HTC One V launched by SaskTel, can be yours for $270


  • John z

    Great price. Now if all the carriers price phones like this or a bit more then this but not too much.

    Anyways ill buy this as a back up phone if anything happens to my current phone.

  • Sean

    Spend the extra $100 and get a Galaxy Nexus carriers really need to lower of contract prices because of that

  • Alex Perrier

    Personally, i think that the total cost of two HTC One V should be equal to the total cost of one Galaxy Nexus.

    i am currently seeings Expansys’ Galaxy Nexus ring in at $487.70 with HST and shipping included. Remove shipping and it is $462.70 instead. This would work out to a reasonable all-inclusive price of $231.35 per HTC One V, or $204.73 before taxes.

    Maybe that’s a little low, but rounding it up at $225 would be a fair way to compete against Samsung. HTC will have HTC Watch and other services to make more money later.

    • daveloft

      The Galaxy Nexus is currently $409.51 on expansys, $447.94 with taxes and shipping.

      I think given the quality build materials, it’s unrealistic to expect it to go for less than $225 – $250.

  • Nick

    Just out of curiosity I’d like to see a comparison between this and a Nexus S. They have pretty similar specs, so I’m wondering how a mid-2012 budget phone compares to a late-2010 flagship.

    • darel44

      I’d also like to see how it compares to the Desire S .

  • Matt

    Pricing between 250-300 is fine. Stop moaning.

    • 2dfx

      Pretty sure it’s only Perrier that’s whining currently…