TELUS launching White Samsung Galaxy Note April 4th


  • Dimitri.k

    I wonder if Bell or Rogers will release the white one as well. amazing device tho 🙂

  • Jordan Hill

    I am jordan hill

  • no1 u no

    Ugh. Teh wite ifone wuz out b4 dis thinGgggg. And mi wite ifone 4gS lookz betta and iz fasta andhaz moar thingz

    • Dimitri.k

      GTFO. Also please for the love of god. Please go to school & learn how to type & speak English.

  • shaggyskunk

    What’s with the fascination with white?? Just get to see your dirty finger prints?

    How about Stainless steel, gold, pink & red… Or one the color of every rubber wrist strap… Supporting your particular cause?

    • Dimitri.k

      IF they add gold it has to be fake unless you really want to pay a lot more for the device being gold.. The only company that is adding colors is Nokia & Blackberry. Other then that Apple, Samsung, Sony & the rest have white & black or gray.

  • Deli

    All white devices recently are glossy. It is super easy to clean and they don’t stain until you s**t on it – maybe not even then. I’ll easily trade my black NOte for the White one.

  • Mark

    Too bad the white version was not avaible when I bought mine. That’s the most stupid thing ever : the white version exists since the beginning, why not releasing it at the same time?

    • Jim Shorts

      Because they sell more units this way. It also gives the impression they are refreshing their phone line up. It is all about money money money.

  • no1 u no

    Plz dont dwnvte me!!!!!! 🙁 </3
    It hurtz 2 b dwnvtd

    • vn33

      Huh ??? You know most people here use English to communicate, and do not type out their mumble-jumble, grunting noise, right ??

  • Bill

    Should switch from my white iPhone 4 to this, is it worth it

  • Shamu

    Great news Telus…thank you!!!! Now is it too much to ask for more accessories for this phone? Desk dock…More cover color options..

  • Todd

    I am hoping Sasktel will add any colour of the Galaxy Note to their current line up. It is slim pickins for smart phones for the Prairie cell phone provider.