • Paul

    I snagged two of these phones from Ilia at Fido (1-866-397-3436 x 5554). The current promo is a $100 credit for switching from a different provider, first month free and no activation fee. All this for a solid phone and no data plan!