Virgin offering new customers who BYOP (bring your own phone) monthly discounts


  • JPenguinCA

    This sounds pretty awesome, finally a step away from needing to sign a 3 year contract to get the best value.

    • t

      +1 Finally, a marketing department that can think with their brains!

    • aka

      -1 reason to join the new entrants..

  • Thomas


  • Lazed

    This is how it should always be! Glad they’re going the T-Mobile route.

  • Charles in Vancouver

    What do you mean by “for the duration of their contract” when there’s no contract? 😛

    • Daniel AJ

      @ Charles: Of course there is a contract. No provider would let you use their network without a contract. There is no clause that binds you to the contract for longer than 30 days. Stupid marketing people have coined the misleading term “no contract”, although there definitely is a contract. It sucks.

    • Adam

      All carriers let you use their network without a contract.

  • Alex Perrier

    Finally, discounts for those who DON’T want a subsidy! YAY! Plus, this is unique and original. Sure, all the plans are heavily inspired by Koodo, but the month-to-month discount is something that distinguishes Virgin from all the other brands!

    This should also be considered another nail to the Solo coffin.

    Still, there’s the disadvantage of paying extra for Caller ID, Voice Mail, and other calling features. At least the $5 discount will help pay for these features, which would otherwise cost more.

  • Bryan

    but remember that virgin is a discount phone provider from bell so if you go to the big 3 or maybe an aws provider don’t expect a deal like that for at least 20 years….

  • ToniCipriani

    “…plus if they sign up on a 30 Day Term Smartphone Plan they’ll $10 off/mo. for the duration of their contract.”

    If I understood the English properly, the duration of the contract is 30 days, doesn’t that translate to just $10 off for one month?

    • Andrew

      Yes the contract term is 30 days but it goes on until you cancel Virgin Mobile. So you will alaways have this discount for as long as you stay with Virgin Mobile

  • Big 3

    thats equivalent to free call id and vm

    • Dizz

      Exactly, Let me know when the same deal is available but INCLUDES Caller id and VM.

  • Danny

    Your all wrong you will get the discount for the duration of your commitment with virgin. I.e. if you use virgin for say 12 months you get the discount off your bill everytime for 12 months. That’s how I see it.

    • Andrew

      Exactly how it works.

  • crunch204

    It means you have $10 off or $5 for as long as your on with Virgin, on the 30-day plan.

  • wiley

    I own my phone and I am with virgin. I’m not on contract, I simply pay my smartphone plan $50bill every month. I can leave whenever I want with no penalty. That’s what they mean, every time I talk with them they consider it contract though Ive never signed up for an actual contract.

  • Bajee

    Some of their talk and text plan already come with free Caller ID and VM! So extra discount on top of that!! Pretty good deal!

  • Alex

    I’m joining Virgin Baby! :DDDDDD

  • XER

    This is definitely a big positive step in the long awaited direction! Great works!

    The big three finally recognize this segment of the market. A lot of friends are having their own phone, unlocked and dislike contracts!

  • ross

    Bell is doing the same with their “Fab 10” voice and data plans.

  • 403CDN

    So for new members, eh? Will existing members need to call to get the deal or just get it? Or will I have to cancel my existing 30 day “Contract” in order to get the deal?

  • DogSoldiers

    Definitely a step in the right direction.

    Now, if only they’d include Caller ID and Voicemail, in all the plans, then we’d be getting somewhere!

  • cd

    $25 plan has an option of either unlimited text or cid + vm. That plan will now cost $20. No roaming, no long distance, what a huge step in a right direction. thanks wind, its all because of u.

    • STY

      You’re absolutely right because of Wind’s competition. However, this discount doesn’t even come close to the savings with Wind.

  • Kenneth Moore

    403CDN based on the image provided from this article in the Virgin Mobile memo it appears that the $5 or $10 discount provided is specific to SOC code provided for each talk and text plan or voice and data plan. If I were you I would go to a local mall that has a Virgin Mobile kiosk and ask them to change it to the new SOC code for you.

    • 403CDN


  • aka

    I wonder what are the percentages of people that buys their smartphones full price in this country to benefit from this deal.

  • Lana

    This isn’t a new idea- Virgin’s international companies ALL have this option open- my brother is with them in Oz and just brought his unlocked phone in and activated it- same 10$/month off deal, only it isn’t a promo it’s permanent! All of Canada’s cell providers need to look at the international models- which are fairly consiststant- and measure up to those.