$8,000 24ct gold plated BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 pops up on eBay, “only 100 units being commissioned worldwide”


  • john wu

    i am pretty sure its a china clon verison

    • RIM4Gold

      O.K. I get it now:
      RIM used to market to business professionals, but now that they are leaving for apple & android they are focusing on BOLD DJ’s, emotional cup cake makers that love to looks at cup cakes and love to put icing on their cup cakes ….and rich people that are willing to spend $8,000 in a phone. I get it! The marketing campaign is clear as ICE…ing.

      ..I love watching cup cakes

  • Brandon

    Enough with the Blackberrys! Give me a gold plated Note!

  • Dave

    Even if it’s a Blackberry… I can’t help but stare at it in awh.

  • CBV

    look at it this way, its gold, and the price of gold is increasing. Technically this can be an investment. 50 years down the road, sell the phone just because its gold.

    • Brandon

      Or just buy $8,000 in actual gold instead of a plated blackberry. Would make the return worth while.

    • RIM4Gold

      This will actually take the price of gold down!

  • EvanK

    Now all of the CEOs and rich people walking around with their original Porsche BBs will look cheap.

  • #1SoulBrotha

    I heard Joseph Kony is planning to buy one of these!

  • jonnyd

    why would yo spend more than even 500 on a cell phone, 2,000 is outragious and 8 is just plain ret**ded.

    • EvanK

      It’s a status symbol, nobody in their right mind actually thinks that this is a good deal, but it shows that you have money and are willing to pay a premium for overrated “exclusive” things. Personally, I’d never buy one.

  • N L€k@

    Can’t afford to even look at! What other special apps will take me to burn such money. Is better u give us the unlimited.

  • JL

    At that price i’d rather by a Vertu. At least it would have better software.


  • WhoCares


  • jess

    waste of money

  • Cell Hell

    Too cheap. I’m waiting for the Lamboughini edition.

    Every phone should cost a minimum of $10,000 and come with the lastest version of ICS with it’s nonfunctional app store.

  • shaggyskunk

    Drugs don’t affect me, affect me, me….

  • Israelmao

    One should b careful of flauntin it in amidst poverty-striken people.For those who think is a wise investment,imagine what d Return on Investment its(BBP)worth wil bring in 3yrs if wisely invested not 2 talk of 50yrs?

  • julius

    not a good development with poverty everywhere

  • Maestro Trigga

    The phone would be obsolete in no time, the only value would the weight of gold on it which probably would be meager considering it’s plated and built entirely out of gold.

  • bitrus Jacob

    Too much money looking 4 what 2 buy. That is not much 4 BB; limited product & 24ct gold plated.

  • stan

    blackberry porsche is as good as nokia 3310.

  • chioma

    Tooooooo cheap mehnnn!! I am looking forward 4 a black diamond bb dat will walk to u wen eva it rings n tells u who will be ur next caller”” may be dat tym it will sold 4 £80,000. I don’t knw wat bb company wants 2 turn us in2? Pple dat av ordinary porshe shd go n hang dem 4 ur gold. Na u na dey cause wahala 4 dis country na wen every body don turn arm robber u na go do bb wey go cost $1.yeye pple.

  • RIM4Gold

    Star wars, star wars director’s cut, star wars Blu Ray..when is the Blu Ray 3D edition coming out?
    Ooops wrong thread, Totally different case, Star Wars ACTUALLY makes money!

  • Abel Otoju

    products only for the vain at heart.

  • Abel Otoju

    product meant for those who are vain @ heart.

  • Alpha

    $6000 for 500mg worth of gold? What a deal! Only a 22,616% markup on the gold.

  • jason4


  • godons

    What if it get missing is there a way to track it?

  • emmanuel

    Two things you can archieve with this in nigeria asap.1. You walk into a bank with this my guy u will get a loan with out application sef.2 on sigth of dis a chic will be ready to loose her virginity to u.

  • vinchajoland

    keren hbs

  • vinchajoland


  • vinchajoland

    so cool

  • Blackberry Swag?

    I have a gold bold. Cost me $10 on ebay for the housing. Serves the same pourpous.

  • larry k

    i have arealdy secure one Armrobber come rub me oooo….bb company dey craz