TELUS now giving 2 months of Unlimited Data on the Tablet Flex Plan


  • iTards

    everybody is giving 2 months free! wow! then u get used to the unlimited.. and you hit the big bill lol

    • GreatSavings

      Is it First two months free on a 3 yr contract??

  • lukeiphone

    good deal, no doubt.But we will still have ppl cry and complain about this as well.

  • Otter

    People like me!

    It gets people used to having unlimited internet, so the switch isnt such a shock when Mobilicity/wind start covering more area

    • Otter

      And to further this: Yes…. I’ll bet you they run the numbers, and find that by giving unlimited service for two months, they make up for it 100x in the overages on the third.

  • Peter

    If you’re stupid and don’t look ahead to what the charges will be in 2 months, that’s your own fault.

  • Dono

    Any idea if this works on LTE?

  • Cameron Rankin

    I’m all for it. For repeat users, it simply gives them two months to go nuts. For novices, it allows them a sixty day period to determine their usage which hopefully gives them a better degree of comfort and confidence when using their devices.

  • Kid.Canada

    Monkey see monkey do. Competition my a$$..

  • Manny

    I love copytition

  • cell phone gal

    Didn’t TELUS do this first on the 16th? That’s why the date on the document says March 16th.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Why does this always feel like collusion to me vs a promotion. They all seem to do roughly the same things all the time…now I am no fool, I see what’s going on, but why are LCD industry players in trouble for price fixing when it clearly happens here too (bit dramatic, ya it is).

    So let’s just call a spade a spade, no one is competing with each other…

  • ThurnisHaley

    Yeah, Telus was the first to offer a deal on Tablet data, Rogers second and Bell was last.

  • Vito

    On the 15th Ian reported that until April 30 Telus was offering unlimited data for two months (before Rogers then Bell followed suit) – is this something different?