Bell and SaskTel discount BlackBerry PlayBook by $200, now starts at $299


  • Danny

    They still make Blackberry Playbooks…..who KNEW…? haha

  • kad

    videotron also has the same price

    at 300$ it is a better deal than the ipod touch 🙂

  • 200tooxpensive

    Still $200 too expensive, will wait for the RIM Q3 earnings report and the $99 Playbook a few days later..


    How is Buy 2 get 1 Free cheaper than $299?
    With Buy 2 get 1, the price comes to $333.

    • bummy

      Buy 2 of them for 299, 3rd for free?

      Wonder if they’ll do that.

    • Mr T

      how did you arrive at $333? surely if you’re buying 2 at $299 thats $598 and then they are giving you a free one aswell so you’re getting 3 for $598 which works out at less than $200 for 1 playbook

  • hurrdurr

    Please disregard this attempt at a Tablet.
    Go out and aquire the Asus Transformer Tablet, you won’t regret it.

    Also, f**k iPad its trash.

  • Nick M

    They forgot the “play” part of “playbook”. Such a sterile device.

  • kendo master

    Remember this is an selling price, which means it should go way lower. I returned mine after getting it for $249 plus the 30 dollar coupon discount.

    Totally not worth it.

  • kenypowa

    man, for 7 inch web browser, $299 is still too expensive. For the same price, you can get HTC Flyer in the States, which is a far better tablet than this one.

  • play250

    10 days ago it was $250 at Walmart or $250 at Sears WITH one free accessory included!

    Now you have to buy 3 in order to get it for $333??
    Am I getting this wrong, maybe you get 333 playbooks for $3

    People that wanted to buy one bought one upon release, regardless of price. about 2-3 weeks ago another group of people bought some at $250-300, That was before the Kobo and the kindle at $200, so the next group wont buy until it drops to $150 or $200 with an accessory… and we are only in Nov!