Samsung Galaxy S 4G now available at WIND


  • bob

    should have been cheaper

  • EvanKr

    Meh, $200 overpriced.

  • Tech

    ill pass…rather get the NEXUS S from Mobi for $299

  • espink

    How is this phone for an entry level smart phone?

    I want an android but I don’t want a giant one like the Nexus.

  • andy c

    the difference between this and the nexus s is touchwiz and price.

    at this point neither phone will see ICS unless you head over to XDA

    • espink

      Once I get a andriod, if the specs can handle it, I will mod it to get ICS. The phone nerd in me wants to come out and play around with mods lol

  • Alex Perrier

    Between this and the HTC Radar 4G, it’s purely a matter of whether you prefer Android or Windows Phone.

    i am really happy with Windows Phone. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s much easier to use than Android. i want to wait until more Android 4.0 devices exist before reconsidering Android.

    Regardless, it helps that WIND Mobile is releasing more devices! It is really reassuring to see their device lineup be refreshed. Mobilicity basically had the Galaxy Nexus, and that’s it. No budget-friendlier devices like those at WIND. Vidéotron also released the HTC Radar a week or two after WIND had it, so they’re a little later.

  • Darryl

    Really disappointed with the price point on this. This phone is basically a sony x10 with a tad more ram. If you buy this on kijiji or craigslist, you’ll get a much better deal. Also, I’m sure they’ll drop the price in a couple of months when this phone doesn’t sell out and they get new phones in, just like they’ve done with all the rest of their overstock.

  • WhoCares

    Lol at 21 Mbps, on Winds network you’d be lucky to hit 2 Mbps.

    • Alex Perrier

      Depends on where you live.
      i’m guessing Toronto and Vancouver have slower speeds.

  • Zombie Ted Rogers

    Most customers are going to get it on the Wind Tab anyways. $49 bucks up front ain’t that bad for this decent phone.

    HTC Amaze on the Tab at $99 ultimately seems like better bang for your buck but I can see why Wind wanted a lower price-point handset.

    having options is good, yet people will always find something to complain about. The more phones the merrier! Keep ’em coming Wind!

  • nomando

    IMO the reason to release this device is to get on the S series of Samsung rolling out, i don’t think a new-entrant is that stupid to release an old phone when everyone else is competing to get new devices. If this is the case I hope to see the SII Hercules and SIII (whenever this might be lol hopefully soon)

    Also what Alex Perrier said regarding the competing prices with the Radar is true, even though it is an older device, it still does the job.

  • espink

    Thanks for the advice guys!

  • Darryl

    Wow. I read these posts and truly wonder how many of these posters are Wind employees.
    This is not a good deal! This has nothing whatsoever to do with Wind trying to negotiate a deal with Samsung for their new phones.
    This is Wind getting the phones at a low price point, (because the phones are old) and selling them to new subsribers to lock them into a contract (tab). If they price the phones at they’re true value, then new subscribers will not use a tab and will buy them outright, which means wind doesn’t have them locked up for 1, 2 or 3 years.
    So understand what’s really going on folks.

    • Zombie Ted Rogers


      You’re right, customers aren’t getting a great deal on the handset but comparatively speaking they’re getting an amazing deal on voice and data plans.

      There’s got to be some give and take. I don’t think there’s too many Wind customers that feel trapped in a 3 year Wind Tab. If you want out, you pay the balance of the phone and shop around for a Robellus plan…and good luck finding your saving there.

  • General Zod

    It seems pretty steep when you get can buy an unlocked S2 for around 500?.

    Unfortunately I don’t think the S2 would work with wind?

  • Darryl

    @Zombie Ted Rogers Valid points. I agree the Data and Voice plans are great. I am a Wind customer. I also agree that paying off the tab is the way to go rather than a contract.
    Wind would still have been better off to offer this at $0 on tab and maybe $200-$250 outright.

  • Kida

    “the difference between this and the nexus s is touchwiz and price.

    at this point neither phone will see ICS unless you head over to XDA”

    My Nexus S has ICS. The SGS won’t, though
    Regardless, this phone is 2 years old, and not worth 400, at all. At all.

  • dave

    ^ Not worth the $49 outright. Samy clearing old stock.

    ^^ ICS running just fine on my Nexus S… well no MMS on 3g but email is a powerhouse to send media.

  • jon_d0e

    I remember when this phone was called the iphone4 killer. it was that amazing.

  • Matt

    And yet, as I have said before, Virgin still has a much better deal on this phone. Still great, just not 400 dollars great.

  • Oh.Android.

    Galaxy S? Really? I mean, really?

    Mobilicity now has HTC Amaze with the 1.5GHz dual core and 1GB ram for $449.99 outright. So this one is outdated and clearly overpriced.

  • Fred S

    I just got the we a few days ago. Well, my wife surprised me with it. So far I like it, but I had showed her the Radar and the Amaze and although she liked the Amaze better( just from looks, cuz she’s no techie) she wound getting me the Radar. I think she got it for price alone. But with this Galaxy available for same price, wondering if I should exchange my Radar for this. I came from an Alcatel Tribe running Android 2.1 so anything is an upgrade from that.

  • secret

    I Have a nexus s for wind, and my phone got the android 4.0.4 icecream sandwhich update, so guess mines one of the lucky ones. google just sent me the update about 2 weeks ago.

  • guger

    I bought an unlocked T-mobile used Galaxy S 4 months ago for $200 all in off kijiji.
    It works great on wind, $400 is ridiculous. $295 for a new one is about right.

  • B sabo

    Got this new phone, does any one know why all these applications open up on their own
    , I have the advanced task killer on it, and every time I check it I have programs running that I never opened.