“Shipping process has begun” for those Rogers customers who reserved online for the Samsung Galaxy Note


  • Ryan

    I was number six. I am showing in progress =)

  • SAM

    YES SAMMIE!!!!!

  • Non

    Slow news day eh?

  • Jay Jay

    I was in progress when I ordered my EVO 3D way back when, took 3 weeks to get it after that…..what a joke…

  • Domingo

    At that price, the can keep it.

  • Amelie

    This is such bull**** since the phone is coming out Tuesday anyway and you can bargain it as well, how can you barging something you already pre-order…? Worst option ever…!

  • expensivetroll

    Wait, somebody reserved this on rogers?
    Why don’t you just throw your money in the garbage.

  • Mardos

    I was first on the reservation page it says in progress as well for me!!

  • Fresh

    Anyone have any good experiences with the reservation system?

    • Max

      I work at Rogers, so I have a lot of experience with the reservation system. It was kind of a disaster with the 4S launch, since people who reserved the phone early ended up getting it a week late. I myself reserved a Motorola RAZR, was 17th in line, but it didn’t get shipped until 3 days after my store got regular stock of the RAZR. I was pleasantly surprised with my Galaxy Nexus reservation, was 30th in line and it managed to ship about 4 days before the launch date. It’s definitely hit or miss.

    • Eluder

      The reservation system is quite good from my experience.
      What people seem to misunderstand or forget is that it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the product on launch, what it does is guarantee you’ll get a device without having to run around stores finding one. It’s a convenience based service and for me, it worked great on both my S2 LTE and Nexus reservations.

  • Auth

    I need help! I can’t install Nokia Software Updater cause it keeps sainyg min. memory to run is 256MB and then it forces you to close the windows down. I have like 1GB of memory so it can’t be that. Do you really need NSU to make this work? Seems to me that after you change the product code, thats it, you’re done. You just need NSU to check to see that it worked? Cause I can get NSS to work but Both Europen and USA versions of NSU don’t want to install. PLEASE HELP!