CyanogenMOD 7.2 Release Candidate goes public for nearly 70 devices


  • shoo

    Impressive list. Old phones and new alike the cm devs are incredible!

  • Rich

    Using Dark Knight ICS for Galaxy S – works like a charm.
    I’ll probably stick it out with the numerous ICS builds available rather than back-pedal.

  • Rob

    Absolutely going to flash this. What’s not really clearly stated here, is that this is the first official CM release for the Atrix. We’ve been quietly waiting in Beta (or nightlies) since November.

  • Alex Perrier

    That ought to make WIND 2X customers happy.

    Yeah, it’s not the same as LG releasing Gingerbread for their own phones. But it’s good that Android is open source and flexible, because it allows third-party developers (like CyanogenMod) to create optimized builds that the carriers and manufacturers aren’t motivated to make. Hate having LG load a lot of CRAP (Optimus Chic, for example) on your phone that takes up space and doesn’t seem removable? Those hackers can remove it for you.

    People who don’t want to hack, mod or root their phone should choose another system instead. But Android handsets cost less, and they have flexibility like that. i just have a question, though: are there other reputable builds like CyanogenMod? i don’t want to install any random mod on my phone.

  • Alex Perrier

    Okay, the Syrup monster ate my comment. :O

    i just wanted to say that this is good news for WIND users with the Optimus 2X. The handset is $300 right now if you want to get it. i’d rather use a CyanogenMod build than a bloated carrier/manufacturer build, because it seems the mod community is better at listening to the customer. 🙂

  • Alex Perrier

    What is wrong with the comments!? Anything i write keeps getting eaten. Where is the promised “brand new comment system” that is supposed to fix all these glitches?

  • crunch204

    Maybe the site is as tired of your opinions as we all are

  • Dylan K

    +1 to crunch204. We don’t mind opinions, but when all your posts seem like you’re getting paid by WIND they get very annoying fast. Especially when you spout about it in irrelevant topics.

    Side note, HTC EVO 3D not in the list 🙁 Still waiting for official CyanogenMod support for it.

    • Matt

      His avatar is from a wind ad… so yeah.

  • joshua

    been using cm9 ics rom on my milestone for over a month!

    • s2556

      Where did you get it??
      I have a milestone but its not on the list for CM7.
      how is it?

  • HNS

    Been using HyperNonSense V1.5 on my HTC Sensation, and it’s awesome, based on the Cyanogenmod 9. Go to XDA Developers to find a bunch of custom ROMS for your phone.

  • David

    Even if it were available for my Galaxy Nexus, I’d still wait forCM9.

  • Steven

    For the Telus GS2X – the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 (T989) is going directly to CM9.

  • Matt

    Quick questions. I’ve got a Bell Galaxy S sitting around, which do I use?
    galaxysbmtd – Samsung GalaxyS_B
    galaxysmtd – Samsung GalaxyS

    Also, easy way to flash back the bell stock if necessary?

  • Matt

    Or do I use this instead?
    vibrantmtd – Samsung Vibrant