Good cause: “Recycle My Cell Student Challenge” collects over 6,000 unwanted wireless devices


  • shaggyskunk

    6,000 iPhones wow

  • Big Dog ( Doug Page)

    I wonder how many of these devises could live a second life with low income family’s who couldn’t deal with a contract (although the big 3 wouldn’t like it). I too would love to dive threw the bin and reminisce with some oldy but goodie handsets from yester year!! That to me would be a fun day!!

  • Carlos

    All the cellphones lost when switching from the big 3

  • hoo dat

    I’ve kept every phone I’ve ever had all the way back to my first bag phone, that thing’s HUGE! Had a good look see at them the other day and many still recharge and would be functional if the correct signals were still being broadcast. My phones from 2003 onwards are all still in working condition and I’m in the process of cleaning them all up to give charity.

    The first phone I was able to put into a pocket, a Nokia, is absolutely massive by today’s standards but I remember thinking whether or not I’d be able to get used to something so small! Those were the days!

  • pasuljko

    Pinnacle achievement of the consumer society …

  • Jeff

    Yes Pasuljko, it is an achievement, and a good one at that for a consumer society like ours to care enough to recycle out of date items rather than throw them in the trash.

  • Cell Hell

    Recycling is an overrated bit of greeny nonsense. Like global warming (a natural phenomenon) this is simply part and parcel of the political ideology of the hippie.

    In the real world the recycling of 6000 phones does not have a negligible impact on the enviroment, it has no impact whatsoever.

  • John

    The only real reason to recycle electronic products is to recover all the rare minerals like gold, silver, platinum…
    The rest is just e waste. 6000 cellphone could mean top $ in mineral content.

    • Rogers Robbie

      John there is not much precious metal in those phone.1 ounce of gold can be pounded out the length of a football field. Also the labor to get the material out is $$$ As someone pointed out it is better to refurbish some and give them to shelters and to the less fortunate.