Fido prepping to launch LTE network?


  • bill

    Fido’s planning an lte network, didn’t fully put up gsm or hspa+.

  • David

    Would make sense for them to launch LTE. They have iPad plans that cost the same amount of money as the premium brands that do offer LTE. They obviously won’t lower the cost of those plans, so enabling LTE on their network seems like the logical move.

  • iTards

    lol abt time losers

  • Darren Clarke

    Yes Fido will be introducing LTE, after all it is Rogers. Why does the article make it sound like it’s a different company. Virgin is Bell and they didn’t launch LTE network, they are using the same network as Bell Mobility, sub brands are here to confuse people and make them think like they have choice

    • Beck

      Read: “Rogers stated on a few occasions that their was no intention to bring LTE to their sub-brand Fido, however taking a look at this screenshot might show otherwise.”

  • moinko

    FYI, Fido is just Rogers so no, they are not launching LTE. They will just start to use it now.

    Hope this helps clarify things.

  • gwydionjhr

    Darren’s right. This is Rogers reacting to Bell giving Virgin the chance to sell LTE.

  • Negative Ned

    Only a fool would buy an lte device now. Wait for the more power efficient chipsets and big honkin batteries due out soon. currently, lte eats Battery life like a hungry monster.

  • Yeria

    You mean, Rogers decided to extend LTE service to Fido customers as well? Why is the article talking as if Fido is a separately run company? Fido = Rogers.

    • Dimitri.k

      Yes Rogers owns Fido but it really does not mean anything. 2 different companies with the same CEO BUT different Managers / reps & plans.

      Rogers gave the OKAY now for Fido to have LTE because Virgin got LTE from Bell.

      Fido is a separate company. Just because Rogers owns them does not mean they run like Rogers.

  • Dipol

    I never reached 12Mbps or 25Mbps with my Samsung 2 LTE?!

    • Dimitri k.

      I reached 12.5Mbps on my S2 LTE & HTC Raider on the Rogers & Bell network when i was testing them. It all depends on the area you are in as well.

    • tiesto89

      I got 32.97 mbps on my HTC Raider, my friend got 45-ish mbps with his HTC Jetstream tablet (we’re both in Montreal)

  • Jim Shorts

    @Dimitri.K, Rogers is Fido and Chatr. Same as Acura/Honda, Infiniti/Nissan, Lexus/Toyota, etc. This is all Roger driven. So I am with the camp that look at anything that happens in Fido and Chatr ias all Rogers SHAREHOLDERS driven.

  • arid

    I thought this was to be expected. Afterall, fido does run on Rogers’ network. And if the next iPhone has LTE I’m sure a lot of customers would want an LTE network to use the phone with.

    Unless of course this is Rogers’ idea to have people leave its discount brand and go to the parents company for LTE and more expensive plans..

    • Dimitri.k

      I just spoke to a rep over at Fido call center. When i asked about the LTE network they did say that on their end they did get a memo about Fido releasing the LTE network but they do not know when. They are still getting trained on it. They did tell me that Rogers had to give the okay so Fido can share the LTE network with them.

      Like you said. The next Galaxy Nexus or even the next iPhone is going to have LTE so Fido needs to carry the LTE network.

      Yes but remember if you are with Fido for more then 1 year you are able to transfer to Rogers for $0. But if you are with Rogers for more then 1 year then you need to pay $100 to transfer to Fido. They want you to pay them money to transfer to the lower end brand.

  • benji

    i get close to 50 Mbps on my LTE device… blazing fast!

  • Negative Ned

    Lte speeds are nothing if ping times are high >100ms. You need low ping for voip. What are the ping times for Rogers?

  • MeToo

    Dimitri.k No, they are not separate companies. They are the same company. Fido employees receive paycheques from RCI, just like ‘Rogers’ employees. They are the exact same company, just different brands or different divisions.

    This is just Rogers deciding to flip the switch for Fido accounts.

  • Dimitri.k

    The link you provided is true but it does not show anywhere about LTE data plans from Fido.

    “Offers subject to change without notice.

    1. 4G HSPA+ network not available in all areas. Visit for coverage details. Download speeds of up to 21 Mbps refers to peak download speed. Actual speed may vary based on device, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.”

    You could share from your iPhone the 6GB via tethering ( aka hotspot).
    The data on your package most likely will not be shared with another device because they want you to buy a tablet data plan in order to use it with any data plan.

  • BugNo2


    21 Mbps is not good enough?
    Follow the link and open “See full details” at the bottom. You will see:

    “1. 4G HSPA+ network not available in all areas. Visit for coverage details. Download speeds of up to 21 Mbps refers to peak download speed. Actual speed may vary based on device, topography and environmental conditions, network congestion and other factors.”

  • Dimitri k.

    I Just wrote that on my post ontop of yours… I never said 21Mbps is not good enough. I just said that No where does it say LTE. If you read my comment you will see it.

  • BugNo2


    Granted not LTE, but HSPA+ which is fully supported by iPad3 and is dangerously fast, since you can blow your cap in couple of hours.


    Why do you need it to be LTE?

  • Mike Hunt

    LTE is only as fast as how many users are accessing the site at any given time. The more customers that are added to LTE the slower it will become. Soon LTE will be at the satsuration point and it will be bloody slow just as HSPA is now compared to when it launched.
    I have both an HSPA+ internet stick, and an old CDMA intetnet stick. I now use my older CDMA device for 90% of my field internet use because it is now faster than what I get out of the HSPA+ unit due to mass migration of customers from CDMA to HSPA, thus freeing up bandwidth, and allowing people that hung on to old devices nice stable 3 meg service where I can actually get some work done.

    Same thing will happen when all those bandwidth hogs chew up the LTE spectrum.

  • 2176lukin

    Well I spoke to a fido rep today and he told me that they, indeed, will have LTE really soon, april or may

  • alecwho


    I also just signed up yesterday but my iPad always shows 3G besides the FIDO bars. Is it supposed to show 4G or HSPA+?

  • Perry Millson

    Was with Fido with 5 iPhones for 3 years and loved it-good customer service,etc.
    Made a huge mistake going with 5 samsung galaxy and Rogers.
    Will pay to get back to Fido when my years up.
    If there owned by the same company rogers better get with the program and watch what makes Fido work.

  • Advantus

    My Galaxy Nexus will be very happy when this happens. Now if I can get it to shut up about it’s Android upgrade LOL!