Galaxy Nexus available for $399.99 from Expansys Canada


  • RandyNewbie

    Hopefully the Canadian carriers drop their pricing too.

    • James Poulton

      The Blackberry Bold 9900 costs $629.99 but its worth every cent.

      Buy Canadian!

  • Candyman

    $419.99 now.

    • Nathan G

      It’s $399.99 for me, you have to press check out to see the drop

  • Canadian N9

    Looks like a good deal? I need one of these for my brother…

  • Go AWS FTW!

    Read the reviews on Expansys as a vendor…we used them before and it was expensive. Hope they have changed since then.
    But good luck nonetheless!

  • NT Rogers2

    Galaxy Nexus at $400 is really a big bargin…. It gives other phones a run for their money.

    I just ordered 2 and will be using them on Wind.

  • TP

    Do they provide warranty?
    For example, what if something goes wrong after 5 months with the galaxy nexus I bought from Expansys? How do I make a warranty claim? I doubt if any Canadian carrier, Samsung Canada, or Google Canada would be willing to take the phone and fix it for me.
    There are policies for defective product delivered or return claim, but I cannot see anything about warranty claim.
    If they don’t, why would I spend more and wait a few days when I can get a BNIB from kijiji or local private seller for $420 with no tax?

  • Awkward Turtle

    I got mine in February on a WindTab; this makes me sad.

  • ArSu007

    Does this have LTE? Will this work on Rogers LTE? Can’t see myself using anything other than LTE..

    • salem

      No LTE

  • brandon atkinson

    Will these work on telus?

    • salem

      yes it will work with all providers

  • MARS

    People on Craigslist and Kijiji are going to have to start lowering their prices now. It’s already been lowered to around $420 on ebay.

  • mario

    The source is Expansys…not redflagdeals…anyway…I don’t trust their customer support…

  • cybik

    The source of the info was Pierre-Olivier Dybman, who gave MS a hint from his own blog.

    I should know. I wrote the damned post on

    –Renaud Lepage

  • Sam

    ya I’ll wait untill it’s under $150, and they’ll still probably be making $100 profit.

  • Darren Clarke

    If you are looking for a new phone, msg me and I will be able to arrange something for you Darren.Clarke

  • Jack

    No offense but I put it up on RFD yesterday compared to you putting it up on your blog today… hmmm I wonder where you found the deal to put it on your blog.

  • shaun

    this will work even on mts

  • dinmab

    god damit !!! i got my second gnexus from wind for my wife last week for 600$ !!

    • JSKershaw

      Return it. Most carrier offer a 14 day return policy. It maybe a hassle but $200 bucks is $200 bucks!

  • Sam

    How can we be sure it will work on all carriers? especially Bell

    • kris

      the phone is pentaband gsm it works with all Canadian carriers

  • EddieWinslow

    If the SGIII is not to my liking, can save a whole bunch of money buy getting this phone at this price, who knows after the galaxy release it could drop another 25-50 bucks?

  • cybik

    I put it when someone on a forum noted had it at the same price and I had the bright idea of checking to see if the deal had stuck internationally.

    I visit RFD extremely rarely. But you won’t take my word for it, so IDGAF.