Sony Ericsson releases Ice Cream Sandwich demo ROM for unlocked Xperia devices

Sony Ericsson has done what no other manufacturer would do and has published a demo of its upcoming Android 4.0 ROM for advanced users. While the only Canadian handset it will currently work on is the Xperia ray (the others are the Xperia arc S and Xperia neo, which aren’t available in North America) it gives a good indication of what Ice Cream Sandwich is going to look like when the full versions are released sometime next year.

The demo ROM is not fit for daily use as it has its connectivity options disabled — no calls, no data, no Wifi, no Bluetooth — but the software seems to be working rather smoothly on the arc S on which it is being demoed.

Sony Ericsson recently wrote about their painstaking work to bring new software versions to their Xperia devices, and it’s great to see them actually following through with this process. This build will allow developers a first chance to set their devices on Ice Cream Sandwich using their own handsets, and should settle any debate over whether Sony Ericsson is feverishly working to bring it to the masses.

Source: Sony Ericsson Developer World
Via: Phandroid