LG says they’ve sold 3 million LTE devices


  • darknight

    It is one to say it is another to show…
    Meh Samsung sold over 3 million s3 before it came out…eat your heart out lg lol

  • big banana

    Uh…3 million isn’t So much globally

  • help

    good job LG!
    And we all thought LG sales were going to be poor (even worse than that). No matter how bad a device, there will always be some people who will just but a product without any research on it. its like the iphone/apple mentality
    ‘if everybody else has an apple device, then it must be good!’

  • vengefulspirit99

    LG must have some hipster peoples still on their ship

    • Gab

      I hope you are not reffering to LTE as hipster… Who wouldn’t want faster internet…

      Anyways… I’ve always been a bit scared of LG quality, but maybe one day I’ll get a chance to test out the endurance again.

  • Michael

    LTE devices are not global.
    Only in Countries that have LTE…

  • nightpot

    And not a single one runs ICS. lmao

  • Azzo

    I wonder how many were returned.

  • Amanda

    Good for them. I’d be pretty pleased with myself if I sold 3 million of something. LG really needs to step up their game. They make parts for cellphones such as screens etc. like Samsung, why can’t they make a phone to compete with the Galaxy S III?

  • Omis

    Right now 3 million people have had their phone call dropped due to a random rebooting.

  • Jebus

    I cant think of the last good device LG has made… The Keybo?

    • Mau

      LG OPTIMUS 3D, the best 3D autostereoscopic phone in existance 😉

  • TheywillbepisSes

    3 million LTE devices? Does that mean that the combined sales of all LG’s LTE phones is only 3 million? Wow, i feel bad for LG (but not really)

  • T1MB0T

    Amazing! and none on wind! How does that make the windies feel? Winds CEO said LTE for Italy and Russia and Canada was in question as to its viability! Thanks Warren for posting the link!