• Rich

    I actually won one of these on Motorola’s Facebook contest. I’m still waiting on it to be shipped out, but thanks for the review.

    p.s. Unlock codes are like $12 -> $24… yikes.

  • Terry

    I heard this is a dual core phone.

  • jason

    for the same money you can pick up an lg optimus one prepaid. bought two of those for my kids and they love the apps. can’t see a reason to spend the same about of money on a phone with no app store.

    • Sean

      Agreed i was about to say the same thing for pretty much the same price you can pick up a low (but still pretty decent) android handset

  • Randy

    If I were to choose a phone for me to poop on, this would be it.

  • kevin

    For a social plan my daughter said, you want BBM. Need a Blackberry for that.

  • khota


  • Neeters

    I work for Telus and we cracked one of these out of the box to play with to see and I would give it two thumbs down. I honestly wouldn’t sell this to anyone even as a back up phone, I would talk them into something else. Running an android and blackberry, I found this phone extremely confusing. Hard to navigate, not a very nice screen resolution. Sounds like the only thing it has going is Facebook and the phone quality.

  • Bill1961

    Not a bad phone really. Nice to have buttons and touch screen,nicer than the slide out qwerty keyboards. Simple and easy to use. Sound quality is great. No Android? ,not a deal breaker. Great for texting and phone calls..Size is good too,not supersized like the new RAZR.

  • Rogido

    It would be a decent phone for someone who only calls and texts, and has no use for web-browsing and apps (ie, my wife!). Such a person would appreciate the simplicity and call quality.

    The review says it has no microSD slot, so where the heck is the memory card supposed to go???

    If this thing goes on sale for, say, $49 – 59, I’d pick one up for the Mrs.

  • ashton

    i think this phone is soooooo! awesome im getting it for easter oh ya i love this phone it has a touch screen, facebook, its soo much better than eny slide one.

  • Bill1961

    Works well for me…i really need something with a good strong signal,good call clarity and text message capable.Camera is okay. Never needed a data plan,so I not really missing anything.Touch screen is okay too,not like android,but works okay.

  • jesse

    i do not like this phone. i would not buy another one you cant play games on it, when i sing out of facebook it pops up with a long on screen all the time.

  • Marilyn

    What causes this phone to go into Sim blocked? My phone is stuck and it always goes to Sim blocked no matter what I try to do.

    • Laura

      to Marilyn…. that is what i did. i took it in and had the telus people unblock it for me… they have a 60sec time frame to get to the right area and get it fixed.

  • Laura

    i love this phone!! once i figured it out.. within 24hrs of getting it tho i locked it up tight haha… got it unlocked. telus helped with that. but other than that i have had no real problems with this phone.

  • Keegs

    Piece of s**t phone. I thought the interface was really horrible, it took me days to figure it out. Conversation mode only showed like 30 characters of the message, so you needed to go to your inbox and read each message individually. And after about 8 months my phone just died and i brought it to my local phone dealer and they said there wasnt any damage they could see so they sent it in to Motorola and they said it was water damage? the danm phone never even got near water. the only things I liked about it was the battery life and how light it was. Overall it is a piece of s**t.