Asus Transformer TF101 gets OTA bug fix update


  • Spartacus

    to anyone who owns one:
    stability improved tenfold.
    looking good for the randoom reboots as well.

  • Henaway

    My wife’s 101 has been having issues with the touch points on links being a little off. Hopefully this will solve that one for her. It’s the only complaint I’ve heard since the update.

  • Thai


  • 56

    JUST SAYING are you going to come to troll on this topic too?

    Just saying…

    • Stuntman

      I hope you realise that by calling him out, you are simply giving him attention. Just ignore his posts and don’t even bother thumbing them.

  • Richard

    Still too early to see if this fixes the issues I’ve had (random reboots that cycle over and over).
    I’m hopiong it fixes it, but its darn nice to see that my $400 tablet investment last year is still getting top notch updates and is arguably one of the most supported tablets out there. Kudos Asus!

    • AWSguy

      This was supposed to fix the random reboot cycle. I really hope that was fixed. It happened to me last time when I was communting. I didnt notice and the battery died when I got to my office. Really annoying bug.

  • kris

    everything is good now except this update has broke the touch screen palm rejection

  • Clay

    I had the random reboots/crashes/freezes so we’ll see if that goes away. I also had video tearing with the app drawer animation that is now smooth.

  • wheels

    mine has old version and went to update and it says no update available?

    • Brad

      I had a couple of customers that bought the first gen Asus Transformer and after some research, found that certain ones need a firmware update before they have access to the ICS update. Google it and you should be able to find the instructions on how to do so.

  • wheels

    i have the ics update just not the latest bug fix update, and i have some crashing issues that latest update is supposed to fix.

  • lxnduke

    Panoramic camera is now fixed. Always worked on my wifes, but mine always froze up until today after this update.

  • Stuntman

    Still doesn’t fix the issue where I cannot maximise a video playing in Dolphin HD. It hangs the browser.

    I switched to the stock browser which has much improved with ICS.

    I’m not using the airplane mode workaround to see if it fixes the random reboots while in sleep. I heard that if you download the airplane mode widget and turn on airplane mode before putting the tablet to sleep, it will prevent the boot loop while in sleep mode. I’ve been using that workaround and it seems to work. Turned it off to test the update.

    • excessdan

      ICS broke the stock browser for me. No permanent user agent string setting means most sites load a really shitty mobile version on a huge display instead of the desktop version that I prefer.

  • MustangGT

    I love my transformer and how well ASUS supports it with the frequent updates but unfortunately, my TF-101 has been experiencing the random reboot issue since ICS and after testing out this update, it’s had 3 reboots since I had installed the new firmware so the problem appears to persist.

  • Jon

    Finally! I was waiting for this for sooo long : ) I had the random reboots and the wifi problems and my youtube had a problem too. hopefully this will fix everything up : )

  • Jon

    when i want to search something in the youtube app, the screen still flickers after the update… strange

  • paul

    My Transformer no longer charges, tablet or keyboard. Is it possible to uninstall this update?

    • Spartacus

      I had this issue, it’s the actual ac charger, I think its just a coicidence it happened after the update. If you open the plug, and pull the pins together, it starts working again.

    • Jim

      was excited to see the update a couple days ago.. Installed, and it seemed to be a bit more responsive. Unfortunately, since then I noticed the random shutdown/reboots persist. In fact, I fully charged it yesterday before work. didn’t use it at all. Came in this morning went to turn it on and DEAD. COMPLETELY DEAD, even the Keyboard battery is gone.

      Like another person stated above, I was the envy of many iPad and even android users at the office, now I cannot trust it and it stays in the bag.

      I called ASUS prior to the release and was told to re-install the update manually from the download available on the ASUS site. That did not work. I called back and they said to do a factory restore. I already did that on a clients TF101 and it did not resolve the issue either.

      Worst yet, as someone inquired above. NO YOU CANNOT UNINSTALL THE UPDATE. According to the person I spoke to at ASUS, you cannot downgrade.

      All I can say is very unprofessional. I was going to purchase another tablet since my kids love this one, but I can surely admit now, I have given up on ASUS and will not purchase another tablet from them. I have two clients ticked off at me for recommending this product who are also having the same issues and I have nothing I can do for them.

      Thanks a lot ASUS.

  • jeepo

    I updated and so far I have noticed no fixes. I have already experienced the reboot problem from before the update, and the keyboard dock still does not wake the screen as it did in honeycomb. Those are the two bugs that I have encountered.

    • Cole

      There is a setting for keyboard wake, I believe it’s off by default to save battery.

  • John

    Updated to the latest (BUG FIX) update. But device rebooted almost three times since last night!!!! Obviously problems still exists…

  • Rich

    Those of you having the random reboot issue. Try a factory reset. It took me less than a half hour including reinstalling all the apps (which ICS did automatically) and it fixed the problem before I installed this latest update.

  • Asus Transformer

    Mine is randomly shutting down 3 or 4 times a day as well and does not reboot completly..just stays stuck at the asus screen….then I have to hold the power button until it shuts down and then starts back up…quite annoying…..So did any of you call Asus to let them know?

  • Megahertz

    Running ICS since abuot 2 weeks ago. I have never had this device crash on me yet! Keep up the good work ASUS!! Can’t wait for the 7″ model.

  • Cole

    It’s nice to see ASUS supporting their products in a timely manner. Even if ICS wasn’t perfect, at least they’re doing their best to fix things.

    I never had reboot problems with my TF, but I was getting weird battery usage, and sleep death. It’s only been a day with the new update, but so far so good.

  • Spartacus

    If you are still having reboot problems, disabling google+ in manage apps helps.

    • Stuntman

      I had a suspicion that it was Google+ notifications that are causing these reboots. I updated it last night and this morning it was fine. While on the way to work, I got a G+ notification on my phone. I’ll see if my tablet is OK when I get home.

  • Asus

    i just checked the OTA update option and nothing available….Why is that I wonder? My tablet reboots by itself like crazy and I am getting pretty frustrated..Calling ASUS shortly if they don’t fix…Anyone else not have the update?

    • peter

      I called Asus today and they told me there is no offical build update. Can anyone tell me where you got the update because there is no OTA update available for me.


    • jim

      Peter, who on earth, at Asus did you talk to? Of course that official update exists. It is on my machine and other’s after an ota update. I can assure you, however, that you don’t need it. It doesn’t fix anything, in fact, the problems others were reporting with the first ics update (problems that I didn’t have) I now have! ASUS has destroyed any customer loyalty that they may have ever enjoyed with the TF101!!

  • right_mr

    Not yet got the bug fix update as yet. Other than some funny graphics effect on my homescreen the initial 4.0 update really improved the tablet experience

  • Ndhduz

    The update fix did not work. I HATE Asus now!! The ICS update screwed up BAD then they release a Worthless update which has solved f*****g nothing!! They seem to be unconcerned as long as their loyal geeks love them but the tablet was perfect before and now I will never recommend their products! Fix this s**t now!!!

  • jim

    I’ve had the Tf101 for nearly a year. From the start, it was the envy of all iPad owners in staff meetings,on the airplane, everywhere!

    Now the guys ask me where my eepad is because I don’t dare bring it out for fear it may not even turn on, or type, or run a browser, or anything!

    ASUS took a great product and completely broke it, driving away customers… driving them literally into Apple’s arms. My eepad is a brick after both ics updates.
    I could at least use it, again, if they provided an emergency way to go back to pre-ics. Until then, it’s an embarrassment.

    How any user on this forum could defend ASUS now is just unbelievable to me. I won’t buy an ASUS product, again and can’t recommend them, either… this after a year of happy Transformer ownership, and owning two ASUS netbooks.

  • dean

    after the update, battery seems to draining faster

  • wailly

    Shortly after the first ICS OTA update, It seemed to be faster and smoother, however I was experiencing random crashes/reboots and graphic problems, despite the fact that I reinstalled everything from scratch. After the 2nd update, it fixed the crashes/reboots, but so far it has shutdown by itself for no apparent reason – it was during sleep mode and with good battery charge.

    Already sent inquiry to Asus tech support. Will see how it goes.

  • Ian

    How can I tell if I got the OTA Bug Fix update?

    Any chance this fix addressed the TF101’s inability to play Google Movies onto an HDTV via the HDMI port? I mean the problem that can be seen at:

  • JB

    I bought one 2 + weeks ago from best buy .It seems like the new version 4.0.3 is already built into it.Im not noticing any glitches yet.

  • nav

    My solution to Asus transformer tf101’s random reboot problem is an app called Wake lock. My setting is partial wake lock. Mine is cured. 🙂

    • Bob

      I will certainly make a note to try this app out once and if I ever get my TF101 back from ASUS repair. 🙁

  • Bob

    I had to send my TF101 back to ASUS for repair as it simply would not charge. It would try to boot, say the battery was dead and click off. I tried charging from the charger and directly from a USB cable into my computer. No Joy. The dock showed a full charge but even docked it will not boot unless there is enough juice in the tablets batt to start it up comfortably. I am cheezed that I actually had to ship it off to a repair centre (my cost of $30+) and now I am without it for whoever knows how long. Not happy. I had applied all ICS updates as well and as other users have stated, all was great before I updated to ICS (for the sole reason of having folders on the tablet as my realestate was running out).

  • asim

    did anyone had problems with connecting the data cable with the pc mine stopped working after the update but it still charges only no more data transfer

  • Darryl

    Hi Spartacus same problem here. Gave the pins of the plug a serious exercise several times and it started to work. Thanks