North American Samsung Galaxy S3 could come with Qualcomm S4 chip to ensure LTE support


  • Aiden

    first lol

  • lukeiphone

    Please focus more on battery.

  • S2556

    thats really too bad. I was very excited for a quad core LTE phone. the s4 is nothing to be disapointed about though and Im sure it will be more than ok. I will buy this phone no matter what though as i need to move on from my moto milestone (og droid pretty much). P.S. the 4412 is the quad core. 4212 is not 😉

    • sam_d

      What makes you think that Quad core Exynos is powerful than Qualcomm Dual core Snapdragon MSM8960 – oh I see you counted the cores!
      But you need to know that you are not informed about technology. Qualcomm uses a latest and greatest ARM A15 architecture while Samsung Exynos and Nvidia Tegra3 are still 4 year old A9 architecture processors. I work in these things, I can tell you Qualcomm snapdragon used in HTC One and Galaxy S3 US model, is the greatest processors among all. don’t count cores, go in details (like architecture, cache, instruction pipe depth, vector processing, process technology etc etc) and you will agree with me.
      MSM8960 is made on next generation architecture, next generation process technology(28 nm), supports and integrated LTE modem with support for 3G on the same chip for greater coverage area, it also does Voice-over-LTE and due to Qualcomm’s amazing modem design it consumes far less power than all other processors. Simplu putting Qualcomm dual core is superior than Nvidia and Samsung Quad cores in every sense, and this is the reason that US carriers have told these companies to launch there phones with Qualcomm processor.
      US is not getting inferior versions, it is getting better versions of HTC one and GS3.

  • Terrabyte

    I would be happy with whichever processor affords the best battery duration.

  • Robert

    Considering the fact that I live in an area not covered by LTE, and probably never will live in the sprawling urban areas that will get LTE, I’d prefer the phone the way it was designed, not the way it was modded to “fit in” so to speak. If LTE ever makes its way here, then perhaps I will reconsider that decision…..

  • Stephen

    I probably won’t buy it unless it has Samsung’s chip. Why on earth would I buy it over the SII HD LTE then?

    • JB

      The S2 LTE HD is Snapdragon S3 which is significantly slower than the S4, which is being discussed here. Also, I think the HD is Pentile vs full RGB (rumoured) on the S3.

      Biggest difference will be graphics performance, I personally would not want to be driving all those pixels (720P) with only an Adreno 220.

  • pat

    i would simply never give up LTE, i had my mother infuse 4g while my GS2 LTE was on repair and it sucked bad

    • JB

      Just like yo momma!

      Seriously though, welcome to the internet.

  • E

    Bla bla bla… same news, everyday.

  • S2556

    LTE is more important than quad core for me though.

  • JB

    I really can’t see Samsung dropping the ball like this. They have had plenty of time to revise the SoC silicon to ensure LTE compatibility and lets not forget that South Korea is huge into both Smasung (as they are Korean) and LTE, which blankets the country.

    If Nvidia, the masters of product delays and relatively inexperienced in producing mobile SoC’s can make a Tegra3+ with LTE support, Samsung should be able to do it over the weekend (OK, maybe a long weekend).

  • seant

    Might as well go for the One X now instead of waiting for Samsung. Maybe the next Galaxy Note will have all the power chips. I would have thought Samsung would be on the quad core forefront no matter what network it goes on. I guess 2013 will be the year for quad core. Maybe I can rig up a quad core tablet to use as a phone? I can take big, just want power and battery power to go around.

    • Rich

      why would you make a decision based on speculation and rumor?

    • dan


      Rich, you seriously just became my favorite person on this forum. I can’t believe how many people take what is spouted off here as it it was the Gospel coming down on the shoulders of Moses.

      Until I see official press from Samsung telling me what’s in it, I don’t really give a rats a*s.

  • Obstacle-Man

    Next high spec’d phone that works on AWS for HSPA+ and has a micro sd slot for expansion (or 64gb internal flash) gets my money. OS could be Android 4.x, BB10 or WP8

  • andy c

    the S4 is plenty fast enought for everyday tasks so i really don’t care which CPU is in it.

    just ditch the cheap plastic

    • bob

      Plastic is fine. It is light and resistant. Metal phones break more when dropped.

    • Andy c


      I dont have a issue with plastic if it’s of the quality of the one x or lumia 800/900

      Samsung likes to use cheap plastic. The texture may have gotten better but it’s still cheap plastic

  • Koni

    I’m on pre-paid, so LTE is not even an option. 3G is good enough for browsing sites and that’s mostly what I do, while not connected through wifi. But if I was on a monthly plan with LTE that’s a different story. Hopefully those new chips will be more efficient. It’s like that article about HTC from last week, where people wrote about phone thickness vs battery life…there usually tends to be a sacrifice on some aspect of the device usage

  • Cancuckle215

    You know what? Wait until you hear it first from the horses mouth. 🙂

  • Pac

    Why would they make the 4412 without LTE support? One of the advantages of the 4412 is lower power consumption, which is a huge problem on LTE devices.

    If they don’t pair the 4412 with LTE they would be utter morons and just rolling over for the iPhone 5.

    So, I am planning to buy this device, but I would not buy this device without the 4412.

  • Someguy


  • Pac

    So much stuff happening this year. Intel/lenovo phones, Win 8, iphone with lte. And the One X and Lumia 900 are also beautiful phones. All of these phones have compromises in one or two specs – so hopefully the G3 doesn’t follow in this trend.

  • Chris K

    I will import the quadcore one for sure.

  • Francis

    I would sacrify 1080p for 720p
    For better battery life !!! :O

  • EddieWinslow

    people have said it already a few times, Until Samsung officially announces what will be happening, I will take everythign with a grain of salt.

    I would hope the Exynos is in North American phones, just so battery life is improved.

    Until May 3rd….I wait

    • dan

      A grain of salt the size of a large Buick…

  • wow

    Exynos 4212 is LTE on dye, I thought it was confirmed?
    so whattadahell?

  • David

    If TRUE then FAIL !!!

  • Somebody

    If its true then I hope Canadian service providers get both models for us customers to choose the medal to buy.

  • JDX

    Either case I will buying a phone, heres to hoping one version that is released early of the sgs3 has the Wind 1700 band.

  • oasis

    no, no, no! one of the highlights of the s3 is the exynos chip. i’ll probably get it (using my hw upgrade), sell it, then buy the international version that’ll have the exynos chip.

  • Kevin

    Not that I’m a big fan of quad-core but to hear that the S3 will be thrown in the same batch as the One X kind of hurts to hear as a North American customer. Having these phones differentiate from another is a good thing I think. Instead, we’ll be left to the usual Touch Wiz vs Sense debate.

    If it has a great new design and decent-good battery life, I’ll be pretty happy with the S3.

  • bob

    “As we learned with the One X and its Tegra 3-powered international version, there are both pluses and minuses to having a dual-core chip. In the case of the S4, it excels at CPU-intensive tasks but lags behind its quad-core brethren in gaming performance.”

    These are not pluses and minuses of dual-core.
    This is only because each S4 CPU core is faster. So in CPU tasks limited to 1-2 threads it is faster.
    However, the GPU must be slower and that’s where the Tegra 3 performs.

    • Rosy

      I loved my previous MacBook Pro (2009, 17 ) but delniitefy needed more power. So I ended up buying the 2011 MBP. The 2.2GHz quad-core processor handles applications with aplomb. Hyperthreading allows up to 8 threads to be processed at the same time. While many apps written, even today, use only one or two threads, you can do a LOT more at the same time and not miss a beat. Applications that make use of every core, of course, will be far more responsive as well. As always, software migration from my old Mac to the new one worked without ANY hassle. Upfront costs may be more, but lack of long-term hassles are worth the cost differential. Keyboard backlighting is a tad uneven, but not deal-breaking despite the cost. The machine feels cool throughout, when engaging in most tasks (web design and development, occasional music creation). But when playing 3D games, this laptop will get HOT especially at the upper-left corner. I think Apple could have done better with system cooling, but for what I need my Macs to do, which usually isn’t playing games, they run very cool and without a hiccup. But if you do 3D rendering, that will get this model hot to the touch as well. As always, battery life is unsurpassed. And this model MBP has the highest-capacity battery. Screen quality, as far as laptops go, is pretty much high-end. Eventually newer RGBLED technology will replace the standard TN panels, due to superior color accuracy, but not yet and as far as TN goes, the MBP does an excellent job with color reproduction.

  • gjeff12

    So, if they do have a LTE version for the US that would make sense, almost the whole country is covered. Here it would just be stupid. Only a few cities have coverage so it’s not worth it.

  • Potato

    Unlike the tegra 3, this chip is faster than the iPad according to benchmarks. I value that WAY more than LTE. I hope they don’t go with the Snapdragon S4 for our version.

  • ~peters

    Great. Someone just had to burst my bubble

  • cellcone

    here’s hoping Bell get the international version like it did for the s and s2

    • Matt

      Bell is heavily pushing LTE… so if it come to it, they will pick that phone as mot consumers are too dumb to know the difference.

  • luzzy

    wtf no quad… wtf honstly nobody cares about crppy lte woo xtra speed? probably not even faster than my 3g love my 3g…gotta have that quad for xtra storage xtra games 2 so much xtra space…no quad pff no point gotta go with RIM…

    • kris

      rims quad core phone will come out in 2015 have fun waiting

  • johentie

    ummm no… i would not be happy with a dual core cause that’s what i have already in S2 LTE

  • WC

    What I don’t think most people understand is that the Exynos is capable of LTE but North America uses a different frequency which is not compatible with the current 4412. The South Korean version and presumably the Euro version of the S3 will ship with the quad core and LTE because it can work with their LTE frequencies.

    I’m thinking of importing the international version if we can’t get it here outright simply because let’s face it, right now LTE and HSPA+ aren’t significantly different in real world tests.

    Until we move to LTE-Advanced we won’t see anywhere near the theoretical speeds thie wireless technology is supposed to achieve and that won’ t happen for another maybe 2-3 years which by then we’ll have even more super phones that will make the S3 look like a Commodore.

  • nick

    meh i will stay away from snapdragon…. no Exynos = no purches…