Google+ updated for Android, hangouts can now be truly mobile


  • Alex Perrier

    Too bad most phones don’t have front-facers.

    • bob

      Most new phones and high end since the Galaxy S have one.

  • bob

    Where is the update anyway? I don’t see it in the market.

    • bob

      last update I see is from december 7th

  • EmperumanV

    I had to update it manually by launching the app from the marketplace but still don’t see the option to start a hangout as per the screenshots after the update.

    Running ICS on Galaxy Nexus.

  • djino

    Yeah, I’m only seeing the December 7th update in the Market with my Galaxy Nexus phone. Is it working for anyone else?

    • Val

      Manual update worked for me
      Galaxy Nexus

    • Val

      Manually updated but still have no idea where I go to start a mobile hangout….

  • bob

    The updated app will be available in the Android Market by the end of the week.

  • djino

    Sorry, I’m new to Android, how would I manual update it?

  • Theturtle

    The update is not out yet. It is being pushed out in the next few days. This is what google stated. As per their quote on

  • creepy

    how do I hangout with her? ^^^