WiFi-enabled iPads make up 89% of total users: Localytics


  • jon_d0e1

    and it still doesn’t have the game changing stylus haha.

    • PkaTka

      i thought we as a civilization moved away from a stylus 7 years ago. jon did you notice that its the 21 century?

    • daveloft

      PkaTka do you also finger paint as well? I don’t understand this backwards attitude that using a pen is out dated.

  • Jim Shorts

    Tether off your smartphone is the way to go. With wifi at work, home, city core, it doesnt make sense to spend the extra money ( in most cases).

    • Sean

      Agreed just get a 6 gig plan on your phone and then use that as your connection

    • daveloft

      Yeah I certainly love running out of battery half way through the day because I was tethering.

  • donny

    Makes sense. Why spring for 3G/LTE when the carriers are going to make you pay again for service you’re likely already paying for with a cell phone?

    I would only buy wi-fi, and use the wi-fi hotspot on my phone (with the 6GB plan) if needed.

    It would be really nice if the carriers approached use of data based on the person, and not the device.

    • Dave

      If your whole philosophy of life is based on greed, you see two devices or one person. They can’t help themselves.

    • daveloft

      I use 5GB of data on my phone and 5GB of data on my tablet a month. This usage incurs an extra $40 in overages a month if I tethered from my phone.

      But if I get a flex tablet plan it’s just $35 and I don’t kill my battery of my phone tethering.

  • roman129

    It’s not the $130 premium, it’s paying for a second data plan part.

  • Big 3

    Yes you would tether if you have a smartphone plan. For those who don’t, the Tablet data plans have better terms than the smartphone data add-ons ones and tablets have longer battery life if you needed to tether from it.

    for Tablet plans, you would have the $10 for 100mb, $15 for 250 mb, $20 for 500mb and $35 for 5GB when you need it since there is the flex-option

    compare those on smartphone contract $25 for 500mb or $30 for 6Gb and you still need to pay that much even if you use less than 500mb on the 6GB plan(no flex-data option)

  • Jesse

    I don’t see a reason for it….I already pay a dumpload for 1GB of data.

  • Baconeater

    I have a LTE iPad. I got the LTE option because I’m on Wind. Having said that, we have two Irres. 35 plans and then my iPad plan for only about 10$ more a month than what I was spending on Fido for a single line. Having cell data on the iPad also makes up for when we are roaming away from Winds home network.

  • Baconeater

    To clarify I’m on Telus LTE for the iPad.

  • expat

    I guess that the iPad is just too big to be carried along, and used on the cell network, for making Skype calls, checking mail on the go, etc…

  • canongod

    i got the lte version of the iPad, and got a data plan for it.
    if you want to just use tethering with your phone, great, then don’t need to get the new i pad, the old iPad works just as fine. The whole point of the new iPad i find is the lte speed. Tethering speed for data is just too slow for me to use, so really its all depending on your preference and what you expect out of your data plan(price) and the device

    • Frank duex

      You… actually bought one? Lol sorry, don’t mean to laugh so hard. :s

      On the subject of data. I don’t pay for data. I refuse to have companies charge us for our own creations. I’m creating data while typing this and your creating data reading it… why should companies get to charge us? That’s right, they just deliver it. Your paying a delivery fee not a data fee. I’ve developed a delivery free chip that is implanted into your brain that connects to the internet threw the green spectrum of the atmosphere. Its 5 a month unlimited offset by the government because they pay us to have control of your thoughts.