Samsung Galaxy S II LTE and Tab 10.1 bundled for $250 at Future Shop


  • JeffM133

    Can someone explain to me what a “Wi-FI 4G Tablet” is?

    • JG

      Double Facepalm

    • TJ

      I was wondering the same thing. A marketing gimmick of some sort, perhaps? IDK.

    • zack

      a WiFi 4G tablet is a tablet that support WiFi and 4G, so you can use WiFi and/or put a SIM card in and have a data connection outside of WiFi coverage . . .

  • Kid.Canada

    @JeffM133 – Basically the Tablet can connect to either WiFi or the Cell network just like ur smartphone. Kapeesh?

    • JeffM133

      I understand that there are tablets out there that have both a cellular and WiFi antenna. However the article states that it is the 16GB WiFi model, which normally sells for $349, that they are selling in the bundle. Hence my confusion.

    • JeffM133

      I just had a quick look at the Futureshop website and the Rogers website…it’s looks as though it is the GTab10.1 with HSPA+ & Wi-Fi…I was mislead by the article. This model does not go for $349 outright…that is the contract subsidized price. Honest mistake.

  • Fubaz

    It means it has a SIM and data on it through your plan.
    so you can use it either on the 4G network or on WiFi.


  • AndroidForLife

    FutureShop and Rogers and the need to stop this crap. Every time they give away Android tablets they make the platform look bad. People will not be willing to buy them if everyone is giving them away for free or next to free. These things has value and giving them away make it look like no one wants to buy them. If you want to compete with Apple crap you need to sell them and sell them for the same or similar prices. Selling them at a loss or giving them away is just killing the platform. If they don’t smarten up they are going to wake up under the yoke of Apple, because people will only buy iPads. If they want to break that control they need to start acting like people want to pay money for Android tablets and that doesn’t happen by bundling them, selling at a loss or giving them away. Wake up people!

    • TripleHelix

      Lol, your comment makes no sense.

      You have no clue what you are talking about. Selling android devices at the same price points as the leading brand is definitely not the way to go.

      Perhaps you are the type of person that always buys what’s more expensive than others, but most people arent. They look at value for their money.

      Take the transformer prime for example. Selling it for 500$ at 32gigs with quad-core cpu and all that good stuff vs 16gig iPad at 520. Same price point but you can’t really compare the two.

      Compare apples and apples with the 32gig iPad and its a difference of 120$. You are telling me the Prime should be sold at that price point for it to sell more?

      Give your head a shake >_<

      As for this deal, I am pretty sure you need to sign up for a Data Plan on the tablet as well.

      Them giving you the discount on devices comes from you dishing out way more on the data plans.

    • Webyrdz

      Really.. are you dumb? Hte price doesn’t have to do anything with the quality.. They are trying to show that apple are overpricing their products for less performance compared to android hardware. They still make money on the hardware, dont worry about that they are not selling under cost believe me, i’ve been working in that field for years and they always get money even on low price hardware. They just know they will sell and advertise good with such a promotion .. why would you sell a product for more.. just to show its better? I just cant agree on that, they would be targetting dumb people who thinks the more you pay the best you get, like Apple religious dumbasses

  • brad2332

    And with Rogers new cancellation policy this will be a massive cancellation fee.

    Rogers thinks the Tab 10.1 is worth $649.99+tax = 734.48

    And I think the GS2 is $500+tax=565.00

    So your cancellation penalty would be $1299.48 + 12.50 if you needed to cancel in the first month…

    Or maybe I’m wrong?

    • brad2332

      Actually less the $250 contract price.. but still.. huge…

  • AndroidForLife

    Yes people look for value but by giving these things away they give them the appearance of having no value. How can you expect to build the platform if these shyster retailers are making it seem like they are worthless?

    • Justin

      dude..just stop talking..we all know Android is a great platform…so what if they discount devices? I don’t think anyone thinks less of Android/Android devices because future shop is offering a discount. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the best tablets out there, next to the Transformer Prime, offering discounts gets the devices in more hands, and more people can experience Android and will therefore purchase more devices in the future….

    • TripleHelix

      No, they give YOU the appearance that they are worthless. The thing is, they are not giving these away for free!

      You are paying for it through your data plans. Most logical people understand this. Get this through your head!!!

      Without these discounted devices from cell providers, you pay full price. Having said that, Galaxy Tab10.1 16GB’s price had to be dropped due to the Prime coming out. They were selling it at the same price point with half the memory.

  • Netguru

    Future Shop sells the Tab 10.1 4G model for $649.99. From the indicated savings in the ad, it would appear that it should be the WiFi ONLY version of the Tab. The ad seems to be a mistake.

    PS: To whomever at MS “moderates” posts with links in them, either do it quickly or stop the censorship. FOAD.

  • Davey

    FS does not carry the 4G version of the Tab, only Wi-Fi

    • Netguru

      They do sell the 4G. Check the link I provided earlier.

  • Vic

    If I have 1 month left in my contract with rogers can I re up into this deal? Or do I have to wait for mine expires?

    • webyrdz

      Umm.. can’t find that deal anywhere…

    • webyrdz

      The trick is that you need to get a data plan for the tablet TOO… no real deal there

  • mark

    Got mine for 400$ from the internet outright. 🙂

  • dh

    Future Shop has the 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for both Rogers and Bell

  • John

    Knowing FS, they’ll print a correction stating the add was incorrect. They’ll say it’s the wifi only version and NOT the wifi 4G version as in the flyer.

    Just watch. 🙁

  • ld

    Why can’t ROGERS follow suit and drop the price of the S2 LTE??

  • Ryan

    A month back I bought a Samsung tv online because future shops ad said the tv was a SMART tv. Thought it was a great deal. Received it, and tv wasn’t SMART nor said it anywhere on the box. Typical Future Shop.

  • Billy

    Note that this deal is with select 3 year plans, where as the separate tablet is without a plan.

  • andy

    With rogers giving away the tablet and future shop putting out this deal it is putting tablets in the hands of people that may otherwise never have even considered a tablet. I think they are providing exposer for android. I have the Asus transformer and the galaxy tab 10.1 4g and love both tablets. I have also spoken to many people that now have a tablet that use to think they were stupid and now swear by them. Dropping the price or giving them away is only further providing exposure to Android and to my knowledge is not blemeshing their reputation.

  • Tim

    Can I get this deal with a contract renewal?

    • Ewan

      Unfortunately no.

  • nekkidtruth

    I went in to grab this deal, quickly found that the required contract was over priced. Basically you’re looking at over $100/month for this combo. Made it much less appealing. It’s a great deal, if you feel the need to throw away that much money per month for 3 years.

    I did however still pick up an SG SII for $49 on a 3 year term 🙂 So I still walked away happy. I will say this, had the SGS II been $149 on a 3 year term, I would have probably snagged the original deal…maybe.