TELUS Nokia Lumia 800 to launch March 9th?


  • aeyque

    well, good for them..

  • Alex Perrier

    Bravo for a choice of colours, bigger internal storage and high quality camera! This will be a win for TELUS, if they price it fairly and right like Rogers does with their 710. Fair prices left, right and center, especially for no contract or even just a 1-year contract.

    Honestly, though, i want something that is AWS-compatible for the WIND network. i’ll get unlimited text and incoming calls, with perhaps a few extra add-ons. They offer good value and good service, plus they continue to expand throughout Canada. They’re on their way to being our equivalent of T-Mobile.

    TELUS has nice contests going on, though, like the Rdio for Valentine’s Day. There’s still a need for an Internet connexion, but the music subscription is a good value, especially as a gift. Maybe they’ll have a contest for the 800! But regardless, i hope they put a fair price for the Lumia 800 outright on a one-, two- and three-year contract.

    • c

      price it fair and right like rogers with the 710?

      you do realize the 710 is a budget phone, don’t expect the same dealio with the 800 at all.

    • stylinred

      It would be great if they released the White 800 as well

  • Braumin

    Finally. It has been listed as coming soon since the 12th of January. In that time, they added the Note as coming soon and released it, and added the LG Optimus LTE and released it.

    Not sure who is to blame here, but all I can say is about time.

  • bigbattery

    It better be less than $250 outright. The Samsung W from Bell is 30gm less, smaller and comes with a bigger battery.
    The 800comes with an 8MP camera though.

    ..Or you can always wait for Koodo:
    Nexus S $300 Outright, no contract! with Telus is $500

    • Braumin

      The Lumia 710 is $250 outright on Rogers. Why would you even think that the 800 would be less than that?

      I am assuming it will be around $500 outright.

    • bob

      $500 would be a huge rip of.
      It can’t be more than a Nexus S.

    • bigbattery

      The 710 is a low end device and should have been introduced at $200; They can put the lumia 800 at $550 if they want; but there is a difference between their price and the price that people will pay. Nokia and RIM fans can put the ifans to shame; but there are less and less. Nokia fans will buy the 800 at any price, the rest of the crowd won’t. As Bob said:”It can’t be more than the Nexus S” and Koodo has it for $300 outright and with no contract.
      Nokia is re-introducing themselves after a failed first introduction: the position themselves too expensive and people won’t buy them: they position too low and their profits will be lower, definitely a tricky position. In any case there are BETTER phones than the lumia 800 for $250-$350 if they release it a more than $400 Good luck!!
      Look at the Sony Experia, I have only sold one and my store sells about 2-3 per week: a good phone, but its not worth more than $250 with the Nexus S at $300.

  • Stu

    Well this is the news I’ve been waiting for since January! Anxiously awaiting pricing now!

  • bob

    “We’re hearing that the anticipated device is currently pegged for a release during week of March 5th”

    The anticipated device? Sorry but a mid range phone such as this one on a platform with less than 2% market share is not “anticipated”.

    • J

      Actually it is an anticipated phone by many. Give the retarded faux-smart techie fanboy schtick a rest.

  • JB

    Anything more that $400 outright is a deal breaker for me.

    As much as I want to try Windows Phone, and as much as they tell me it does not “need” more powerful hardware, I have a hard time paying full price for specs that were old news 6-12 months ago.

    I also had to return my Lumia 710 because I could not find anyone who could unlock it for a reasonable (less than $30) price, so lets hope this does not have that problem.

    • bob

      You can bet it will be the same.

    • blackprince

      Well you’re obviously a cheap mofo so you should go back to feature phones.

  • -DTECH

    Im hoping that Bell will release the 900, that is the only phone that will make me consider leaving Android

    • bob

      The 900 should be available about the same time as the Atrix 3, the HTC One X and the SGS3.

    • -DTECH

      @ bob, any word on if it will be available with Bell

  • Jimbo

    The price will make or break this. With the 900 coming, they need to ensure they don’t overprice it. If they do many will just wait. (those that are interested in a windows phone that is)

  • Phil

    Lumia 800??? where’s the 900? they should just skip 800….

    • bigbattery

      They should have re-introduced Nokia with the Lumia 900 and position themselves as a “high end player” instead they started with the 710- which should have been $199 to entices poeple to buy into the ecosystem, now let’s see if they learned the lesson with the 800. Nokia and RIMM always thought of themselves as something people needed, but people voted with their wallets.
      I sold only a fee E71’s and by the time they released the E72 (almost a full year after the rest of the world) the phone was dated and was a big Flop. We didn’t know what to do with the phones in the backroom until we send them back.

  • Dylan D

    Honestly, after seeing the Lumia 900, why would I even consider this? I am waiting for the blue Lumia 900 for Telus or Bell. Or to make my absolute dreams come true, to have it on Koodo.

    I don’t understand why they think Canadians are soo stupid. “Hey have this phone we’ve had for over a year! You’ll love it! Its our worst selling windows phone!”

    I would love to have a WP7, but with the BS WP lineup in Canada. I’ll likely never purchase one. Way to go Microsoft! We are more likely to see a Galaxy S III before we ever see the 900 in Canada.

    • Braumin


      OK, the 900 is apparently going to Rogers. It was even posted on this site.

      The 800 is not “this phone we’ve had for over a year”
      It is going to be released in the USA on Feb 26th.

    • Dylan D

      I meant the WP7 lineup in Canada. Not specifically the 800. My apologies for the misclarification.

      Unfortuneatly I live outside of Ontario. So Rogers cellular service here, sucks. A lot. Its not even an option.

      I’m overall just frustrated at what canada gets pushed out of the way for when it comes to these mobile devices. We get less than half of the lineup.

      The 900 still isn’t even my dream phone, yet its the best option for WP7. It’s silly we don’t get the phone at the same time. Especially considering once we probably do, it will likely remain a Rogers exclusive for at least 6 months.

      Its just unfortuneate. Canadians pay the most for their cellular devices, we get 3 year contracts, and limited phone options. It sucks, thats all that can be said or done.

    • bigbattery

      That’s exactly what happened with the E71 and E72!
      By the time they arrived the batteries were almost one yr old.

  • Jesse

    Good to hear! My Telus rep told me it was coming out most likely on the 9th. Apparently the long delay is because of the white model coming out but who knows. I seriously CANNOT wait to get this in my hands!

  • kevin

    the 800 lumia has the same internals, etc (u name it)… the only change is on the design with the USB port, the 900 big screen 4.3”, front facing camera for (skype,tango) that’s it! that’s the only difference between them and for the past weeks i’ve been thinking about which one to buy (it really comes to anyone preferences). the Front facing camera isn’t a deal breaker for me so TELUS your 800 lumia better work with 3G on FIDO or i’m gonna be REALLY AND REALLY PISSED OFF!!

  • FC

    It’s not just the hardware built in, but it will gimme the chance to connect to any MS platform on the go easier than ever. All full power of MS Win8 and MS Win Server 2011 to have control of all MS network business from the cloud, all MS apps and databases ever and fully compatible with any high end fancy Win 7, Win 8, MS Office, SA2012 and QB2012 on laptops, desktops, and servers access on the fly. So the price is relative depending on its connectivity power. I have to test this promess.

  • Paul

    Any word if Bell is going to pickup Windows Phone again. Unfortunately with work im stuck with Bell. I have a first Generation LG WP7. My next phone will be a Windows Phone 7 or 8.

  • Terry

    “Employees have started training on Windows Phone 7.5”

    That’s a good start! Hopefully that removes some of the auto-bias to any other product but WP for many of the Telus store people I’ve encountered (the same had never ACTUALLY used WP to any length).

    I wonder if this training is just for the Telus store employees (and via phone), or if it includes all the Telus 3rd party vendors like Best Buy, Future Shop, SuperStore, etc…

  • MH

    Actually if you look on the Telus website, the Nokia Lumia 800 is being released March 2nd.