Samsung confirms all Canadian carriers will opt into 50GB Dropbox offer


  • lucas

    that’s fantstic actually. great news for potential SG3 owners

    • Will it?

      will b10 work with drop box? anyone? firm date?

    • joe

      assuming by b10 you mean bb10, did you see it mentioned in the article? did you not see SAMSUNG in the title?? are you mentally handicapped??? seriously if you meant bb10 please leave my interwebs

    • Theywillbepissed

      Question: How did Samsung manage to score 50 gb of storage when Htc only managed 25 gb (keep in mind that in late 2011, Htc bought out a large percentage of dropbox)

    • RAMPout

      Yeah great news for the Canadians out there!

      If you haven’t installed dropbox on your computer, here is a link to get you an extra 500 MB for a total of 2.5 GB’s of free storage.

      Good luck!

  • kromba

    Yea! they gave up on Canada to keep the US market happy! delayed us for a week..50 gigs my a..

    • COB

      It is actually delayed a week in the US too..

    • kromba

      As I heard its delayed for third parties and not for AT&T as some people got confirmiations that their phones will start shipping next week.

      Basically Samsung gave up on Canada and gave USA the preference but I think the people didn’t get my first comment and thought I am happy with that lol

  • kris

    of course the canadian carriers want us to have the 50gb cloud service- they know this means people will have to use more of their data = more $$$ for them

    • TadMorose

      Nobody’s putting a gun to your head to use it on wireless data. Can be used on WiFi too.

    • kris

      TadMorose you mean the wifi in our houses from rogers and bell which is also capped?

    • daveloft

      If you have issues with caps, why would you be on Rogers or Bell for home internet when you could use Teksavvy?

      Also Dropbox supports LAN sync for faster syncing over the local network all without using the internet, so caps wouldn’t matter in that situation. But thanks for trolling Kris.

    • daveloft

      It always amazes me that people will find a reason to complain about a free service.

  • Sean

    Time to go activate it on a demo model to get 50 gigs lije i did with a One X and its 25 gigs

  • Andy

    All good and dandy, but what will happen to your data once the two years is over? Deleted?

    @Kris: Please explain how this will make you use more data?

  • Johnny Ives


  • SAM


  • Sobera

    Is there a 50GB monthly data plan?

  • AK

    @kris: If you don’t wat it don’t ust it ‘t. Just don’t make it sound like a diabolical plan in order to force you to use more data than you want to. The phone has up to 32GB internally + SD. It’s not like they gave you 4GB with no SD and put the cloud to trick you.

    It’s a great addition with nice utility( you don’t have to use the whole 50GB, most people won’t even get close to half). Saying that they offer 50GB in dropbox to make you use more data in your home and on your phone is like saying the HD video streaming option is there to make you reach your quota too fast..(makes as much sense to me).

  • Brayden

    Fantastic news. Now my 32 GB, with a 32 GB card, and 50 gb card will have 114 GB storage. =]

  • sfjaklsdjaf

    does anyone know what happens to my 50gb after 2 years?
    if it goes back to the 2gb, what’ll happen to all my files in the rest of the 48gb?

  • John Kim

    @Brayden Sadly 32 gb Samsung Galaxy S3 does not have microsd slot as shown on Bell Website specification of S3 – (Expandable memory Up to 32 GB (for 16GB version only))

    • Dino

      Almost 100% sure that’s incorrect, the S3 is supposed to be the same phone across all the carriers, why would Bell have a different phone, that they list incorrectly on their site?

  • kman

    this is awesome. I’m currently paying for a 50gb dropbox account. Having samsung willing to pay this for me for two years is a huge subsidy on the phone. samsung is doing the right things to make my temptation to dump the bberrry 9900 almost unbearable.

    … I’m a bit sad at how little i can get for selling my 64gb playbook on craigslist though. its probably worth it to keep it even if i dump the blackberry (maybe give it to one of my kids?)

  • manchild

    Why isn’t anyone saying that you don’t get the 50 GB directly? You still need to go through a couple of steps which may take hours. Seriously look it up.

  • RAMPout

    Lucky Canadians!

  • sak500


    Wow couple of huggggge steps i had to take.

    1. Switch on SIII
    2. On setting up screen a page comes with inbox asking if i need to register or existing customer.
    3. Sign in using existing account.
    5. check account and you have 50.8GB instead of 2.4gb i previously had.

    Such huge steps ? manchild really?

    • sak500

      sorry inbox = dropbox

  • fullmoonfever

    Do we know if this will be similar to the other free promotions they have given out which include a single file upload limit of 100mb? The paid subscriptions offer unlimited file size. I only ask because of the new capability to stream video. Not much you can do for under 100mb.

  • Sai

    50 GB? Free? Did I read that right?

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