Sparrow for iPhone now available for $2.99


  • Nade

    lol… no push notifications? FAIL.

    • Dono

      Great work went into this, but too bad about the notifications.

      Kid.Canada – They were improperly using the voip multitasking api to keep the app alive. If you watch the video review on the verge of the app, you’ll see the title bar stays highlighted in blue as if a voip call is running.

      They could have done push notifications like other apps/companies do – but it would require them to store your email credentials on their server, and they didn’t want to risk having that info exposed if their servers were targetted.

  • Fish

    The lack of Push notifications sucks, but does it do multiple signatures? I have 3 different email accounts and need different sigs for all of them. I hate only having 1 sig for all email accounts.

  • Kid.Canada

    @Nade – It’s not Sparrows fault, it’s Apple who forced them to remove the feature in order for the app to be accepted into the app store. Sounds like Apple gotintimmidated by this app and worried people will stop using their sh*tty email app lol

  • Vlad

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