Update: White Samsung Galaxy Note heading to Bell and Rogers


  • Mark

    Take a comment from yesterday TELUS announcement, copypasta.

  • PkaTka1

    No, thank you. I leave my HDTV at home. No need for me to carry it around.

    • ThePeddle

      Very poor attempt at trying to be funny while still coming off ignorant…The Note is the most amazing phone there is right now and if you actually used it besides judging from afar you would know this….

    • PkaTka1

      I saw the note live. It’s just too big. I do think that it is a decent phone, but it’s too big. It fits into my jeans pockets but when I sat down, it wasn’t comfortable. My bro had one and sold it. There’s a limit. Phone are supposed to be highly portable. The note isn’t. I do think that there’s a market for the note though. But I also believe that the vast majority of the note buyers do not need it and would’ve been much happier with the GSII.

  • wewewi

    Paying over 700-800$ for anything that still runs Gingerbread seems so unreal..

    You really have to LOVE that S-Pen.

    They’re gonna be totally smoked by HTC’s new line.

    Snapdragon S4 ~> Tegra 3 >> Exynos >>> Snapdragon S3

  • Jesso2k

    That’s a valid comment. My now is overclocked to 1830mhz with a good rom. She puts now and is as stable as any operating system can get.

  • Mark

    There’s a ICS leak for the LTE Note. Less rhan 5″ is jist too small.

  • Matt

    The white looks ugly.

  • Kenny

    300’ish people at my workplace and I’m the only one with the Note. I can’t count how many times someone asked to see/play with it.

    Jokes about the size aside, people love this thing.

  • Jay

    I agree not funny. But he does have a point (somewhat) I would never buy a phone or phablet this big, if Samsung puts some good tech into a 4 inch phone I may buy. As it is Apple wins for simplicity and it’s closeness to my preferential size.

  • Nasso Muhutu

    i lyk it mmwaaa!!!