RIM rumoured to cut 2,000 jobs June 1st


  • Lukeiphone

    Cutting jobs = lesser ideas = lack of innovation = failure of BB10

    • John Sukamarinderumapathumavar

      Just when you think its over for RIM and they have no chance, they come flying out like a snot sneezed across the room and re-establish themselves in the marketplace by cutting 2,000 jobs June 1st!!!!

      This is a HUGE move for RIM and is terrible news for Apple nad Google.

      GO RIM GO!
      GO CANADA GO! (Rim is Canadian)
      GO MCGUINTY GO! (Rim is in Ontario)

    • Cons Govt

      These folks will get to test out our new EI rules! They will have to drive 1hr from their home to go work at McDonalds.


    • TAXI MAN


    • Steve Jobs


    • Jimbo Baldsissy

      who needs pr0n when you have news like this! I rubbed one off to this amazing news. WHOAAAAAAAA SAMMIE!!!!!!!

    • Tim henderson

      RIM will come back strong with BB10. You just wait! Jobs is dead and Samsung sux. GO RIM GO

    • Michael

      Michael Lazaridis is STILL the Non-Independent Vice Chairman of the Board.

      -Why fire 2,000 employees and make them suffer them and their families and not fire Lazaridis?

    • Michael

      It’s Unfair for employees to get fired and pay for the the results of poor management, while the top management always gets packaged out.

      -RIM is just prepping for the Q1 report coming in June 28th, they will use this as a “One time expense” and include it into the Q1 as PR and into the Q2 in a fiscal way.

      -From the business point of view 2,000 employees are not good enough, they should match the maket loss and loss of demand with % of employees fired: they are 16,500 employees, they should fire 30-40% ( based in market share loss)

      -Sounds crappy but this guys being fired will be packaed out; the next set of employees being fired might not be that “lucky”

    • Michael

      Final point:
      Are you telling me that 16,500 employees CAN’T get their s**t together and come up with BB10 in over one year??
      If that’s the case and they can’t come up with a FIRM DATE, shouldn’t they be HIRING MORE people instead of firing them so that they can release BB10 before the second part of Ocotober?

      RIMM stock at $11, media and public tired of RIM’s rumours and underdeliveries and overpromises.
      They should have kept the employees and put them to work in BB10, drop prices in current devices 30%, clear the Playbook at $99, and clear the distribution channels NOW, while they can.

    • G -man

      It’s called restructuring. Streamlining. But, then, those are mighty big words for a semi-literate troll like you…

    • Gab

      it doesn’t say where the jobs were cut. Last year, the cut was only in production. None were cut in research, engineering etc.

    • PkaTka

      Thank God google employs a lot of Canadians… oh wait a minute… google employs next to none canadians. Keep on supporting american garbage. At least apple has its apple stores in canada.

  • Darren

    I sure hope they can make it to the BB10 launch. I’m afraid it’s going to be a day late and a dollar short for RIM. Sad to see this.

  • Marco

    This is really bad news for the people who will get laid off 🙁

  • jb

    CEO said he was going to streamline the company….sounds like that’s exactly what’s happening. Nothing to see here, things are going as planned.

  • Ryan

    I imagine most of those laid off are those in now-obsolete positions working on the old operating system. Some of those people have been working in Java for 10 years and don’t know enough C++ to be able to do a whole lot with BB10 development.

  • ugly phone

    Just get it over with and pull the plug on RIM already.

  • lighter

    Just sad to see another Canadian company struggle and eventually going to be bought out by the Americans or some other country …

  • SAM


  • Mickard Lizarditis

    Not to fear folks. Our innovation will creep up on Apple and Android users and end this game once and for fall. We have a few tricks up our sleeves that will solve the pain and its called THE KEYBOARD! We invented the keyboard and we will reinvent the keyboard by using precision cut keys to help you type faster.

    • BoomBagger

      What will become of the Martinez Brothers?

  • THOR


  • death knell

    for whom the bell tolls?




    • James Dulyea


  • James Dulyea

    I hope I don’t get fired, I can’t get another job, I don’t have any diplomas or degrees. 🙁

  • larkin

    hello all? should i apply to rim?

  • SAM


  • aregularonhofo

    Meanwhile RIM is hiring new techies secretly with development and reasearch skills, maybe it’s time to get rid of the dead wood and less motivated. Probably won’t save the company in the end and too bad since it is Canadian. Produce or RIM changes to RIP.

  • Jr67

    For those gloating, just remember your job could be next. I’m a software developer in Waterloo. I have friends and neighbours that work in various positions at RIM. This is a shame. I have no sympathy for RIM as a company failing as I think they brought it upon themselves with bad decisions at the top. But it is a shame that these people will be out of work.

    I do get the idea that most of those gloating over this are probably our resident trolls, none of whom has worked outside of McJobs and have no idea what it means to support a family or have a job.

    • xxx666xxx

      I work for the public sector, I can never lose my job, its called a UNION. Boy it must suck to be those loser rimmers who are getting sliced and diced and canned LOL, the beauty of the public sector/civil service – way higher pay and ultimate job security. Later losers!

    • foneguy

      That’s right. Get in a union, and get real job security. I am in a private sector union, and unlike the public sector unions, we don’t have a food trough in front of us. We are expected to perform, and are rewarded nicely for rising to the top.

  • Dip

    Well at least Canadian comedians still rule the world.

  • Brett

    Re: Jimbo Baldsissy. Thanks for one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read on this site. Hugggge thumbs up!!

  • 5Gs

    That is not a good news. Right when I thought they are going to come back in the market. They actually came out with this news. Now I am strongly people not to buy blackberry unless they want to just eat em… 😉

  • N

    Do not supporting Korean and American companies, otherwise you can be next…

  • dizzle

    start releasing the phones already galaxy 3 is out and 5 new nexus coming out. iphones coming out. where are you RIM wake up wake up nothing lasts forever. for the love of god release your phones and make your development open source. if you restrict and hold on to the balls like nokia….well enough said..

    wake up rim wake up. wake up i need you to wake up.

    by the way canadian govt is an a*****e who doesnt even help out the company that once put it on the map known for innovation what a bunch of traitors and assholes

  • Alex

    They’re probably letting go the wrong people in true mediocre Canadian fashion.

    They’re keeping all the marketers and pointy-haired jerks and slashing the people who make a real product.

    RIM is just a contrived golf club now. I hope all the hard working people get jobs with Microsoft, Apple and Google. Making real products and not just the semblance of a product.

    They deserve better than this mismanagement for the talents they’ve nurtured.

  • Steve Z

    @PkaTka. Unless I’m mistaken, Google does indeed hire Canadians and has offices in Toronto(might be B.C). While the amount of Canadians in Sr positions may be lacking, you can’t blame Google for that.

    Also a 14 year old kid from Canada just made it into some science contest Google holds ever year (read it on some other site) he’s using rain and petoelectric(spelled wrong)to create free energy.

  • Alibaba

    People Stop bashing Canadian Companies !!!U have no loyalty to ur county….weasels!!!suck up to steve jobs

  • Alibaba

    *People Stop bashing Canadian Companies !!!U have no loyalty to ur country….weasels!!!suck up to steve jobs

  • wasis.widjajadi

    This is called the modern business, where all the capital regardless what nationalities are taking pressure on the margin of the company. They are always asking more and more margin….never satisfied with what they have. at the last what you bring only coffin and 2x1x2m property …:-)

  • Bb

    Funny people…..happy people are losing jobs and i****s think it’s funny. When America is hurting for lost jobs everyone is caring and supportive, but when Canadian companies crash peopleaugb at us. Can’t wait until bb10 takes apple off there rocker. P’s Samsung will crush apple….karma

  • Jesse

    Dear RIM,

    Just do yourself a favour and get purchased by Microsoft already.

  • Atrix

    Stop making fun of rim. It ain’t right to speak ill of the dead. If I were a rim employee I would take the package and get outta there as fast as possible. I would move to Korea and work for Samsung. That’s a real company. That’s where the action is.

  • Atrix

    Rim. A waste of oxygen.