Staples says the ASUS Transformer Prime is “coming soon”


  • Sean

    If prices start here at 599 i sense a lot of weekend trips for people down to the states… Anywho the Transformer really is the best android tablet and everyone who doesn’t have one should pick up a Prime. They really are like the Nexus tablets for us here in Canada (updates quickly) … Hmmm Nexus Prime… maybe i know where the rumor comes from 😉

  • mark

    Prices start at 599?

    Got job staples for providing us an incentive to get one off US. Have fun ripping off clueless customers though.

    • David

      Not sure if your comment is in English but it makes no sense.

    • PapiFrank

      He meant to say, “Good job.” Really, never seen an auto-correct typo before? Replace the one word and it makes sense. Whether or not you agree is a different issue entirely.

  • roger

    everyone advertised palybook for 190.00 it was bull i went to every staple walmart bestbuy and future shop and they were all sold out by friday morning at 10.30. i beleive they never had any unless you bought it a week before and went and ajusted the price what a rip off

    • BoughtOneCuzItWasCheapAndIwantToBrowseTheWebWhileLyingDown

      I know right!

      I got the last 16GB from Staples. They have pre-orders if you’re still interested. Getting mine this Wednesday.

  • Kid_Canada


  • EmperumanV

    Hmm great tablet but the price of $600 is somewhat steep but I guess its the value for which one is paying, and that’s a pretty damn great value heh. Just like when the Xoom came out which was such a flop.

    I think its time to upgrade my Xoom 😛

  • BongoBong

    Where is this $599 Canadian price from? I have yet to hear that and the staples site has no mention of price.

    Definitely hope it wont be the case and owuld be fairly surprised if it was considering the original transformer had that same price in the US and in Canada.

    • Dimitri k

      You can barely see it but it does show it on the screen shot & on the page of Staples. Look under the picture that says ” Coming Soon” You will see it there. Its kinda blend in with the white background.

  • BongoBong

    ahhh I see it now! Would be ridiculous if they jacked up the Canadian price by a hundred when they didn’t with the original. Here’s hoping its just incorrect or that maybe its 599 for the bundle (would suck if there was only a bundle but being a selfish SOB who is getting a dock anyways here’s hoping!)

  • Rico

    I imagine the pricing is merely a placeholder and not to be taken at face value.

    • Dimitri k

      Doubt it. They would not put ” From $599″ If they just wanted to put it as a placeholder.

      Staples never does that. The price they put is the price they sell it for.

  • BongoBong

    maybe, but if we are to take it at face value we see that the image has the tablet and dock so we should assume that the 599 is for tablet and dock!

  • Stavros

    Can someone post the link for this?

  • Stavros

    Cancel that! Found it.

  • HTCmachine

    $599 Is way too much!!

    My buddy tried to buy the playbook for 199 and the whole city is sold out. He is struggling to get one.

    So price your stuff right and it will fly of the shelves …

    • CHRIS

      But at $199, they are losing money on each one sold, so in RIM’s mind that is definitely not “priced right”.

  • Josh

    when are we going to get a actual date for the release of this tablet in december hopefully it comes out in like the first two weeks of december

  • steven

    screw it who d buy it at 599…

  • coco

    Sweet! Just in time for Xmas. hopefully other stores (looks at Newegg) will have the same price for Canadian orders.

  • Croak

    They may only be carrying the 64GB. And the stateside prices are just speculation at this point as well. In any case, I don’t expect there to be much (+/- $20CAD) price difference between the US and Canada when they actually hit the stores.

  • MARS

    I have used just about every major tablet on the market for our marketing company and I would have to say that for the money, the Asus Transformer eee is the best tablet out there for the money! The Transformer eee is just fine, no need to waste $599 on the Prime.

  • italy2813

    The prices in Canada are starting at $499.99 for the 32G not sure were you guys are getting your info from.

  • Toronto

    Futureshop, Bestbuy, and Amazon are all sold out of these at this time. Any idea where else Canadians can purchase these currently? Nov 30.