Ice Cream Sandwich hops onto the HTC Hero, thanks to XDA


  • zar

    Hmm… maybe I’ll put it in my old Legend when it’s out, though currently I wish they’d port it to the Sensation faster 😀

  • Kenny

    Nice. The HTC Hero was my first Android phone, very well made and designed. I kinda miss it.

  • Joel

    Slatedroid is using this rom to port to the Pandigital Novel. Nothing works yet, but it boots.

    I suspect lots of devices will piggy back this rom to get an ICS ROM.

  • help!

    I have a Hero, and I want to try this out, but I really don’t know how. How can you install these things?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Dan J

    I just sold mine recently! Another guy in my office still has one, I’d love to see it running 😀

  • m1lk

    if the hero gets it, the desire z has to get it !!

  • HTCmachine

    I cant believe they put it up on the HERO. I should have kept my Diamond maybe they will get it running on it too 😛

  • Lucas

    ur welcome ! XD

  • cody

    The hero was a great phone when it first came out, but can it really handle ICS??