Samsung Q1 2012 profits top $5 billion, confirms Galaxy S3 name


  • marcoh92

    It’s still lower than Apple, haha !


    • Jamal Maglore

      RIM Profits: -$125 million


    • bearz420

      Do not think a large chunk of Apples overhead is going right Sammies coffers. Who do you think makes the ipad screen?

  • metoo

    um, yeah, obviously. And after paying Sammy, Apple is still far more profitable. If and when Apple moves to alternative supplies, Sammy is going to report much lower numbers. Apple is already investing over $1billion into Sharp to help them ramp up production of the displays. LG is onboard and even Sony may involves with Sharp to get a piece. Sammy says a big reason for their performance is sales of displays. Guess who most of those went to? Guess what happens when they come from someone else?

    • billbags

      Guess who cares?

      No one cares how much Apple make, we know they are s*it. If old ladies and fat single mothers enjoy their Apple products we don’t care how much money they hand over to Apple. 🙂

  • metoo

    @billbags if Sammy loses Apple as a customer and has to depend on welfare mothers, unemployed tweens and highschool graduates with McJobs to buy their products, they might care.

    • billbags

      Apple vanishes from the planet… Oh no, No more iPhone. Crying fat women everywhere cry for a day then buy real phones (Android).

      Samsung vanish and the world ends.

      Clearly Samsung are more important, despite being less profitable.

      I guess Apple appeal to the welfare unemployed Mcdonalds working high school drop outs too… Since you’re a huge fan. 😉

    • Chong

      Go cry somewhere else fat pathetic girl until your McDonalds shift starts. Or stare at your iPhone screen filled with app icons (lmao). Or commit suicide. We don’t care what you do… Just cry somewhere else. 🙂

      It’s a shame Samsung profits hurt your feelings. You must be dying inside. Ha. Ha. 😉

  • SamDung

    Does anybody still buy SamDung products? What moron would pay money for that garbage? Anything Android is for children.

    • JR

      So, Android is for children and what, the colorful, cartoonish display that you are unable to alter, customize or otherwise change on your iPhone is for grown ups? Grown ups are supposed to be able to decide what’s best for themselves and make their own decisions based upon those preferences which, one can do on their Android device. On the other hand, Apple has told their customers what they like and how they should use the product and has precluded their users from making any modifications without Jailbreaking the phone. Now, I’m not saying either product is better than the other, everyone has their preferences. But, to say that Android is for children, well, let’s just look at which company acts more like a parent.

    • Mike S

      @JR – Well said, right on the money! You sumed it up perfectly.

  • Kid.Canada

    I really hope they use the 2500mah battery they use in the Note also in the GS3 because of the quad core processor, that would be killer then.

  • Simble

    The amazingly prices people are willing to pay for consumer electronics. This company makes f$@king supertankers and still make massive profits from small lcd screens atttached to PCBs

  • metoo

    @JR: when was they last time you delved into the firmware on your TV? How about your toaster? Your car? Apple sees smartphones as consumer electronics, which generally don’t need a lot of monkeying with by end users for basic functions. Seems to have worked well for them. People with jobs have better things to do with their time that flashing and customizing. I am a software developer and I have no interest in playing around on my phone.

    Now, the kids I see getting wet about customizing their phones are similar to the ones that get wet about tricking out their cars. It’s great they have a passion and it great there is a platform like android that allows that. But the core audience tends to need free time that being jobless allows. I didn’t trick out my car, I paid the car company to do that for me.

    • thepeddle

      Customizing also means being able to install a custom ringtone without jumping through hoops ala ITUNES and to actually have homescreens not just pages of icons….this I guarantee 99% of the ADULT population would by bare minimum like to do….your ignorant rant comeback just goes hand in hand with every other dilusional Apple fan, and your refernece to being a software developer just gives us all a bad name….

    • Mike S

      If Apple made cars you coudln’t drive and listen to the radio at the same time. I enjoy being able to do what I want when I want when I buy a car. Just like a phone or any other device.

      Tricking out a car and actually having a phone that is USEFUL are two different things.

      You are not a developer. Otherwise why would you believe a limited fucnctioning phone is better for both consumers and developers? I guarantee you’re 12.

      With Android you can buy a phone and make absolutly no changes and it works great! OR you can customize it, make it your own, place helpful widgets on the home screens for quick information, install different roms if you want, use apps YOU want not apps that you’re told you can have, plug and play not dependant on special software (itunes) etc. How is this bad for consumers again?

      Apple are getting in the fridge business… You can only put in what they tell you you’re allowed. It’s going to sell millions!

      You are literally the most daft kid on the internet. “I’m a developer” lmao

  • Pept68

    If iphones are for adult’s then explain to me why the apple store is always full of kids? it feels like i’m walking into an arcade!! Also feel free to walk into a mcdonald’s and look at all of the tweens playing on their iphones… And you still think androids are for kids?? Apple boast’s about how much profit they make on each device and you isheep, being smarter than everyone else buy into the bullsh*t!!! I went from an iphone to android… and i will never go back. The “it just works” mentality is insulting to the human race!!! I’m an adult who can make his own choices… and when you reach puberty, maybe then you can start to make your own choices as well!
    You isheep make me laugh… apples success was built on samgsungs back!!! up until the 4s the ram, cpu and memory was made buy samsung

  • dagmar schneitz

    Go Samsung! Thank you for showing Apple they’re not the only candy store in town.

  • lazzy


  • Pept68

    @metoo Really?? It’s obvious that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about!! People choose to mess with their phones… just like iphone users choose to jailbreak. It’s not for everyone, so when you make a comment like that… well you just sound dumb. My wife love’s her android phone, and she too had iphone before that. And guess what, still stock!! As are most android phones… as they don’t need to be messed with to work. And your car reference…. tell me how one can buy an expensive car and spend thousands to modify it,and be jobless?? most of those punks put more into aftermarket parts than you paid for your care.

    • LOL

      @metoo U MAD BRO?

  • metoo

    @pept68: sorry, you are just throwing out meaningless opinion. No, _most_ of those kids do not put thousands, though many do. you pulled that out of your a*s. Many put all the money they make at their McJobs into it. Some are buying stolen parts. The one fact you can be sure of, _most_ of those 17 year old kids that are tricking out there cars do not have real jobs. That’s the point.

    As for jailbreakers, yes, it is common. Notice I never claimed all iPhone users liked it stock, just as I never said all Android users were jobless welfare slobs. But, demographically, they both fall into those groups. Android users, for better or worse, trend toward young males, usually with no more than a highschool diploma, often living at home and generally with low wage jobs. For better or for worse, iPhone users trend toward higher educations, higher wages, almost evenly split between men and women and mostly older (+25). That’s just demographics. You might hate those facts, but it doesn’t change the facts.

    And Apple’s success was build on Samsungs back? WTF are you talking about. Apple hired Sammy. Sammy did their job. I paid a guy to mow my lawn, that doesn’t mean he built my success. You truly are atypical Android user. Not much going on upstairs.

    • steve

      @pept68 – He is clearly a 12 year old. Look at the way he talks. He is THAT kid in the A pple store and at Mc Donalds playing games on his tiny screen.

      We all know the remaining A pple supporters are children and women who don’t know anything about electronics.

      Notice how boy bands are usually the biggest selling music?

      Notice how the i Phone is the biggest selling device?

      Women are daft (No offense) and buy products they THINK are the best because they don’t know better. Again… Justin Bieber. The A pple fad is dying, slowly, but still dying and in 2 years time Android (Or windows) will turn A pple into the next RI M.

      You might hate those facts, but it doesn’t change the facts.

      You are no better then a crying snot nosed justin bieber fan. Sad.

  • abc

    “Most anticipated phone launch ever” … what a joke!

    This is NOT the most anticipated phone launch ever. The S3 is just going to be a slightly improved S2. Iphone 5 and Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will blow this away!!!

    • steve

      Do us all a favor and stop breathing. 🙂

  • metoo

    Mike S: The discussion was how customizable the two platforms are. That was the comparison. Not what you are or are not ‘allowed’ to do, but how customizable it is. I was also no arguing whether Apple’s approach was better or whether Android is. My point was how Apple views the device and software. They see it as a consumer electronics device. Few people tinker with their TVs or their other gadgets, even though they might be able to and might even be able to see some tangible benefit if they did. Android is about doing what you want as you want. Which is great for those that see their smartphone the way they see their PC and want to tweak it and customize it just right. As with cars, there are those that leave it stock and those that want to tweak the s**t out of it. And, as with cars and PCs, there are lots of us that don’t really have a need or have an interest in tweaking, so while not a turn off, the ‘openness’ and customizability is not close to being a selling point.

    Yes, I am a software developer. And yes, I understand the desire to tinker. I was the same way as a child. Now, I like things done for me, as I have better things to do with my time. It happens when you get older. You’ll figure it out. It also means I understand the desire of some software vendors to limit the amount that users can F up their system. When I was in school, I loved tweaking my systems. That just gets tired really, really quick as you become more mature. Again, great that you have a platform that allows that and that you think that is a selling point. It isn’t for me, it isn’t for many people and Apple is targeting that group. Working out pretty well for them.

    • LOL

      Such ignorance. You cannot compare apples to bananas. What the heck are you doing comparing CARS to PHONES. Are you completely lost in your own mind? Most people want to at least be able to add music to their own phones, or retrieve photos of their own phone without having to work through some program. I find that stupid. You try to make yourself seem so high and mighty, well, you’re not. Customising phones has nothing to do with maturity, either. =.=’

  • RICO

    This metoo guy is making himself look really stupid right .

    “my time is so precious I don’t want choice, I want to be told what to do and how to do it like an adult”

    You talk about an oxymoron and epic fail at the same time, wow. Yeah you develop software, and Apple promotes competition and what’s best for consumers…

    Samsung high end phones are clearly superior to the iPhone. SII, GNEX, Note, are in a different league. That’s a fact.

  • metoo

    RICO: perhaps look into a remedial english class. I didn’t say I don’t want choice. I said I don’t have time to tinker, big difference. Once you have a job, a house, a mortgage, kids, etc, you’ll find you may not have time for rooting and flashing and ‘customizing’. You just want to buy it and use it. That’s it. For many people anyway. Grown ups mostly.

    ‘epic fail’…another thing someone out of high school wouldn’t say. But it’s nice to see you learned oxymoron. Big word.

    You kids are funny. Basic logic and reason (and apparently english skills) seem to beyond many of you.

    • jimmyj

      Maybe if you had more than a grade 3 education you wouldn’t need to work 16 hours a day 7 days a week to support this supposed mortgage, kids etc.

      Know what’s hilarious? You don’t have an hour a week to “tinker” with your phone yet… You have hours to sit there responding on here! Please explain your logic behind not having time to spend on your phone yet have, what seems, like a vast amount of time to respond to everyone….

      Busted. You’re a sad 14 year old sitting in his room surrounded by Justin bieber posters. Get a hobby kid, leave this stuff to us. Thanks.

  • metoo

    Oh, also, RICO, your lone example of a ‘fact’, that being which phones are ‘clearly’ superior to the iPhone. Actually, that’s an opinion. Ask your teacher to help you. Your level of language skills is going to haunt you when you get out of school. You don’t want to end up like your dad, right 😉

  • monsterduc1000

    My problem is that Samsung only paid about 3% in taxes for all their profits…And I get hammered with about 35% worth of taxes and deductions…BRUTAL!!!

  • jimmyj


    All your responses clearly show you have plenty of time on your hands and could use it customizing your phone (instead of being an noying on here!) So now that we all know you are full of it with your “job, a house, a mortgage, kids, etc” what’s the real reason you hate android?

    Please explain. Get it off your chest. Clearly android fills you with rage and some weird sadness. The incredible options Android offers can be scary, but don’t fear it. Don’t cry over it. Take your i Phone and toss it in your Justin bieber trash can then go out and get a grown ups phone. Enjoy the new endless possibilities. Maybe even grab the new galaxy phone. You’re welcome.

  • Felecia

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